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Guillermo Arduino

Guillermo Arduino is an anchor for CNN en Español.

With more than 10 years of experience in broadcast television in both English and Spanish, Arduino has also served as host and contributor on the Global Challenges program. In addition, he has presented news and business shows on CNN en Espanol. In this capacity, he had the opportunity to follow the war on Iraq from the anchor chair at CNN en Espanol.

Before joining CNN in June 1999, Arduino worked for The Weather Channel in Atlanta as an on-camera meteorologist and show presenter in which he covered such stories as severe weather phenomena and the impact of devastating tropical cyclones on the Americas.

Before then, and for two years, Arduino was a news anchor for the breakfast shows on NBC's International Language TV News Station in which he interviewed President Carlos Menem of Argentina, President Eduardo Frei of Chile, President Lionel Fernandez of the Dominican Republic, among other dignitaries; He also covered U.S Presidential Elections; Israel Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's assassination and the 1997 hostage crisis in Peru. He was also a news anchor for CVN-America TV of Argentina where he reported on significant world events, including the 1994 bombing at a Buenos Aires Jewish Community Center.

Arduino, Argentinian and Italian citizen, received his education at ISER (Instituto Superior de Ensenanza de Radiodifusion) and INSLV (Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado en Lenguas Vivas "Juan Ramon Fernandez") in his hometown of Buenos Aires. He also studied in the United States at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia and Chapman University in California.

Arduino is fluent in Spanish and English, and he is currently taking Italian language classes.

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