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"CNN Presents" takes you behind the scenes of the U.S. military's main combat hospital in Iraq, where troops, insurgents and even the smallest of victims are treated for their wounds.
An unprecedented, up-close look at U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.
CNN Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour reports from the slums and villages of Kenya, where more than one million AIDS orphans are trying to survive.
•  Where Have All the Parents Gone?
•  How to Rob a Bank
•  26 Hours of Terror
• We Were Warned
• Chasing Angelina
• In the Footsteps of bin Laden
• Wounded Warriors
• Saving My Town
• Christa McAuliffe: Reach for the Stars
• Dirt Track Warriors
• The Poverty Trap
• Combat Hospital
• No Survivors: Why TWA 800 Could Happen Again
• Body Parts
• Last Days of Pope John Paul II
• The End of AIDS: A Global Summit with Bill Clinton
• Rumsfeld: Man of War
• 1,000 Days in Iraq
• Autism Is A World
• Homicide in Hollenbeck
• Melting Point
• Reasonable Doubt
• Undercover in the Secret State
• Taming the Beast: Inside the War on Cancer
• Under Fire: Stories from the New Iraq
• Company Town
• Countdown to Handover
• Easy Prey: Inside the Child Sex Trade
• The Fight Over Faith
• The Gap: 50 Years After the Brown Ruling
• Horror & Hope: Rwanda, 10 Years Later
• Hope & Fear: Journeys in the New Iraq
• Immigrant Nation, Divided Country
• Impact of Terror
• Is Anybody Out There?
• John Kerry: Born to Run
• The Mission of George W. Bush
• The Mystery of Jesus
• Nuclear Terror
• True Believers: Life Inside the Dean Campaign
• The Two Marys: The Madonna and the Magdalene
• Warsaw Rising
• African Journey
• Blowback: Afghanistan on the Brink
• Devil Docs
• 80 Days That Changed the World
• Fit to Kill
• A Flyboy's Story: George Bush in World War II
• Fountain of Youth
• Harsh Continent
• Inside the War Room
• Infidelity
• President Kennedy Has Been Shot
• Seeds of Terror
• Summer of Fire
• War in Iraq: The Road to Baghdad I
• War in Iraq: The Road to Baghdad II
• War Stories from the Front Lines
• Whatever It Takes: In Pursuit of the Perfect 10
• America Votes
• America Remembers Part 1
• America Remembers Part 2
• Babies on the Brink
• Black Hawk Down
• Captured: Inside the Army's Secret School
• Carrier at War
• Dying to Tell the Story
• Deadlock: Russia's Forgotten War
• The Enemy Within
• Fat Chance
• Fried
• House of War: Uprising at Mazar-e Sharif
• The Hunt for Eric Rudolph
• Hurricane! When the Big One Hits
• In the Line of Fire
• Kids Under Pressure
• Manhunt: Cracking the Case
• The Mystery of the Arctic Rose
• The People vs. Milosevic
• Private Schools/Public Money
• Proving Ground
• Return to Freetown
• Scheduled to Die
• Showdown: Iraq
• Showdown Iraq: Five Questions
• 16 Acres
• The Unfinished War
• War Birds
• Air Insecurity
• America's Best Part 1
• America's Best Part 2
• America's Best Part 3
• Are We Ready?
• Asylum in America
• Beneath the Veil
• A Dream Deferred
• Exodus from Africa
• The First 100 Days
• Gridlock
• Investigating Terror
• Killing Pablo
• Northern Ireland: Dying for Peace
• Proving Ground
• The Struggle for Islam
• Soldiers of God
• Terminal Count
• Unholy War
• Urban Combat
• Wasted

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