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Chris Huntington

Chris Huntington is a correspondent for CNN Business News, the division of CNN Worldwide that produces business news for CNN/U.S., CNN International, Headline News, CNN Airport Network, CNNRadio and CNN/Money.com.

Huntington joined CNN in May 1989. With more than 17 years experience covering financial news, working in the financial markets and studying economics, Huntington has become one of CNN's leading financial experts. Previously, Huntington was a senior producer for Moneyline as well as an investigative producer for the program.

Huntington has also served as the producer for Inside Business and Business Morning. As an investigative reporter, Huntington has covered corporate crime from Enron to Tyco to terrorist funding. He also has reported extensively on the stock market and the economy.

Huntington received his pre-law bachelor of arts in rhetoric from the University of California at Berkley in 1983. He earned his graduate degree in economics from Oxford University in 1986. Huntington was a member of the 1984 and 1988 U.S. Olympic rowing teams.


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