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Lucia Newman

Lucia Newman is CNN's Havana bureau chief and correspondent, named to this position when CNN opened the bureau in 1997. As chief of the only U.S. network bureau in Cuba, Newman has covered many events from the country, including the 1998 historic Papal visit to Cuba, the 1998 bomb attacks on Havana hotels and several exclusive interviews with Cuban President Fidel Castro.

CNN's senior correspondent in Latin America, Newman has been based in Latin America as a CNN bureau chief since 1987. She was CNN's Mexico City bureau chief from 1993-1997, Chile bureau chief from 1989-1993, Nicaragua bureau chief from 1985-1989 and Panama bureau chief in 1987. Newman is fluent in English and Spanish and reports in both languages.

She has reported on dangerous, complicated stories from the region such as the Contra war in Nicaragua and South America's drug involvement. Her reports on unrest in Panama resulted in her expulsion from the country in 1987 on orders from then-Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega. She produced an in-depth, eight-part series called Notes From Nicaragua, which documented the havoc resulting from the country's ongoing civil war.

Newman joined CNN in 1986 after working as a freelance reporter and field producer for CNN and other networks for two years. She was previously an assistant news producer in charge of Latin American coverage for Australia's 0-28 Network, a multi-cultural television station that broadcasts subtitles in 40 languages. She also has worked as an English/Spanish interpreter for the Australian government. Newman began her journalism career as a freelance writer in Chile.

Newman attended the University of Chile and earned a bachelor's degree in communication from the University of South Wales in Australia.


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