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Princess Diana
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July 1, 1961 The Honorable Diana Frances Spencer is born, the third daughter of Viscount and Viscountess Althorp. (Eighteen months before Diana arrived, her mother gave birth to a son, John, who lived for only 10 hours.) When Diana is 3, her younger brother, Charles, is born.

1969 Diana's parents divorce, and her father wins custody of the children. The children are raised in the rambling country home of Park House on the queen's country estate in Sandringham, Norfolk, and the Spencer family home, Althorp House, just north of London.

1975 Diana's father becomes the eighth Earl Spencer upon his own father's death, and her title becomes Lady Diana Spencer.

1979 Diana moves to London, where she works as a nanny and then a kindergarten teacher. Her father pays for her apartment, which she shares with three friends.

1980 Charles, the Prince of Wales, asks Diana for a date, to watch him play polo. The couple begins a romance, and the press dubs the demure Diana "Shy Di."

1981 Charles proposes to Diana in February, presenting her with an engagement ring of an 18-carat sapphire surrounded by diamonds. Millions watch worldwide on television as Charles and Diana exchange vows at St. Paul's Cathedral in London on July 29.
1982 William, the first child of Diana and Charles, is born June 21.
1984 The second child of Charles and Diana, Harry, is born September 15.
1986 Rumors start to circulate that Charles is seeing his old love, Camilla Parker-Bowles.
1992 Diana's father dies in March, and her brother, Charles, becomes the new Earl Spencer.
1992 Andrew Morton publishes a tell-all biography, "Diana: Her True Story," which describes her troubles in detail, including bouts with depression, bulimia and a suicide attempt. The book, authorized by Diana, outrages Charles.
1992 In December, British Prime Minister John Major announces to Parliament that Charles and Diana are separating.
1995 In an interview on the BBC program "Panorama," Diana discusses her husband's relationship with Parker-Bowles, admits to her own infidelity and accuses the royal family of being uncaring.
1995 Queen Elizabeth demands that her son end the marriage.
1996 Diana announces she will agree to an uncontested divorce in February. Charles and Diana reach a formal settlement in July, and the divorce is finalized August 28.
1997 In July, Charles hosts the 50th birthday party of his girlfriend, Parker-Bowles. Diana accepts an invitation to spend some time at the St.-Tropez villa of Egyptian multimillionaire Mohamed al-Fayed, where she is introduced to his son, Emad, better known as Dodi. The two begin a romance.
1997 On August 31, Diana and Dodi Fayed die in a car crash in Paris. Her September 6 funeral is a worldwide event, with mourners lining the streets of London and millions more watching on television.
1961 '69 '75 '79 '80 '81 '82 '84 '86 '92 '95 '96 '97

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