Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Cooper on homeless Iraq veterans
Posted By CNN: 4:42 PM ET
I couldn't belive my eyes when watching the video clip. I had no idea that veterans were being put though the wringer after being hurt in the war and not put on disibility. Why weren't they put on disabilty???
see ya on 360 tonight,
Posted By Anonymous Joanna Parker , Millsboro, DE : 5:03 PM ET
Thank you for putting this video on the 360 blog. Ever since I saw the story on 360 Friday night, I kept telling my friends about it but no one would believe me that there are actually homeless vets from the war in Iraq. Now I can show them the video.

How can we help homeless veterans? Any organization we can donate to?

Last nights special was awesome!
Posted By Anonymous Jenn, Tampa FL : 5:10 PM ET
Hey Anderson - I think this was one of the most moving and hearbreaking stories I've seen on 360. He left his family, friends, his life to go and serve his country. After such a sacrifice, how can he be left to struggle like this? It's a shame that he has to fight for his benefits. They should return home when they are released with the cash equal to their first benefit check in their hands, already signed up for future benefits, and at least a hotel room, if not a house, waiting for them.

You often hear of military bases being closed. Why can't these be used for servicemen who have no where to live right away. Bases are self sufficient; they have houses, the PX,I think that's what they call the base stores,and I would think medical facilities as well. It would provide employment as well as a place to live. It's a small community. It would be a place where they would feel like they fit in, they have a shared experience. When they are ready and have found a permanent home, they could leave.

My uncle was in WWII and has stayed in touch with his army buddies all his life. They have a bond that few of us can imagine. He is now 87 years old and he's says most of them say they wish they were dead. They have spent the major part of their lives since coming home in a veteran's hospital or nursing home without arms or legs or whatever disability they were left with. Their wives left them years ago and they are alone, waiting to die! Wanting to die! Is this right? Is this what they deserve after they risked their lives for us?

Anderson, I think you and the 360 team should be commended for this and the other stories you presented in "Coming Home" as this is the first time I've seen Veteran's Day covered in this way. For the first time we have seen real people and the real circumstances of their life. A parade is nice and a day off of work or school is even better, but sometimes the reason behind the holiday is forgotten.

Please make sure that they come through and Mr Daigado really does receive his checks and anything else he needs. Once during Katrina's coverage you said that having people on 360 gets results but you can't have every victim on the program. However, if you have one a night, 5 nights a week for a year; in the time since Katrina you would have told the stories and perhaps helped 250 people or families. Next time you feel you can't fill 2 hours of 360, there ya go, one veteran's story and one Katrina story. I agree, it's a shame that the government or whoever won't do their job unless they are shamed into by Anderson Cooper 360, but it looks like that's the way it is.
Posted By Anonymous Christina, Windber, PA : 5:15 PM ET
I found the story to be heartbreaking . The fact that our wounded vets must be made to jump through hoops to get what they rightly deserve. The fact that CNN did do something to help him just raised the network's humanity quotion in my eyes.

Our militaary works so hard to protect the citizens of this country and when thet come home they are either shunned , as in the Vietnam days, or forgotten like those coming home now. I wonder if it were their sons or daughters in this situation would the paperwork move faster. The red tape is getting overwhelmingand tightening more around the necks of those who need it the most.
Posted By Anonymous Marcia, Warren Mi : 5:23 PM ET
What is happening to the United States of America? We are despised in the eyes of the rest of the world. It's bad enough that as a people we were deceived into supporting this war in Iraq, but it is a travesty that our service people are coming home and not receiving the full range of support that they need! So much for being a "superpower"!
Posted By Anonymous Elizabeth Morgantown, WV : 5:25 PM ET
This should not be happening, it is an abomination and we all need to do something to help those who are putting their lives on the line for our freedom. As American's we should be very ashamed.

Thank you Anderson and CNN for telling this story, making us aware and getting Joe some help. Kudos.
Posted By Anonymous Patricia McMillan, Camp Hill, PA : 5:36 PM ET
It was an awesome special last night, however the editing guys must be sick, i mean how can you say something like 'he couldn't walk or stand too long' then cut to a piece of Anderson and him walking along the beach.

GREAT PIECE! Keep up the great work.

I am so glad you guys are getting back on Katrina tonight, we've had a lucky season, and I am afraid people will forget.

Good job keeping them honest!
Posted By Anonymous Marcy, Mobile, AL : 5:38 PM ET
Ah yes, you didn�t get yourself killed in Iraq so we�ll just make sure to reward your efforts with homelessness. Super.

Of course I did notice he was drinking gourmet coffee (from some popular chain) in the original segment. File under "things that make you go hmmm"?
Posted By Anonymous T. Madsen, Seattle, WA : 5:40 PM ET
After watching this report, I am completely freaking ashamed of my government, my country...everything. How the hell do you go from risking your life to fulfill our president's (term used loosely here) insane and demented goal, to sleeping in your car??? Yes, they join the military voluntarily, but to me that just shows how much more brave and dedicated they are than the average person. It's absoultely horrific that we have allowed this man to lose everything because of incompetence (not to mention a pointless war that no one can seem to get us out of). He was "misclassified." Are you kidding me?? Could someone please translate that for me?? He was severly freaking injured in the line of duty. That's how it should be classified! Capable people who don't work or want to work get more governmental help than this man. All this poor man wants is to be treated like a human? He should be treated like a hero.
This is how the media is supposed to work. They let the public aware of what is really happening and maybe it will help to change things.
Quite a heart wrenching report, Anderson. Once again, you've made me think. Thanks.
Posted By Anonymous Debbie Darby, Denham Springs, LA : 5:57 PM ET
It is so hard to believe that in this day and age and in America that a man could give all he's got to his country only to have that country turn its back on him. And what about the other thousands that Anderson mentioned? If it weren't for CNN and AC360 trying to keep them honest, stories like this would have never come to light and this travesty would go on and on with thousands more Veterans who served their country only to get a slap in the face from their Government.
Please CNN and Anderson keep checking into Joe's case to make sure he gets his full disability and report it to the viewers and thankyou for your thoroughness and honesty. We'll be watching.
Posted By Anonymous Bev Ontario Canada : 6:08 PM ET
Like the debacle of Katrina, this is just another example of our government putting our citizens last. It is particularly disturbing when these citizens are the ones the Bush administration and Congress have called on to fight their wars.

It is shameful that our government has allowed a war veteran like Joe Riacaldo to live in a car! As I mentioned to Anderson in an email I sent earlier, if it wasn't for him, Mr. Riacaldo might still be fighting for his well deserved benefits. I can only imagine how many other "Joes" are out there fighting for their benefits without anyone to help them.

We can always count on "360" to be the leader in bringing us quality programming like "Coming Home" on subjects ignored or neglected by other news programs.

I wish Joe and the other veterans the best. We, as US citizens need to encourage congress to do something about the needs of these courageous men and women.

Jo Ann
Posted By Anonymous Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 6:10 PM ET
While I'm sincerely appreciative for both the physical and emotional sacrifices this gentleman has made for our country, I find it difficult to call him homeless. He has been offered help from his sister and friends but has refused due to his pride. His pride also keeps him from going to a shelter. There are other people, including many veterans, in this country who have no family to turn to and truly have no place to call home. These are the people who should be receiving our help and attention.
Posted By Anonymous Julie, Nashville, Tennessee : 6:19 PM ET
thank you for this new clip it is another story of reality from veterans.
Mr. Anderson Cooper is always giving importance to those people who is being forgotten. thank you AC360 staff and crew for the efforts.
Posted By Anonymous Jemillex Bacerdo Chicago, IL. : 6:20 PM ET
Well that's just sickening and horrid that the VA treats veterans that way. A disabled veteran myself, I am well aware of how the VA treats us- badly, unless you know how to fight. And unfortunately, most people have no idea what to do. There are quite a few organizations out there that will be advocates for FREE, you just have to know where to look. My personal favorite is the DAV (Disabled American Veterans). They know the laws, rules, and loopholes, and their job (free of charge!) is to help you (the vet) get what you need. I just wish that more people were aware of this avenue, as the VA is less than helpful in filling out their own paperwork.
Posted By Anonymous Sharla D. Jones, Buckeye, AZ : 6:20 PM ET
Hi Anderson~
Joe's situation is heartbreaking. I can't imagine anyone who served in a war being homeless when they return "Home". I am so glad that CNN made the inquiries and now Joe will recieve 100% disability status income. What a good deed that was! Keep us posted as to Joe's well being. I hope he recieves his money as well as therapy. I am sure that many of us would like to offer assistance to Joe if he is not too proud and if you could post an address. Hopefully this interview will also help the thousands of other veterans that are homeless. That's what I like about you Anderson, you deal with real people with real problems and you make it better!
Posted By Anonymous Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 6:25 PM ET
To Elizabeth in Morgantown WV:

If you want to know how the rest of the world views that States....ask us. I wouldn't say despised, you've already made a decision based on what you think I think, not what I think. An open discussion on this topic would be cool or is this not that kind of blog?

To Anderson:

The story on the vet was one of the better ones lately, honestly told without going over the top. Good one Anderson and you don't get praise from me unless you've earned it. ;-)
Posted By Anonymous Em, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 6:37 PM ET
Sadly, we no longer feel the same about our war veterans and I find it most embarassing. Until our first "cold war" with North Korea our warriors were honored,, given the utmost respect, and one would never expect them to lose everything while they were defending those coubtries unable to defend themselves.

This involves so much more than one homeless veteran. Often homes are lost, there is no work available, and military pay is'nt anything to get excited about. All these circumstances are under the best conditions.

Many spouses cannot continue alone, so marriages break up even before the military spouse returns. God help them if there has been injury that renders employment impossible. And you must consider that too many times, they really feel they want to die. They cannot rejoin civilization as they knew it.

Now, add a government that takes forever to decide what your disability is, how bad it is, how much hospital and cash they absoutely have to pay you. (your family can depend on friends and relatives) Just give tham a medal, tell them how much they are appreciated, then conveniently forget they exist.

These are just the simple facts, not grumbling on my part. My parents and many others have been there, done that.

Posted By Anonymous Maggie, Grain Valley, MO : 6:46 PM ET
Joe is one tough hombre. 5O years old... wow! I heard that when my cousin Harry was sent to fight in WW2 he often told his Commanding Officers, "I'm 39, get a younger man!" whenever the task seemed to tough.
This story was compelling and important but not that surprising. This is pretty much what I expected to happen when I along with many in Chicago hit the streets in protest before any troops were sent to Iraq.
Posted By Anonymous Annabelle Echo, Chicago, IL : 7:02 PM ET

This story reaches deep. It's all that we take for granted each day that we should be holding precious. Your interview with Joe reminded me that we all need to lift a prayer daily, not only for those in combat but for those who are returning home and facing even tougher battles. Battles for everyday survival, battles for dignity!
An outstanding program last night! It should have touched the soul of any true American. It should make us all stop and think.
Posted By Anonymous Zann Vickers Easterwood Martin, Tennessee : 7:22 PM ET
Straight up: walking the sand is majorally different than standing on concrete for long hours, especially when one has a spine of pins. Having that out of the way, let's get to Jim Nicholson, SEC of VA who appeared last night on 360. Right after his appointment was confirmed with glowing testimony to his character and life long friend of vets, approximately 25,000 vets receiving disability for PTSD received notice that their benefits would be cut and they would have to be reevaluated. This type of 'trigger' can cause a catastropic event for a PTSD sufferer. I know I e-mailed every Committee Member in Congress, as I'm sure others did, and this was withdrawn. There was an 11 month wait for Vets to get into the system in AR with an increase in co-pays.

PTSD is a difficult diagnosis with some sypmtoms mimicing a heart attack, nausea and vomiting or severe muscle pain with panic attacks. As one blogger pointed out medication is not the real answer. In fact, it would be my guess that the featured mother who had medication in theater (probably Prozac) and is currently being treated with two uppers (anti-depressants) and one downer (sleeping pill) needs different help than she is getting. One wonders if getting over the medication could be harder than dealing with PTSD. Having worked in psych units, I can tell you that 'coverage' does not match the needs of the afflicted. We have half-way houses for recovering addicts, group living situations to meet other's needs, and the streets for many Vets.

Vietnam Agent Orange is finally recognized now that most of those who were effected are dead. Desert Storm Syndrome is DENIED. The VA was grossly underfunded this year as the estimate of needs of returning Vets was not even close.

One could also look to the testimony of some who trying to dodge the stigma of PTSD and not wanting Prozac, request pain medication and at times supplement that illegally with alcohol. The whole thing is a mind bender. Personally, the failure of real support for our troops from all levels makes me angry. Not enough troops sent over and over without a plan. The folks in the boots will pay for the failure of leadership. I fully accept war is war, but there is a better way.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista,ar : 7:25 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

Thank you for covering the story on War Veterans. It reminded me of the stories that my father recounted to me over the years about his early recruitment into the army fighting Communism in the early days in Malaysia.

I felt sad and sorry for American war veterans being treated the way they are today by the American Government. It got me thinking that if my father received such treatment by our Government after serving for the country, it begs the questions of why should we serve our country? No doubt brave men and women have come forward with positive intentions (protect loved ones and fighting for an ideal principle, etc.) but afterwards, people will lose faith.

Sometimes in anguish, people will say "Why not put the Bush guy at the forefront fighting along side these men and women? And not just merely sitting in his air-conditioned office giving orders on how to fight the war!"

I'm glad to read that there are support coming to aid these veterans after you've covered the story and I hope that for the many more who will come home, due and right support will be there to support all of them.

Anderson, be safe when you're on your next assignment out and keep up the good reporting!
Posted By Anonymous Mei Ling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : 7:42 PM ET
Christina of Windber, PA said it best :
"it's a shame that the government or whoever won't do their job unless they are shamed into by Anderson Cooper 360, but it looks like that's the way it is."

Thank you, Anderson + Co. for giving the "two Christinas" and all the rest of the viewers a voice on this 360 blog forum.
Posted By Anonymous xtina - Chicago IL : 7:53 PM ET
I found this story to be absolutely heartbreaking. I have never considered myself to be naive, but I don't think I ever took the time to think about what happens to our veterans when they return home from war. These brave men and women have risked there lives and in many cases have suffered horrific injuries protecting our freedom only to be abandoned by the very government that sent them into combat. Thank you for continuing to open my eyes to issues facing people around the world as well as in our own country.
Posted By Anonymous Kimberly Miller, Hiram, OH : 7:59 PM ET
This soldier is the prime example of, what a soldier has done for his country! Now we all need to ask what can this country do, for this proud soldier? This soldier gave his back for our freedom and now we are turning our backs on him. New York wake up and help this soldier!
Posted By Anonymous Claude Calgary Ab : 8:22 PM ET
I imagine it was hard for him to appear on tv, in front of millions, and talk about being homeless. I was horrified that our government would allow a war veteran live in his car. They put their lives on the line for us and the least we could do is provide somewhere for them to live. Great job Anderson.
Posted By Anonymous Jess, Paris, KY : 8:36 PM ET
Dear Anderson,

Joe's pathetic plight exemplifies the post-war human suffering, not to take away in the least of what they go through during the war. I hope Joe receives his $2600 disability check, thanks to the efforts of CNN. A soldier's suffering is something that is beyond one's imagination. And in this day and age, with a multifold advancement that we see in the technological and medical breakthroughs and other lucrative ventures that seem to take the business world by storm, its hard to imagine a soldier who has no other alternative but to live on the streets, homeless- mentally and emotionally deprived.
Wolves have a more social and adaptive way of living and even go out of their way to adopt abandoned ones of their own clan. Does the word "humanity" mean anything at all? Empathy is the word we are looking for and soldiers like Joe are only looking to be treated like human beings. Extremes of human conditions demand extremes of humane behavior. This is the very essence of humanity. If something as simple as this is not achievable, what's the point in being prosperous. Don't we have a responsibility towards our soldiers? A semblance of love and compassion? Soldiers need to be universally covered. Not in bits and pieces. Thanks Anderson for covering this relevant aspect of the news, especially in the light of Veteran's day and I hope you continue to do so in the future. I think our soldiers need plenty of publicity, especially for the people who take them for granted. Great introspection!
Posted By Anonymous Rekha Raman, Fremont, CA : 11:57 PM ET

I can't stop thinking about your program, you featured Sgt Willsun Mock, this noble freckled faced soldier spoke about when serving his country "Somebody's got to do it" he spoke of taking "nothing for granted" ,his word resonate. The loss of his life and the other thousands of US soldiers is beyond what any politician could ever understand. Sgt Mock understood the reality of putting his life on the front line. His actions speak louder than words. From the complexities of the Sunni's and the Shia's to the assortment of attacks by the insurgents with an eye for an eye fighting, not to mention the debate of Democrats and Republicans criticizing each other and wasting valuable time lunching over pasta and chocolate at the white house. Has the new speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi proposed a definitive and comprehensive plan on how to gain control and solve this war? what example's of solutions has she come up with? As you would ask Anderson what's in the DNA?" how could we change a culture that has battled each other for hundreds of years? I was once an ademant supporter of this war ,I was sold on the whole Democracy of it all", not all has been in vain, Saddam faces the death penalty, Iraqi's voted.. I think of Sgt Mock , you closed your program with a little baby boy innocently laughing on and on (You Tube) Willsun Mock was once this little boy. A special thank you to CNN reporter Arwa Damon for discovering this American Hero, and you as well for bringing his story to light.

Maritza Munoz San Jose, Ca
Posted By Anonymous Maritza Munoz San Jose, Ca : 12:37 AM ET
The harsh part to his reality is that he is not the only veteran going to turmoil. I am glad he had the guts to come out on T.V. and tell all of America what War Veterans are going thru. Hopefully he will get help soon but what about all the vets that are scared to speak up or the vets that confine themselves because of their Post traumatic Stress Disorder. I have a friend that He has a bad case of PTSD was a Staff Sergeant in the Army and got kick out on the street with a wife and four kids. Just because he got caught up in the politics of our unit, and did not want to risk the life of his soldiers. He received a chapter 10 to avoid a court martial; and gave him nothing for his eight years of honorable service.
Posted By Anonymous Danny Mendiola, Corpus Christi Tx. : 1:14 AM ET
Hey Anderson,

It was emotional to watch. Even if he has people offering help, I can understand he wouldn't take it, being independant myself. The scars they come back with(physical & psychological)most be overwhelming. The soldiers see & live so much. Attacks,violence,stress,injuries, deaths. We can't even begin to comprehend and when they come back, they shouldn't have to rely on family for financial support. The governments should be taking over without any damn red tape!
Anderson, you did a great job with Joe. You were respectful. The way you listen to a story and interact with people is genuine. You really do care and listen to the answers. I respect your work ethic and you as a human being for that. When I see you work, I often think of that quote:"Be careful how you treat people. We are all battling our own little wars." You respect that.
To Elizabeth who said that the U.S. are despised in the world. Your administration is. Not the citizens of the U.S. I know in some countries and more so some discusting individuals(terrorists),don't see the difference. But we should all see it, for all the countries. We generalize too much. We are beginning to experience the same thing in Canada. Our PM Harper is taking discutable decisions and he is ternishing our role on the int'l scene. But, the vast majority of citizens are against his decisions. Ex: Kyoto. But, we will have soon the chance to express our disapproval through our votes too. Vive la democratie!!

Joanne Ranzell
Laval Quebec
Posted By Anonymous Joanne Ranzell Laval Quebec : 8:36 AM ET
I was totally shocked when I saw the previews for on the show. Just think you are forced to leave everything behind to go serve your country over seas, you see the worst things imaginable, manage not to get killed, but severely injured and you come back to nothing because the Government decides to stick it to you.
All I have to say to this is... God Bless America.
Posted By Anonymous Melissa Brandt, La Crescent, MN : 10:57 AM ET
Thanks for your story on this poor man.
What is wrong with this country that not only this man, but thousands of others struggle on a daily basis to survive for the basics - food, clothes, a roof over their heads? I worry about our country's future, especially as the poor get poorer, the middle class keep getting squeezed and the wealthy become extremely wealthier. My parents came here from Europe over 40 years ago for the American Dream. Can someone define that American Dream in 21st century terms?
Please keep us up to date on this gentleman! God bless him.
Posted By Anonymous SP, Villa Hills, KY : 12:53 PM ET
I am relieved to know that some Canadians at least understand that not all US citizens are in agreement with our administation's policies and behavior. Thank you!!!
Posted By Anonymous Elizabeth Morgantown, WV : 3:29 PM ET
This story brings up another story that I think CNN should do in depth... And that is homelessness all over the United States... Homelessness conjures up all sorts of ideas of what most of us think of the homeless... Most automatically think, addicts, alcoholics, criminals on probation ... Yes that is part but there are many veterans, families with children, and the mentally ill that are homeless ... It is so much easier to dismiss the homeless from your mind by thinking "they are homeless by choice" ... IT IS NOT BY CHOICE... Thank you Anderson and CNN for attempting to bring this to our attention... So much needs to be done for our veterans and our homeless folks, and hopefully this will help start us in the right direction... Charity begins at home ...
Posted By Anonymous Sherry Sarasota, Fl : 4:03 PM ET
Eyes open America? Hope so, at last. Veterans in this country have always been used and abused, especially when they returned home. People in America were so disturbed in the 60's when protests in this country were at a maximum, but when the vets returned home not a single sole in America followed how they were treated by the government, and the beat goes on.......
Posted By Anonymous Moe, Liverpool NY : 10:27 PM ET
It's unbelievable... stupid government. The Soldiers and vets need to be paid higher than celebrities or professional ahtletes.
Posted By Anonymous Ali, Hayward, CA : 7:41 PM ET
I work for the VA. It is not surprising to me the things that Anderson is reporting. I see it on a everyday basis. I am not a veteran and don't understand why anyone that has served in the military doesn't get full medical care at the VA. Most hospitals are understaffed and under paid compared to the private sector.
Good Reporting Anderson hopefully you will do more stories on this issue maybe someone will listen.
Posted By Anonymous C, Columbia Missouri : 4:02 PM ET
Did not catch the show, but it's troubling. Shameful. And why isn't this type of thing covered more often by our media...? Why didn't we learn ANYTHING from our vets after Vietnam?? And finally, are there any WWII vets who can answer this simple question--did this ever happen in your time? Or is this a "new" thing, meaning, post WWII?
Posted By Anonymous Lauren, Wheeling, WV : 8:06 PM ET
Hello Andersn Cooper.

I have been on a humanitarian mission and could not keep up with the world news. I just got back from El Salvador. I am in the Army Reserves. I volunteered for this 2 week mission. We were away from everything and everyone. No tv to watch the news. Anyway. I logged onto see what is going on on CNN. I read about this homeless veteran. A good friend of mine came to mind. He is now going thru the same thing.

When we were deployed to Germany, we served with pride and dedication. More than 100%. He was a Marine first and when he became a nurse, he transferred to the Army. More than twenty years of dedicated service. He was so dedicated to giving such good care to the troops we used to make fun of him rubbing the troops feet.

He knew those combat boots were hard on our feet and he would do anything for them. During an evcuation of troops to be taken to the states for more treatment, he got hurt. The female soldier holding one of the corners to the litter let go and he cought it. He did not want to have this injured soldier on the litter get dropped and suffer more injuries. After that, he was not the same.

He went to the doctor and was seen. He was sent home with the Army's wonder drug Motrin. Motrin seems to fix everything according to the Army. Working side by side with some doctors. A doctor took am MRI. Sure enough, he had a very bad injury to his spine. Pain was excrutiating and the drugs they gave him were making him loopy. We all worried for him He was becomming an addict and building tolerance to those drugs. He did not know this ofcoarse until we told him he was acting different.

This was three years ago. He has had surgey and has had therapy. He will be medically discharged from the military. The amount he will get is only 10%. That is nothing especially in California. He can no longer work. He is a nurse who cannot exercise his profession.

He walks with a limp and cannot push, pull,lift or do anything else. According to the medical profesionals, he will be in a wheel chair in ten years. He is only in his early forties. How is he supposed to survive on 10% disability? He has a family to take care of. What is our government thinking?

He is a very proud man and prays to God for help. We can't leave everything to God to fix. Sometimes we need of each other.

Please continue to shine light to these important issues others refuse to address. I am so proud of you for doing sucha good job. May God Bless you and keep you safe everywhere you go. I keep you in my prayers.
Posted By Anonymous Maria Ntl City, Ca : 9:44 PM ET
This video clip should be shown to every person who is considering joining the military. It should also be required for every military recruiter to show every prospective recruit they invite into their offices. Finally every politicial who wishes to rush our military into a war should take a pay cut in order to help returning vets from becoming homeless.
Posted By Anonymous Edward, Portland,OR : 2:09 AM ET
It is a shame that people like Julie from TN have no sympathy for veterans who still have their pride. It is because of this attitude that our nation has so many homeless "Joes".
Posted By Anonymous Stan, Scotrun, PA : 8:22 PM ET
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