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As the economic impact of Ebola in Liberia deepens, workers and entrepreneurs are struggling to deal with the crisis.

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Stella McCartney: 'My parents opened doors and closed minds' updated 1 days ago

Stella McCartney's famous parents opened doors for her, but she still had to carve out her own fashion brand

How to find your purpose -- and live it updated 3 days ago

Living and working with purpose can help average people achieve great things -- here's how to find yours.

A whole new world: 5 ways virtual reality can transform business updated 3 days ago

A winter commute can seem far easier when the office is a Caribbean beach. How virtual reality can transform work.

Eyes to the sky: Where the tallest skyscrapers of 2015 will be found updated 3 days ago

2014 has been a big year for towering new skyscrapers -- literally. But what does 2015 have in store?

Underground cities: the future of business updated 7 days ago

London to develop underground city from abandoned ghost stations.

African sushi: Mountainous fish farm links Lesotho with Japanese chefs updated 7 days ago

Japan and Lesotho may not share many similarities, but the two countries are now being linked by trout.

Build it on the grapevine: Wine-making real estate comes to the Caribbean updated 7 days ago

Ocoa Bay in the Dominican Republic was producing wine 500 years ago before stalling. Now it hopes to start again.

Apple Fast Facts updated 9 days ago

Here's some background information about Apple, Inc.

Drybar: The $50 million business built on hot air updated 10 days ago

Growing up, Alli Webb loved having her hair done, so she decided to bring that happy feeling to millions of women worldwide in an instant with Drybar.

The surprising benefits of doing nothing updated 10 days ago

More and more people are realizing that pausing -- even just for five minutes -- can help with productivity.

From hotspots to headwinds... What next for emerging markets? updated 10 days ago

Large emerging markets are facing slow growth rates -- how can they steer their way forward in this challenging climate?

Bowling lanes? Unlimited beer? 9 amazing work perks updated 11 days ago

With working hours getting ever longer, savvy business are turning to creative ways of increasing employee satisfaction.

Investors vie for a slice of China's thriving tech scene updated 11 days ago

China certainly has its finger on the pulse when it comes to technology, and thanks to 26-year-old entrepreneur Liu Chengcheng, Chinese start-ups are having an easier time innovating for the future.

Getting rich from climate change? How business can thrive in extreme conditions updated 11 days ago

How the food business is getting rich betting on climate change.

Singapore's billion-dollar sport stadium wows architects, but can it get its turf to grow? updated 14 days ago

It's the latest landmark on Singapore's already busy skyline and at a cost of a billion dollars hopes to leave an indelible mark.

Solar road opens in the Netherlands updated 15 days ago

The world's first road capable of turning sunlight into energy officially opened for traffic Wednesday in the Netherlands.

9 awesome 'schools' that will help you master everyday life updated 15 days ago

A new kind of school is popping up all over the world -- and they want to teach us how to live our lives better.

World's 'most complicated' Patek Philippe gold watch sells for record $24.4 million updated 15 days ago

The most "complicated" handmade watch in the world has been sold at auction for $21.3 million. Here's why.

What the fork? Edible tableware takes off in Japan updated 15 days ago

The short lives of disposable tableware: convenient, yet wasteful. A small family business is offering a greener alternative.

7 habits of highly INeffective people updated 17 days ago

Great leadership isn't just about what you are doing right, it's about what you aren't doing wrong.

Seychelles tourism: Island paradise targets more beach-goers updated 17 days ago

Seychelles needed more than pristine beaches and coral reefs to boost its once troubled tourism industry.

Introverts' secrets of success updated 21 days ago

Alone time and quiet reflection can translate into big bucks further down the road. Just ask Bill Gates

In good health: Turkey builds hospital mega-complex updated 21 days ago

Turkey's plans to open one of the largest hospitals in the world in 2017. But will the ambitious facility be able to recruit enough doctors?

Pay-per-laugh? How future tech is transforming the entertainment industry updated 21 days ago

Creativity runs through the veins of the entertainment industry, but recent digital innovations across its various forms are more experimental than ever.

14 secrets of the perfect business pitch updated 23 days ago

Think your business could be the next Facebook? Here's how to convince the investors.

'Perfect' bra decodes what women want updated 24 days ago

It's a woman's most intimate piece of apparel and many women will admit, shopping for one can be a nightmare.

Why the best bosses make us feel uncomfortable updated 24 days ago

The best leaders make us feel unsure of ourselves.

'Godsend' bakery brings fresh twist to Goma life updated 25 days ago

How one woman is bringing fresh bread and a fresh perspective to the town of Goma in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tinder for business? How big data matchmaking is transforming recruitment updated 25 days ago

Tinder for business? How big data matchmaking is transforming recruitment

15 African technology startups to watch in 2014 updated 25 days ago

Tech expert Toby Shapshak picks 15 exciting African startups from the continent to watch this year.

Can a humble houseplant make you more creative? updated 28 days ago

A growing body of research suggests that it can. Greenery relaxes you and can make you come up with better ideas.

Why confidence is overrated updated 28 days ago

There is a great deal of evidence for the detrimental effects of having too much confidence.

Zaha Hadid's Iraq: 'Math was like sketching' updated 29 days ago

Opinion piece from architect Zaha Hadid on growing up in a very different Iraq.

Want a successful business? Get gaming updated 29 days ago

Business is a game, as Bill Gates observed, and in the modern workplace any distinction is fast dissolving. Firms are increasingly adopting the principles of successful gaming and applying them to the office to build teams of problem solvers.

Meet the former egg seller who made millions by shining shoes updated 31 days ago

This South African entrepreneur didn't let a string of failures get him down. Today his business employs 45 people and makes over 2.5 million rand a year.

Rock climb your way to the top updated 32 days ago

In rock climbing, it's all about making it to the top - and in business, it's no different. At Brooklyn Boulders Somerville, the two worlds collide.

ISIS: Can coalition cut off funding of world's wealthiest terror group? updated 32 days ago

ISIS has been defined as the wealthiest terrorist group on record, using a combination of black market oil sales, extortion and sophisticated social media to raise money to fund its expansion into Iraq and Syria, according to the U.S. Treasury.

Turn up the bass: Music to make you feel more powerful at work updated 32 days ago

Want to feel like a boss? Put on your headset and crank up the bass, says a management expert.

Literary artists in the house! Homes given to writers for free in Detroit updated 35 days ago

A Detroit non profit is purchasing and renovating foreclosed homes before giving them away to aspiring literary talents.

Don't ease up now in emerging markets... battle for consumers is only gearing up updated 36 days ago

Companies that interpret slower GDP growth to mean that business opportunities in emerging markets will begin to fade are making a big mistake.

Snowplow driver, 4 others held in plane crash that killed Total boss in Moscow updated 36 days ago

A snowplow driver has been detained over a Moscow plane crash that killed the chief executive of French oil firm Total, his lawyer said.

Countering the counterfeiters: The art of making money updated 37 days ago

Bank notes are increasingly incorporating high-tech features to make them harder to fake.

Strike a pose: How the way you stand can make you more successful updated 37 days ago

How the right body language could make all the difference in your personal life and career

The new KISS principle: Unleash your inner rock god, find the right partners and be a better boss updated 37 days ago

On February 21, 1974, the first KISS album was released. That's forty years from this writing! What a crazy trip it's been.

Beyond 2014: Creating a new Cape Town through design updated 37 days ago

Abandoned factories and empty warehouses in Cape Town are getting a new lease of life as creative spaces.

Is this the end of the 9-5 working day? updated 39 days ago

Business Talent Group, founded by Jody Miller, seeks to help workers who are after an alternative to the 9-5

Smell of success: Jo Malone's 'million dollar nose' updated 39 days ago

Meet Jo Malone, a British entrepreneur who has created a multi-million dollar fragrance company.

Like this phone? Are you prepared to pay $250,000 for it? updated 43 days ago

Smartphones just got smarter - or at least more expensive.

Opinion: Brace yourselves for another financial crash updated 44 days ago

The stock market's recent jitters have made many investors wonder whether there's a new financial crisis just around the corner. Well, of course there isn't -- because we've never really left the last one.

This rocket-powered toy plane will soon jet off to stratosphere updated 44 days ago

The first 3D-printed toy plane will soon jet off to the stratosphere.

Made in Ethiopia: The leather gloves keeping the world warm and stylish updated 44 days ago

Ethiopia's leather is famous around the world, and global businesses are growing in the country to take advantage of the resource.

Secret recipe turns culinary trash to treasure updated 46 days ago

Co-founder of Rubies in the Rubble, Jenny Dawson, has created a business by turning surplus food into preserved goods.

Russia looks to China for business courtship updated 46 days ago

As its relationship with the West worsen, Russia is pivoting east in an attempt to secure business with China. Chinese premier Li Keqiang is in Moscow for a meeting with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev.

Moneyball: How businesses are using data to outsmart their rivals updated 46 days ago

Big data is the 'new oil' according to experts, and the businesses who ignore the data revolution may fall behind.

Can disappearing desks improve how we work? updated 46 days ago

A Dutch company has found an imaginative way to encourage its employees to have a healthy work-life balance -- at 6 p.m. all the desks simply disappear.

Beautiful banks of the future: Say hello to luxury lounges and touch-screen tellers updated 46 days ago

Will the Internet kill bank branches? Not if these beauties have anything to do with it.

War: What is it good for? updated 49 days ago

The West is bombing terror group ISIS in Syria and Iraq, while Russia is engaged in a brittle stand-off in Eastern Ukraine. Bloodshed has dominated headlines through summer but, amid the misery, there is a winner: The defense industry.

The rise, and rise, of the tiny UAE energy power updated 49 days ago

Fujairah, one of seven emirates which make up the UAE, is putting new meaning into the saying "build it and they will come."

The value of a brand: Apple and Google top $100 billion updated 49 days ago

For the second year in row, Apple has topped Google as the world's most valuable brand.

Sharing is daring: mapping the disruption economy updated 50 days ago

Peer-to-peer business is thriving and disrupting global industries. Leading entrepreneurs in the field explain why we need it.

5 ways to stop your ideas being stolen updated 50 days ago

Ideas are money - just ask Uber, Zynga, and dozens of other start-up hits. But from Shakespeare to Facebook, no idea is too great to be stolen.

Money in Mogadishu: Somali capital gets first cash machine updated 50 days ago

People in Mogadishu can now take out U.S. dollars thanks to a new ATM machine, which is the city's first.

Likefunding: How to raise cash through Facebook likes updated 50 days ago

You've heard of crowdfunding -- well, get ready for 'like" funding.

'World's fastest growing port' is sparking a local business boom updated 50 days ago

The Port of Ngqura is shaking up the local economy, and business is booming.

World Bank: Cost of Ebola could top $32 billion updated 50 days ago

Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea -- the three countries facing the biggest health crisis -- are also facing huge bills to try and contain the virus.

The ten things the best leaders never say updated 51 days ago

"The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter -- 'tis the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning," wrote Mark Twain.

What do you think the office of the future will look like? updated 51 days ago

Does your office consist of identikit cubicles, gray walls and strip lighting? Do you 'hot desk' in sterile bland spaces? Do you feel like you are living in Office Space? Take heart, because the office of the future may look and be very different.

London's red phone boxes go green updated 52 days ago

Next time you're on the go and your phone is running out of juice, try a phone box. No, not for calling. To charge your phone.

The key to your next promotion? Paper and crayons. updated 52 days ago

Draw your career goals. Don't write them down. It unlocks your brain's powerful unconscious processing power.

Y-Combinator: the business boot camp for budding startups updated 52 days ago

Creating the next Uber or Facebook may be the dream of many tech entrepreneurs, Y-Combinator tries to make it happen.

A brave new era for Saudi Arabia's women workers? updated 53 days ago

Saudi Arabian women entering workforce as part of new economic push.

Emma Thompson: Please stop destroying our planet updated 53 days ago

Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson went to the Arctic to campaign against drilling in the area.

Bananas? Not just for eating...Plant gives new lease of life to landmine victims updated 56 days ago

In Uganda, a group of landmine victims are using banana fiber to create rope, profit and community.

Why your business won't grow without a virtual assistant updated 56 days ago

Apple, Google, Microsoft are all betting big on Virtual Assistants. What can they do for you?

Can supercars and hybrid motors save the car industry? updated 57 days ago

The last Paris Motor Show was marked by tear gas and workers' violent protests against job cuts. Now, the mood is different and industry bosses are back doing what they prefer: Showing off the latest luxury models, supercars and hybrid motors.

7 insider tips from the new startup cities updated 57 days ago

Take a look at the cities around the globe changing the face of everything we do

Don't hide your dark side: Why emotional agility is key to being a better boss updated 57 days ago

Isn't it annoying to interact with smiling automatons at the checkout register?

Could this 'chemist' be the next boss of Walmart? updated 57 days ago

Meet Rosalind Brewer, the billion dollar CEO of retail giant, Sam's Club.

New York's hospital of immigrants: Where hope and pain collide updated 58 days ago

The first thing you notice about New York's Ellis Island hospital is its sheer scale. Twenty-two buildings are perched proudly on the island's south side, their original vocations ranging from maternity ward, to psychiatric unit, to the contagious disease wing.

New e-delivery service sends groceries right to the trunk of your car updated 58 days ago

In the digital age, consumers expect more and more from their cars, and all brands are pushing the technological envelope. Swedish car company, Volvo, is hoping to deliver on the driver's expectations, adding an option that's far beyond anything that's under the hood.

Technology gets a makeover as fashion goes futuristic updated 58 days ago

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only," Coco Chanel once said. "Fashion is in the sky, in the street...the way we live, what is happening".

Could computers take over the boardroom? updated 58 days ago

It's a common saying that one day all our jobs will be done by robots, but top executives may not have expected their position in the C-suite to be under threat so soon.

WWF: World has lost more than half its wildlife in 40 years updated 59 days ago

The world's animal population has halved in 40 years as humans put unsustainable demands on Earth, a new report warns.

The books that changed the world's best business brains updated 59 days ago

At the foundation of many business empires is a well-stocked library.

Islamic finance seeks new frontiers updated 59 days ago

Islamic finance is being touted as a more ethical alternative to conventional models, with the potential to appeal to customers beyond its Muslim base.

How a coral farm in the desert could help 'grow bones' updated 60 days ago

Man-made coral reef in Negev desert could change medical operations forever.

Is Bambi the female Banksy? updated 60 days ago

You've heard of Banksy, but have you heard of Bambi? Not the Bambi of Disney fame, but the one dubbed street art's new star.

Meet 12 brilliant African entrepreneurs under 22 updated 60 days ago

Africa, where 70% of the population is under the age of 30, is buzzing with business ideas -- but who are the continent's top young entrepreneurs?

How much will it cost Britain to bomb ISIS? updated 60 days ago

Britain joined the U.S. and its allies in the fight against ISIS -- but any mission will come with a huge price tag.

Can BlackBerry's 'most innovative' new smartphone save it? updated 63 days ago

BlackBerry is pitching its new Passport smartphone as one of the "most innovative" devices it has created, as it seeks to woo back business customers.

The 10 hottest startups in Asia right now updated 63 days ago

Experts pick 10 of the best startups to come out of emerging markets this year.

Will U.S. strikes hurt ISIS' oil riches? updated 64 days ago

Luay al-Khatteeb has spoken to CNN previously about the rise of ISIS, and the challenges facing the Iraq's new oil minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi. Now, U.S. airstrikes have hit locations in eastern Syria where ISIS has been using mobile refineries to produce oil. CNN has revisited the conversation to find out the likely impact of the strikes. This is al-Khatteeb's analysis of the situation.

Branding Nigeria: MasterCard-backed I.D. is also a debit card and a passport updated 64 days ago

What does it mean to be Nigerian? That's the question on the lips of many in Africa's most populous country as new national I.D. cards are being rolled out.

How mentors make superstars updated 64 days ago

Zuckerberg, Bezos and Page relied on mentors. Five leading lights share their secrets of how to make star entrepreneurs.

Car makers in the driving seat of South Africa's economy updated 67 days ago

Major vehicle manufacturers have set up shop in South Africa's Eastern Cape -- but challenges are fresh in the minds of the region's auto executives.

Forget Twitter, Instagram is in: Will these brands make you cool? updated 67 days ago

Twitter has lost its position in the top 20 coolest brands for the first time in three years.

How to master Mobile advertising updated 67 days ago

When it comes to advertising on mobile devices, banner ads and pop-ups are the norm. But for Boston-based company SessionM, it's out with the old and in with the new.

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