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Christian Purefoy

Christian Purefoy is a Lagos-based correspondent for CNN.

Named to this position in early 2008, Purefoy is an integral part of CNN’s presence in Lagos, where he regularly delivers news stories of global relevance from within the region.

Purefoy previously served for three years as a producer, editor and cameraman on various assignments for CNN that included extensive work on Inside Africa, CNN’s weekly current affairs program that provides global viewers with an inside look at political, economic, social and cultural affairs and trends in Africa.

Before joining CNN full time, Purefoy was based in Lagos, Nigeria and worked as a freelance journalist writing for a variety of UK and US newspapers and publications including The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, San Francisco Chronicle and Newsweek.

He first joined up with CNN International in June 2002 as a producer at ‘Vivid Features’, an Africa-based production company, where he helped produce a number of CNN-commissioned projects.

Purefoy is British and studied International Politics and International History at Keele University.

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