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OCTOBER 30, 2000 VOL. 156 NO. 17


EYE OF THE STORM As his opponents try to rally a popular movement similar to the People Power revolt of 1986, Philippine President Joseph Estrada, engulfed in a scandal related to a shadowy numbers-game racket, continues to resist growing calls for his resignation. Illustration for TIME by Hashim Akib

Everyone's favorite Cuban shipwreck survivor wins Freedom Forum's $1 million prize
Cybervixen. American pop singer wins court battle for Web address
Look who's back. Former child film star wows critics in his West End stage debut
They never know when to go. After election drubbing, former Polish President quits Solidarity
British model/actress endures torrent of abuse at film premiere for breaking actors' strike
As ratings tumble, the show won't go on for warrior princess and gay icon Lucy Lawless

"We used to say we were the 'dot' in dotcom. Now we say we're the 'o' in the Old Economy."
EDWARD ZANDER, Sun Microsystems president, joking nervously about the downturn in tech stocks and Internet start-ups

"The first was too hot, the second was too cool. The third was just right."
AL GORE, American presidential candidate, likening his debate showings to Goldilocks' porridge
  "The dream to kill me will never be completed. As long as I am alive, there will be no rest for the enemies of Islam."
OSAMA BIN LADEN, presumed Saudi terrorist and prime suspect in the U.S.S. Cole bombing, warning America not to attack his base

"We made a couple of stinking films."
RUPERT MURDOCH, News Corp. chairman, explaining to shareholders why the company's results have been lackluster

This edition's table of contents
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U.S. secretary of state says China should be 'tolerant'

Philippine government denies Estrada's claim to presidency

Faith, madness, magic mix at sacred Hindu festival

Land mine explosion kills 11 Sri Lankan soldiers

Japan claims StarLink found in U.S. corn sample

Thai party announces first coalition partner


COVER: President Joseph Estrada gives in to the chanting crowds on the streets of Manila and agrees to make room for his Vice President

THAILAND: Twin teenage warriors turn themselves in to Bangkok officials

CHINA: Despite official vilification, hip Chinese dig Lamaist culture

PHOTO ESSAY: Estrada Calls Snap Election

WEB-ONLY INTERVIEW: Jimmy Lai on feeling lucky -- and why he's committed to the island state


COVER: The DoCoMo generation - Japan's leading mobile phone company goes global

Bandwidth Boom: Racing to wire - how underseas cable systems may yet fall short

TAIWAN: Party intrigues add to Chen Shui-bian's woes

JAPAN: Japan's ruling party crushes a rebel at a cost

SINGAPORE: Singaporeans need to have more babies. But success breeds selfishness

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