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Tony Campion

Tony Campion is a London-based anchor and financial correspondent who presents and reports for CNN's business programmes. He writes and files business news reports, and provides live updates on the European share markets from the London Stock Exchange.

Campion joined CNN in September 2002 after a period freelancing for the network. Before that he worked for Reuters, Bloomberg and Sky News. Earlier in his career, he was a radio news presenter, appearing on NPR radio in the United States, London's News Direct 97.3FM and GWR-FM in the West of England.

Campion has covered events from the 1997 death and funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales to the 2001 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He speaks regularly with leading figures from international business and finance: key interviews have included British Chancellor Gordon Brown and Dell Computer CEO Michael Dell. He regularly interviews blue chip Chief Execs at the level of Kurt Hellstrom and Jorma Ollila, of Ericsson and Nokia respectively.

Tony Campion has a Doctorate in High Energy Particle Physics obtained at CERN, Geneva, and a first class Bachelor of Science degree from Bristol University.

He is British and speaks fluent French, having spent much of his twenties living and travelling outside the UK. Two of those years were spent in Africa, where he led commercial expeditions across the continent.


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