'Her Name Was Steven'
'Her Name Was Steven'

City manager Steve Stanton was fired after a newspaper revealed his life-long secret: he was planning to change his gender.Thus began Steve's isolated journey -- through pain and joy, progress and setbacks -- to become Susan. Watch the trailer Video

Journey from Steven to Susan
Stanton on Larry King Live Video
Read Travis' essay about his father
Officials transgender journey Video
Steven becomes Susan Video
Are you transgendered? Share your message

Saturday and Sunday 8 and 11 pm ET

'Scream Bloody Murder'
'Scream Bloody Murder'

They tried to stop the killing. Nobody listened. Now, the truth will be told.

A French priest in Cambodia. An idealistic U.S. Senate staffer in Iraq. A Canadian general in Rwanda. Each one tried to focus the world's attention on genocide. Each time, they were shunned, ignored or told it was someone else's problem.

CNN's Christiane Amanpour traveled to the world's killing fields to understand the world's indifference, even as courageous voices tried to "Scream Bloody Murder." A CNN worldwide investigation and two-hour documentary.

Special Report: 'Scream Bloody Murder'

Witness to War
Witness to War

For four decades, families in Afghanistan and Pakistan have seen near-constant war, oppression and suffering. How has political instability helped grow fundamentalist extremism and created a safe-havens for al-Qaeda?

An elite team of CNN journalists put their lives at risk to take viewers inside the world's most dangerous region.

Black in America 2: Journey for Change
Black in America 2: Journey for Change

CNN's Soledad O'Brien travels with 30 "global ambassadors" from Bushwick, Brooklyn, to South Africa with Malaak Compton-Rock's "Journey for Change" mission to mentor at-risk youth.
Behind the Scenes: Out of Bushwick

Soledad: We are in Africa! | Visit to a Shantytown | Return to Bushwick
• Kids' Notebooks: February | November to January | Aug. 3 | Aug. 4 | Aug. 6 | Aug. 9 | Aug. 10 | Aug. 19 | Aug. 24 | Sept. 22 | Oct. 15 | March
Special Report: Black in America 2008

'Addiction: Life on the Edge'
'Addiction: Life on the Edge'

CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta followed a mother, a writer, a student and a husband. Each an addict on a journey through recovery & relapse. Could their brain hold the key to addiction?

Recovery high school for post-rehab teens
Anti-addiction pills may turn rehab on its head
Relapse a constant threat, author says
Addiction's lure to the brain

Escape from Jonestown
Escape from Jonestown

Thirty years ago, 909 Americans were led to their death by the Rev. Jim Jones in a mass murder-and-suicide pact in a South American jungle, shortly after Jones' gunmen killed a visiting U.S. congressman and four others at a nearby air strip.

Of the nearly 1,000 church members who began the day in Jonestown that morning, only 33 survived to see the next day.

They lived through that day and night only by unfathomable courage, rooted in desperation and daring. And even 30 years later, many still feel the pain and the loss of those they had to leave behind.

CNN's Soledad O'Brien tells their story in a prime-time special, "Escape from Jonestown"

Jim Jones' preaching style captivated followers
Cyanide deaths plotted years before Jonestown
CNN's Jim Polk remembers tragedy
Children were first to die at Jonestown Video
Leslie Wilson fled with baby through jungle Video
Book excerpt: 'Slavery of Faith'

Interactive: Jim Jones' sermons | FBI documents
Rev. Jim Jones stockpiled cyanide Video
Jerry Parks: 'You could feel death in the air' Video
Lost in the jungle: Girl escapes after mother killed Video
Final 45 minutes of Jonestown massacre Video
Inside Jonestown | List of survivors
Documentary full credits

One Crime at a Time
One Crime at a Time

Violence, corruption and injustice are all too common in New Orleans. How do you fix this city? Soledad O'Brien reports.
A mother's grief | Photos: Seven murders in 72 hours
Homicide cops work 20, 24, 30 hour shifts Video
Crime, corruption plague city's recovery Video
"Elite" assistant D.A.s try to repair reputation Video

Documentary Highlights
Documentary Highlights
Scream Bloody Murder

They tried to stop the killing. Nobody listened. Now, the truth will be told. CNN Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour traveled to the killing fields of Europe, Africa and Asia to understand the world's indifference, even as courageous voices tried to "Scream Bloody Murder."

God's Warriors
Combat Hospital
Autism is a World
Shoot to Kill
After Jesus: The First Christians
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