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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
The Shot: News show hosted by monkey, camel
Starting today, we're going to bring The Shot to the 360 Blog. The Shot is a piece of video or image that catches our eye. It's not necessarily news, or even new; we just like it.

But with tranquilized bears falling from trees and other crazy videos out there, how do we ever choose a shot? If we find ourselves huddled around one person's desk watching something laughing, it has a good chance of making it on air.

Yesterday, a piece of video submitted early in the day was the clear winner. Chimpan News Channel (whose logo bares an eerily striking resemblance to that of CNN) airs on Fuji TV and is co-hosted by a monkey and camel who interview actual Japanese celebrities.

So here it is:
And then there's this clip:
And here is a blog about it:
We'll be back on the 360 Blog every now and then to provide links to The Shot for the day as well as some of the suggested shots that didn't quite make it on air.
Posted By Alyssa Caplan, "360" Production Assistant: 8:44 PM ET
Hi Alyssa~
Well, it's kind of funny and kind of stupid. It's a mixed bag. When I see wild animals forced to perform I have to wonder if they really wouldn't rather be doing somthing other than entertaining humans. But, it did make me happy. . . and sad. I do love the shot of the day though. It is usually good for a laugh. Whoever thinks of these ideas for 360 is very clever! Thanks Alyssa for posting the shot~ I am looking forward to viewing the shot of the day on this 360 blog! ~
Posted By Betty Ann, Nacogdoches TX : 10:51 PM ET
I think those are amazing videos, they were really fun to watch. It's amazing how animals can do all that, you wouldn't believe it! I think we have something to worry about though: man, they can easily turn into competition for human reporters out there! They are funny, well dressed, professional and enthousiastic about their job :) Something quite new and refreshing to see.
Posted By terry, windber, pa : 11:13 PM ET
Do the chimps get Anderson's hand-me-down blue shirts? (Just kidding!)
Posted By xtina - chicago IL : 11:51 PM ET
Hi Alyssa,
I can't tell you how nice it will be to have The Shot on the blog. I still wish the Nth Degree would come back for another curtain call, but I'll settle for The Shot.
I want to be informed on the news as much as anyone, but I'm reaching burn out on all the BAD. I think a clip of some happy or unusual news will be a very welcomed feature. Yes, there probably will be a few grouches, who will throw a bucket of water on the idea...But I personally will not melt into a puddle on hearing any GOOD NEWS..So bring on the merry old land of OZ. The sooner the better. Please.
Posted By Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 11:54 PM ET
What can you say, they're monkeys running the show.
The Shot is usually something very silly and serves as a nice reprieve after seeing so much of the world's devastation.
I am glad there are no monkeys on Anderson Cooper 360!
Posted By Madeliene Bolden, Atlanta, Georgia : 12:01 AM ET
what a great idea! thank you alyssa for sharing these to us. now we could see the shot at the blog and also those shot which is been eliminated. the shot is a very important portion of AC360 because this is the only time we could see Mr. Anderson Cooper and erica hill laughing or simply smilling and it makes us also too. because during the show Mr. Anderson Cooper is very serious well atleast we seldom see him laughing or smilling. LOL!
Posted By Jemillex Bacerdo Chicago, IL. : 1:25 AM ET
I'm glad you guys are making better use of the blog. This is a nice place for The Shot, especially because usually the blog is usually for not happy news.

Keep up the great work.

p.s. I want your job.
Posted By Kimberly, Boston MA : 1:58 AM ET
I can't tell you how happy to see Japanese funny (silly!?) show�@on 360��!!!
Posted By Yukako,Japan : 8:22 AM ET
Kinda reminds me of the Situation Room...
Posted By Brant, Madison, WI : 8:42 AM ET

I also have mixed feelings about animals being forced to perform for our benefit. However, I was a big fan of the "Nth Degree" so it would be nice to see something humorous amongst all of the sadness on the blog.

I would also like to compliment the producers on the choice of upbeat music I have been hearing on "360" during the last few shows, very reminiscent of the early "360."

As for Anderson's comment about the animal news parody and MSNBC, be prepared, they will repay him sooner or later!

Jo Ann
Posted By Jo Ann Matese, North Royalton, Ohio : 10:08 AM ET
What a welcome reprieve from all the bad news lately. Thank you. Anderson has always loved these crazy videos and it's always fun to watch him show them, especially to Erica Hill. I'll be looking forward to seeing many more.
Posted By Bev Ontario Canada : 10:29 AM ET
My son loves the shots of the day. He wakes up at 5h30am and always asks if there was a shot last night. The ones with the chimps was funny. And lets face it, (not talking about CNN) but some news shows are kind of like freak shows! We need to laugh so thank you for those little shots. Plus, we get to see that little twinkle in Anderson's eyes.

Joanne Ranzell
Laval Quebec
Posted By Joanne Ranzell l : 10:40 AM ET
How about Seamanship tonight....for old times sake?
Posted By Em, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 12:43 PM ET
So I want to put in a vote for the "shot" on the blog. Great idea. I agree with the other bloggers that it's nice to have some "funny" news to break away from all of the other news. BTW...if you can't bring back the Nth. degree to the show, how about putting it on the blog?
Posted By Jolene, St. Joseph, MI : 1:41 PM ET
I second the motion to reinstate the Nth Degree. After working our way through the meat and potatoes of the day�s events, the Nth Degree is like dark coffee and dark chocolate � the perfect way to end off.
Posted By Claire Colvin, White Rock, BC : 1:49 PM ET
Please, no more shows hosted by camels and monkeys. Do you know what happens to these animals when their short "cute" life is over???????? We aren't the only senitnet creatures on the planet -- we just keep acting as though we are.
Posted By Norman Taylor, Toronto, ON Canada : 8:19 PM ET
What ever happened to Genie's documentary on, songs for animals. Is that husband and wife still making that cd. I need one for my dog stocking stuffer!
Posted By Claude Calgary AB Canada : 11:04 PM ET
Doesn't anyone give a thought as to how animals are made to perform for the "amusement"of humans?
To deprive an animal of its freedom,and force it,by means of subjugation,and,often,abuse,is something I would have hoped we'd evolved beyond in the year 2006.
Posted By Pam Fioretti,Adelaide,South Australia. : 4:39 AM ET
Can we say "exploitation"? This is a low point for CNN that I didn't think the network would reach.
Posted By Deb, Richmond VA : 12:52 PM ET
Years ago Johnny Carson said that "people will pay more to be entertained than educated."

If I wanted to see chimps, I'd go to youtube directly - I really wish you could at least pretend to be an authentic news source. I'm not questioning your intelligence, just your intent - this seems like a silly tactic meant to maintain or broaden the audience of your blog. I'm impressed at your ability to consistently live up to CNN's reputation of mixing entertainment and real news in an attempt to hold an audience on slow news days.

Also, in case you might care, this is a little similar to "The Moment of Zen" from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I assume things like this just make it easier for his staff to mock the status of current media outlets.
Posted By Christine S., Urbana, IL : 2:58 AM ET
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