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Culture on Demand: Black is Beautiful
The American Express black card is the ultimate status symbol

Asia Buzz: Should the Net Be Free?
Web heads want it all -- for nothing

JAPAN: Failed Revolution
Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori clings to power as dissidents in his party finally decide not to back a no-confidence motion

Cover: Endgame?
After Florida's controversial ballot recount, Bush holds a 537-vote lead in the state, which could give him the election

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DECEMBER 27, 1999 VOL. 154 NO. 25

C O V E R   S T O R Y
Person of the Year
Open for Business: The explosion in electronic commerce has changed the rules of buying and selling, how we form communities, even the map of the world--and Jeff Bezos helped make it happen
Asian Newsmaker: Masayoshi Son owns more of the Net than anyone else--and an empire that may be tomorrow's model

SRI LANKA: The Forgotten War
On the verge of a presidential election, the country struggles with a conflict that continues to defy resolution

PAKISTAN: Silence of the Lambs
The nation recoils from the ghastly murders of 100 children

THAILAND: Boom to Bust
Authorities go after a high-flying financier who says he's being made a scapegoat for the Asian financial crash of 1997

E N D   P A G E S


TRAVEL WATCH: Space Tourism Can't Get Off the Ground

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