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GPS 02.27

This week on GPS: An exclusive interview with one of the most controversial public figures of late who is also one of the most outspoken advocates for spreading democracy throughout the world. Paul Wolfowitz, an architect of the Iraq War weighs in why he thinks both the Obama administration and one of the administrations he was a part of -- George W. Bush's -- have bungled Libya. He also talks about the broader events in the Middle East and just what role the United States needs to play.

Also, Fareed's take on the Arab world, finally breaking out from nearly 1,000 years of foreign domination. Fareed explains just what that means not just for the Arabs, not just for America, but for the entire world.

Then, rising food prices inspired revolution...which then raised gas prices...which will then raise food prices. Find out what this vicious cycle means for you. And why it has world leaders shaking in their boots.

After that we look back at the world financial crisis with economist and NY Times best selling author Michael Lewis. What's the landscape here in the U.S. two years later? And why was America able to stay afloat while countries like Greece and Ireland are sinking.

And finally a look at a memo you should hope your boss never sends you.

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The Arab world is finally breaking out from nearly 1,000 years of foreign domination.

But what does this mean for not only that region, but the rest of the world?

Watch Fareed's Take HERE Video to find out.


For years the United States has been the world's leader. And America has the place where anyone can dream the American Dream and build a better life for themselves.

But does all that still hold true?

If America now ranks as the 5th best country in which to run a business, 23rd in infrastructure, 49th in life expectancy and so on, can we still call it #1? And if the American Dream is slipping out of people's grasps (as we discussed in our first special "Restoring the American Dream Video"), what can we do to put America back on top in every category?

To answer that question we're bringing you the second installment in our "Restoring the American Dream" series of specials. This one is entitled, "Getting Back to #1".

We've assembled a top notch group of experts and entrepreneurs to figure just how that can be done. You'll hear from:

- Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia Professor and the man the NY Times once called "the most important economist in the world"
- Niall Ferguson, Newsweek columnist & Harvard professor who specializes in financial & economic history - Joseph Nye, Professor of International Relations at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government
-Dambisa Moyo, the international economist and NY Times best selling author
- And the two men behind one of America's recent entrepreneurial success stories, the founders of Foursquare : Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai

Tune in on SUNDAY MARCH 6th at 8p ET & PT to find out just how America can once again become #1.


The rising cost of food helped ignite a revolution in the Middle East. Now it could be the next global crisis.

To see how this will affect you and just why it has world leaders shaking in their boots watch our What in the World segment HERE Video.

WHAT THEY ARE SAYING                                           

Another week and Gadhafi remians defiant in the face of the people of Libya's uprising. President Obama has called for the Libyan leader to step down.

Just how is the rest of the world reacting to how America is handling this crisis?

Find out below:
Libya: Barack Obama criticised for timid handling of Libya crisis
Telegraph, U.K.

Obama tells world to unite against Libya bloodshed

Statements won't halt Gadhafi's crimes
Daily Star, Lebanon

Foreign nationals continue to flee Libya
Xinhua, China

A crude price to pay for oil
Independent, Ireland

Biden: 'When a state engages in atrocity, it forfeits its sovereignty'
Foreign Policy

Blood and oil
The Economist

Libya burns while UN fiddles
The Australian

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Is the American Dream dead? And what can be done to revive it? You can see a special edition of "Fareed Zakaria GPS" dedicated to restoring the dream and building the American middle class back up.

For a glimpse on what the four CEOs think about how to restore the American dream check out their video excerpts below:

- To watch former IBM CEO Lou Gerstner on the state of the U.S. worker click HERE Video.
- To watch Alcoa CEO Klaus Kleinfeld on why Alcoa had to learn to do more with fewer workers click HERE Video.
- To watch Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent on whether jobs will come back to America click HERE Video.
- To watch Google CEO Eric Schmidt on the innovation war being fought with other nations click HERE Video.

And don't forget that this was also the topic of Fareed's first TIME Magazine cover story which you can read HERE.

Watch the podcast HERE Video.

And you can find the transcript for the entire show HERE.

HOW TO LEAD                                         
HOW TO LEAD                                           

A special edition of Fareed Zakaria GPS: "How To Lead".

This special features interviews on what makes a great leader with 5 leaders from diverse arenas (global politics, national politics, military, business and academia).

Sitting down with Fareed this week to share their vast experiences are:

- Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister on how he steered a nation.
- Lou Gerstner, who has taken some American corporate icons from the brink of bankruptcy to billions in profits, on leading through crisis.
- Former Governor of the NJ Christie Whitman on how a woman can lead in world that is often still male-dominated.
- Rick Levin, the President of Yale University, on leading by persuasion.
- Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on not just how to lead, but how to command.

And watch video clips of the show below:
- Watch Blair HERE Video.
Watch Gerstner HERE Video.
Watch Whitman HERE Video.
Watch Levin HERE Video.
Watch Mullen HERE Video.

Get ready to lead in 2011 by watching "How To Lead", a special edition of Fareed Zakaria GPS.

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The Middle East: A Brief History of the Last 2,000 Years by Bernard Lewis

Despite covering 2,000 years Fareed says that this is a relatively quick read that you will come back to over and over.


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In his new book The Post-American World, journalist and author Fareed Zakaria argues that the "rise of the rest" is the great story of our time.

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This week's show Feb. 27
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GPS 02.20                                                 

Last week on GPS: An exclusive interview with billionaire banker and activist George Soros. The man who has given billions of dollars of his own money to support democracy and open societies around the world offers his take on the events sweeping across the Middle East and North Africa, and makes a bet that the Iranian regime will fall within a year. Soros, a big backer of Obama's presidential campaign, offers his opinion of how his candidate has fared in office. The answer might surprise you. And just what about those accusations by Glenn Beck, saying Soros is the "puppet master" trying to overthrown the American way of life? Soros fires back.

Fareed offers his take on Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, etc. He says we're at the start of a decade of great change in that part of the world, as the Middle East modernizes. So why is it happening? And why is it happening NOW? It has to do with youth and technology. Tune in to find out more.

Then, we'll separate the fact from the fiction on the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt? Are they just another political party or do they really want to impose Sharia law on all the world? Fareed talks to the man who is perhaps America's top expert on the group.

And the fervor in the Middle East isn't limited to Egypt's Arab neighbors. Violent protests against the Iranian regime have broken out in Tehran. And the parliament is calling for the execution of the opposition leaders. We have a panel of GPS experts to tell you just what is going on in Iran.

And finally, a last look at some explosive artwork coming out of Baghdad.

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