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African Voices meets businessman Stanley Kamau who wants to help rural communities in his home country of Kenya.

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Businessman fights diseaseupdated Mon Oct 20 2014 09:48:05

Kenyan businessman Stanley Kamau on helping those who suffer the same affliction he battled as a child.

Kenyan journalist Joseph Mathenge wins 2014 CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Award updated Sat Oct 18 2014 21:58:35

A photo series capturing the moments of terror faced by Westgate shoppers has won a Kenyan journalist the top honors at this year's CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Awards.

Niyratuza: Protecting Rwanda's forestsupdated Mon Oct 13 2014 09:37:09

Conservationist Madeleine Niyratuza talks to CNN about the importance of protecting Rwanda's forests.

Eco-guards patrol Rwandan forestupdated Mon Oct 13 2014 09:36:40

Eco-guards patrol the forests for illegal activities and educate the local community in the importance of conservation.

Rwandan children attend 'Eco-clubs'updated Mon Oct 13 2014 09:36:00

Conservationist Madeleine Nyiratuza visits schools to communicate her passion of the welfare of the forests.

'A love letter to Nigeria': The master photographer who captured nation's lifeupdated Mon Oct 13 2014 08:52:31

A young woman stands against a crisp black backdrop. The photographer walks forward and gently turns her away from the camera. Today the focus is not on her face but on the delicate architectural feat that sits atop her head. It seems to almost defy gravity, with light radiating from the hair tower as it spirals upwards in a conical shape.

Money cow: The economy-boosting bovineupdated Tue Oct 07 2014 05:47:42

Starting a business is never easy, but in Tanzania, the obstacles for women can be particularly fierce. Few women hold land titles, and as a result, many don't have the necessary collateral to secure funding from a bank.

Finance pioneer invests in girls' educationupdated Mon Oct 06 2014 09:17:16

Former veterinary doctor Victoria Kisyombe on her passion for giving women a voice in the African economy.

Former vet gives women a voiceupdated Mon Oct 06 2014 08:58:30

Victoria Kisyombe on transforming the lives of women through one of Tanzania's first micro-credit institutions.

Micro-finance trailblazer empowers womenupdated Mon Oct 06 2014 08:43:31

African Voices meets former Tanzanian veterinarian Victoria Kisyombe who changed careers after the loss of her husband.

Is this what a model should look like? updated Wed Oct 01 2014 09:31:50

It's well known the fashion industry is one of the toughest to break into. To conform to the traditional stereotype of a model you need to be skinny, stunning and have legs that go on forever, right?

From albino model to talk show hostupdated Mon Sep 29 2014 10:45:15

Former model Refilwe Modiselle reflects on the tough issues she tackles as a talk show host.

Albino model makes historyupdated Mon Sep 29 2014 10:34:54

Refilwe Modiselle on her big breakthrough which came at the tender age of 13.

Meet Africa's first albino modelupdated Mon Sep 29 2014 10:26:47

Model turned talk show host Refilwe Modiselle on the challenges that came with being Africa's first albino model.

Life in the fast lane with South Africa's 'titanium woman'updated Tue Sep 23 2014 05:36:50

In the largely male-dominated world of the motorsport, South African super bike racer Janine Davies is an anomaly.

Aviation boss honors late fatherupdated Mon Sep 22 2014 18:44:55

Precision Air founder Michael Shirima explains why he built an orphanage in honor of his late father.

Entrepreneur builds own airlineupdated Mon Sep 22 2014 18:37:52

Michael Shirima is the founder of Precision Air, Tanzania's largest privately owned airline.

Businessman's passion for aviationupdated Mon Sep 22 2014 18:36:34

Tanzanian entrepreneur Michael Shirima talks about his childhood and passion for aviation.

Mulatu Astatke: Spreading ethio-jazz to the worldupdated Wed Sep 17 2014 08:40:54

You'd expect a conversation with Mulatu Astake to be about music. He is, after all, the father of a musical genre: Ethio-jazz. But when he talks about the art form, he tends to focus on its scientific merits.

Meet the godfather of Ethio-jazzupdated Wed Sep 17 2014 05:34:41

Mulatu Astatke's fusion of Ethiopian music and jazz has captured audiences around the world. CNN's Jim Stenman reports.

Can Sierra Leone's economy survive Ebola?updated Tue Sep 16 2014 05:49:55

Sierra Leone is facing its toughest test to date. The Ebola virus, very deadly and currently without a cure, is fast-spreading throughout the small West African country.

Woman biker makes the podiumupdated Mon Sep 15 2014 09:46:54

South African superbike racer Janine Davies on the highlight of her career.

Superbike racer makes historyupdated Mon Sep 15 2014 09:38:23

Janine Davies is South Africa's first female superbike racer to compete in a national championship.

Female biker puts safety firstupdated Mon Sep 15 2014 09:34:59

South African superbike racer Janine Davies reflects on a major accident she suffered in the early stages of her career.

Ernest Cole: Brave photographer who exposed horrors of apartheid from withinupdated Fri Sep 12 2014 05:34:34

Inside a dilapidated warehouse, underneath scattered clothes hanging from rusty pipes, a young black man is down on his knees. His feet are naked, his trousers rolled up to his knees as he beats his sodden shirt against the ground to remove the dirt from it. Near him, a cluster of men cut desolate figures -- some of them crouching down to wash their worn-out clothes, some standing, naked, trying to clean up their work-wasted bodies.

Baby boy with eight limbs progressing well after successful operationupdated Tue Sep 09 2014 06:19:23

On May 27, Margaret Awino gave birth to Paul Mukisa with the help of her mother-in-law inside her home in Nabigingo, a small village in eastern Uganda. But instead of joy and jubilation for the birth of her fifth child, the 28-year-old mother was shocked: her newborn son had been born with four legs and four arms.

Zambian surgeon's love for writingupdated Mon Sep 08 2014 09:24:50

Neurosurgeon Kachinga Sichizya on his award-winning novel "Uneasy Yoke" which he started writing while in medical school.

Zambian doctor helps teen momsupdated Mon Sep 08 2014 09:22:53

Neurosurgeon Kachinga Sichizya talks about caring for newborns and mothers from underprivileged backgrounds.

Multitasking surgeon follows his dreamsupdated Mon Sep 08 2014 09:10:11

African Voices meets Kachinga Sichizya who spends his free time making music and writing literature.

Step into a supermodel's shoes with Liya Kebedeupdated Mon Sep 08 2014 05:50:08

Fashion season is once again upon us. Celebrities, trendsetters and buyers across the world will adorn the front rows of countless runways as the sartorially elite reveal their style edicts for the season ahead.

Comedy Gold: Who are the funniest people in Africa?updated Tue Sep 02 2014 05:53:21

Daniel Ndambuki might today be one of Kenya's top comedians, having the crowd in stitches every time he performs, but things were quite different when he first took to the stage. In fact, Ndambuki's debut performance was so bad that he had to be stopped straight away.

Passion drives Malawian fashion designerupdated Fri Aug 29 2014 10:47:25

From her home country to the runways of London, Lilly Alfonso creates garments with a uniquely African flavor.

The rise of Lilly Alfonsoupdated Fri Aug 29 2014 10:40:41

African Voices meets the Malawian designer as she prepares for a fashion show in Nigeria.

Faith keeps designer groundedupdated Fri Aug 29 2014 10:37:45

Malawian fashion designer on the role of religion in her life and reaching the next generation of fashionistas.

Kenya's top comedian opens upupdated Mon Aug 25 2014 12:01:36

Daniel Ndambuki takes great joy in making others in his home country of Kenya laugh and smile.

'Churchill' transforms stand-up comedyupdated Mon Aug 25 2014 11:44:58

Daniel "Churchill" Ndambuki explains how he is changing Kenya's comedy scene.

Steve Harvey inspires Kenyan comedianupdated Mon Aug 25 2014 11:41:12

Daniel Ndambuki on grooming the next generation of talent and what he has learned from U.S. comedian Steve Harvey.

E-readers bring hope to Africa's schoolsupdated Wed Aug 20 2014 09:45:42

Heaps of trash pile up for miles in Kibera, a district of Nairobi that houses nearly 1 million people and is one of the poorest slums in the world. Aluminum shanties fill the horizon, and an odor of urine cuts through the air. A man trots through the narrow, unpaved streets on a camel.

Zambian playwright takes talent to next levelupdated Tue Aug 19 2014 07:33:15

Mulenga Kapwepwe is passionate about helping young people live up to their potential.

She's written plays, built libraries and started an orchestra... Meet Mulenga Kapwepwe, Zambia's patron of the artsupdated Tue Aug 19 2014 06:17:54

"What are we going to call the country? What is the flag going to look like? What is the currency going to be called?" These are not questions most six-year-olds are concerned with -- unless you are Mulenga Kapwepwe.

'African hut library' transforms learningupdated Mon Aug 18 2014 08:20:21

Zambian playwright Mulenga Kapwepwe on creating unique libraries designed around activities that engage children.

Zambian playwright inspires youthupdated Mon Aug 18 2014 08:07:20

Mulenga Kapwepwe inspires young people in her country through music, libraries, theater and sports.

It's not a man's world: The African women breaking down tech barriersupdated Tue Aug 12 2014 05:44:58

When I was doing my degree in computer science in Ghana's Valley View University 10 years ago, there just were seven girls in the class. After four years, only four graduated and out of that number, just two of us have stayed in technical roles. Today, my little sister's computer science class has at least 30% females and a smaller drop-off rate.

WW1's untold story: The forgotten African battlefields updated Fri Aug 08 2014 08:10:52

A hundred years ago on this day, on August 8th, 1914, the British HMS Asteria and Pegasus protected cruisers bombed Dar-es-Salaam, then the capital of German East Africa, bringing the European so-called "war to end all wars" to the eastern African shores. The day before, Anglo-French forces constituted of Ghanaian, Nigerian, Sierra Leonean, Gambian and Beninese troops had invaded German Togoland in West Africa.

After the Summit: How U.S. can break China's grip on Africaupdated Thu Aug 07 2014 09:37:04

Africa has indeed turned the corner. A continent once synonymous with death, disease and destruction is showing signs of improvement.

'Africa is no longer a sleeping giant': Twitter reacts to U.S.-Africa Summitupdated Wed Aug 06 2014 08:21:22

These are the African writers you should be reading right nowupdated Tue Aug 05 2014 06:27:44

Take a moment and think of an African author. Have you got the name in mind? Keep it there for a minute.

Tour Ethiopian kids libraryupdated Mon Aug 04 2014 10:06:43

Yohannes Gebregeorgis has helped deliver books far and wide in his home country of Ethiopia.

Ethiopian librarian gives backupdated Mon Aug 04 2014 09:47:58

Yohannes Gebregeorgis on his big move to the U.S. and transforming lives back home in Ethiopia.

Children's librarian empowers youthupdated Mon Aug 04 2014 09:44:59

Ethiopian librarian Yohannes Gebregeorgis on his upbringing and immense love of books.

Passion for music fuels Malawian writerupdated Mon Jul 28 2014 06:02:01

Shadreck Chikoti uses music to unwind from his busy schedule and is in the process of recording an album.

Author wants to liberate African writersupdated Mon Jul 28 2014 05:54:49

Shadreck Chikoti on challenging fellow-African writers to explore new themes.

Writer captures life in Malawiupdated Mon Jul 28 2014 05:42:24

Malawian author Shadreck Chikoti reveals what inspires his work both on paper and in his personal life.

'Humans of Khartoum': Arresting street portraits capture spirit of Sudan's capitalupdated Wed Jul 23 2014 04:38:02

On the banks of river Nile, an old fisherman rests upon his rickety boat under the hot Khartoum sun. His gaze is strict, his chiseled features strong and commanding. Yet, as he slowly moves his scarred right arm to bring a cup of tea to his lips, his withered face softens into a gentle smile.

9 must-see movies at this year's Durban International Film Festivalupdated Mon Jul 21 2014 08:22:31

The long-running Durban International Film Festival is back and this year it's offering cinema lovers a host of must-see movies.

Africa's contemporary art is booming ... so buy it while you can updated Wed Jul 16 2014 06:44:53

I walked into the Gallery of African Art (GAFRA) on London's Cork Street in Mayfair two weeks ago. Opposite the Burlington Arcade, right at the heart of the art establishment, on gallery row itself, African art formerly seen as a niche interest, now officially playing with the big boys. And the best thing ... GAFRA is owned and run by a woman: Liberian born Bendu Cooper.

Filmmakers showcase their work in Zanzibarupdated Tue Jul 15 2014 05:58:58

African Voices travels to Zanzibar where filmmakers are attending the Zanzibar International Film Festival.

Zanzibar's deserted cinemasupdated Mon Jul 14 2014 07:09:04

Filmmaker Martin Mhando talks about the benefits of bringing film to rural Africa.

How to become a World Cup refereeupdated Mon Jul 07 2014 08:46:29

Kenya's national football team may not have made it to the World Cup Finals in Brazil -- but one man will be there for his African nation.

Ruparelia's exciting new venturesupdated Mon Jul 07 2014 05:23:47

Ugandan businessman Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia on exploring new businesses, including hospitality and real-estate.

Businessman transforms Ugandaupdated Mon Jul 07 2014 05:12:03

Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia on returning to Uganda after a decade abroad and starting his first business venture.

Passion fuels Ugandan tycoonupdated Mon Jul 07 2014 05:05:50

African Voices meets Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia who is known internationally for revolutionizing Uganda's business sector.

Kenyan referee embraces fatherhoodupdated Mon Jun 30 2014 07:32:07

Kenya's top football referee Aden Marwa talks about his 3 year-old son and being the best father possible.

Football referee's passion for educationupdated Mon Jun 30 2014 07:06:04

Kenya's top football referee Aden Marwa on balancing his day job as a teacher with his side job as a referee.

Kenyan referee prepares for World Cupupdated Mon Jun 30 2014 06:59:37

For Kenya's top referee Aden Marwa football is not just a game, but a chance to pursue his passion.

Entrepreneur revolutionizes agricultureupdated Mon Jun 23 2014 11:05:03

Ghanaian businessman Seth Dei reflects on setting up a food processing factory where hygiene comes first.

Proud Ghanaian promotes African artupdated Mon Jun 23 2014 06:13:00

Businessman Seth Dei shows off his impressive art collection in the suburbs of Accra.

From cocoa farmer to self-made millionaireupdated Mon Jun 23 2014 05:16:32

Ghanaian entrepreneur, agriculturalist and art collector Seth Dei reflects on his humble beginnings and successful career.

Rwanda's first female pilot takes to the skiesupdated Tue Jun 17 2014 08:40:06

Esther Mbabazi wheels her bag towards the airstairs of the Boeing 737 sitting quietly on the tarmac at Kigali International Airport. Today she'll be flying from Rwanda's capital city to Juba in South Sudan.

Do female pilots face more scrutiny?updated Mon Jun 16 2014 20:09:03

Esther Mbabazi on what it's really like to be a female pilot in Rwanda.

Pilot recalls first solo flightupdated Mon Jun 16 2014 13:25:13

Rwanda's first female pilot Esther Mbabazi reflects on the most exciting moment of her career.

Meet Rwanda's first female pilotupdated Mon Jun 16 2014 13:13:07

Esther Mbabazi reflects on turning her childhood dream into a reality.

'Africa Rising'? Not really, unless we invest more in girls updated Mon Jun 16 2014 06:45:53

What factor has the power to transform individual lives, communities, nations and the world?

The woman saving Uganda's lost and abandoned childrenupdated Tue Jun 10 2014 07:37:36

In 2010, Ugandan journalist Gladys Kalibala embarked on a mission to bring attention to her country's lost and abandoned children. Using the power of print, she started a newspaper column and more than four years later the award-winning writer has helped many youngsters reunite with their families and overcome a sense of hopelessness.

Ugandan journalist transforms livesupdated Mon Jun 09 2014 09:05:55

Gladys Kalibala introduces us to some of the children that have motivated her movement.

Child advocate refuses to turn a blind eyeupdated Mon Jun 09 2014 08:54:14

Ugandan journalist Gladys Kalibala reflects on her mission to help orphans who have been left behind.

Ugandan activist saves orphansupdated Mon Jun 09 2014 08:52:46

African Voices meets Gladys Kalibala who is using the power of journalism to bring attention to lost and abandoned minors.

'Solar entrepreneur' powers own homeupdated Mon Jun 02 2014 14:19:28

Patrick Ngowi on his passion for renewable energy and putting Tanzanians on the power grid, one solar appliance at a time.

Solar power skyrockets in Tanzaniaupdated Mon Jun 02 2014 14:13:23

Helvetic Solar founder Patrick Ngowi reflects on his company's success and being named one of the 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Africa.

Entrepreneur fights energy povertyupdated Mon Jun 02 2014 14:08:19

African Voices meets Patrick Ngowi who founded his own solar power company in Tanzania at just 22.

Meet the armless table tennis champion who proves 'nothing is impossible'updated Fri May 30 2014 06:00:05

It's Ibrahim Hamadto's turn to serve. Holding the bat in his mouth, the Egyptian para-table tennis champion gets the rally going by flicking the ball up high with his right foot. Sinking through the air, the delicate white sphere meets his racket and comes out charging like a bullet with a powerful spin.

Kenya's cycling hero puts next generation on the right trackupdated Wed May 28 2014 09:15:52

As one of Kenya's premier cyclists, David Kinjah crossed the finish line winning medal after medal on several occasions. When he wasn't taking the top spot on the podium, he'd be nurturing local talent, like future Tour de France champion Chris Froome.

Can cycling transform lives?updated Mon May 26 2014 12:12:48

African Voices follows David Kinjah as he trains for an upcoming competition where young men are turned into champions.

Kenyan cyclist grooms next generationupdated Mon May 26 2014 12:11:57

David Kinjah on training hopefuls from his country, including Tour de France winner Chris Froome.

African cyclist defies stereotypesupdated Mon May 26 2014 12:11:09

African Voices meets David Kinjah -- one of Kenya's most successful cyclists who reflects on his incredible career.

Dakar Biennale brings modern African art to the world stageupdated Mon May 26 2014 07:41:58

The march music stops and the camera screens come to life as 70 small black cannons fire a shower of golden confetti high above the crowds. Tumbling through the air, the shiny plume swirls in a fleeting dance, covering the ground in a sprawling blanket of gold stars.

Why can't Nigerians watch country's biggest movie?updated Wed May 21 2014 05:51:32

When I heard last month that the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board, headquartered in Abuja, had indicated that it would be unable to issue certification for "Half of a Yellow Sun" in time for the film's release date, I naturally assumed, at first, that what we were faced with was nothing more sinister than another instance of the typical, if frustrating, culture of wilful incompetence that we'd grappled with during the making of the film -- while shooting the film in Nigeria two years ago, there were times when we felt ensnared in impenetrable jungles of red tape, when we would be given the go-head by one arm of the government only to find our path blocked by the other arm.

Catch him if you can! Tanzania's forgotten record-breaking runnerupdated Tue May 20 2014 07:22:28

He's smashed world records and revolutionized running during his illustrious career. And yet the name of Filbert Bayi has almost been forgotten.

Tanzania's most decorated Olympianupdated Mon May 19 2014 10:27:42

In the 1970's Filbert Bayi competed in athletics tournaments all over the world. Now he dedicates his life to the next generation.

From Olympic runner to school teacherupdated Mon May 19 2014 10:27:20

Tanzanian Olympian, Filbert Bayi talks to CNN about his passion for education and what inspired him to open a school.

Running champion chases eduction dreamupdated Mon May 19 2014 10:27:10

Former Commonwealth champion, Filbert Bayi considers his work in education the passion of his lie.

Building peace in Africa? Give power to womenupdated Mon May 19 2014 05:32:14

A series of gold-framed pictures cover the wall from left to right inside the working space of Senegalese human rights activist Bineta Diop. Nelson Mandela, Paul Kagame, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Yasser Arafat -- they're all here. This is Diop's wall of memories, reminders of meetings and accomplishments over the years.

How women are transforming Africaupdated Sun May 11 2014 08:10:35

Bineta Diop has spent more than a decade spreading peace throughout the most dangerous parts of Africa.

Giving a voice to the women of Africaupdated Sun May 11 2014 08:10:17

Humanitarian and activist, Bineta Diop travels the world giving a voice to the women of Africa.

Campaigning for women, peace and securityupdated Sun May 11 2014 08:09:51

Humanitarian and activist Bineta Diop talks to CNN about her passion for women, peace and security in Africa.

Want to change Africa? Let's do it ourselves!updated Fri May 09 2014 06:30:29

As the old adage goes, "If you want it done right, do it yourself" -- and for social activist Rakesh Rajani, those words have become an ethos to live by.

Fighting for government transparencyupdated Mon May 05 2014 07:31:32

Social entrepreneur Rakesh Rajani reflects on bringing change to Tanzania.

'Broker of ideas' pushes for changeupdated Mon May 05 2014 07:26:57

Tanzanian native Rakesh Rajani is the founder of non-profit organization Twaweza, which means "we can make it happen" in Swahili.

Social entrepreneur invests in educationupdated Mon May 05 2014 07:12:56

Rakesh Rajani on fighting for better education in Tanzania and across East Africa.

Jeweler's career-changing momentupdated Mon Apr 28 2014 05:59:19

Nigerian goldsmith Labi Kapo on how a visit to Brussels inspired him to open his own store.

Secrets of a goldsmithupdated Mon Apr 28 2014 05:56:24

Nigerian jeweler Labi Kapo describes a butterfly he created for the Nelson Mandela Foundation in 2012.

Accidental goldsmith helps Africa shineupdated Mon Apr 28 2014 05:48:41

CEO, jeweler and teacher Labi Kapo who has been all over the world gaining the experience that has made him into the master craftsman he is today.

The 23-year-old with 24 kids: Genocide orphans form their own families updated Thu Apr 24 2014 05:47:15

It's a sunny April afternoon at the University of Rwanda College of Education in Kigali. Some students huddle in groups conversing in hushed voices; others hurry between buildings carrying books. Exams begin in a week.

Are human viruses killing world's last remaining gorillas?updated Tue Apr 22 2014 07:44:23

They are the world's largest primates and yet the constant threat of poaching, deforestation and human diseases means that soon the world's mountain gorillas could be completely wiped out.

Ecotourism protects mountain gorillasupdated Mon Apr 21 2014 07:05:53

Veterinarian Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka on striking the right balance between conservation and economics.

Healthy gorillas, healthy communitiesupdated Mon Apr 21 2014 07:03:11

Veterinarian Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka on creating an environment where gorillas and the people who live near them, can coexist safely.

Trailblazing vet protects gorillasupdated Mon Apr 21 2014 07:01:03

Veterinarian Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka is one of Africa's leading scientists working to protect the endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda from human diseases.

'An African City' Web series generates buzz, dismantles stereotypesupdated Fri Apr 18 2014 07:14:50

The new Web series "An African City" is fun, trendy and over the top.

Pop art protection: How these funky condoms could save countless livesupdated Tue Apr 15 2014 09:26:53

Packaging can change how people see things. And when it comes to sex, it could maybe help save lives too.

Ghanaian storyteller pushes boundariesupdated Mon Apr 14 2014 06:02:17

Playwright James Ebo Whyte on "Make Me a Woman Tonight" which tackles issues that are considered taboo in Ghana.

African playwright's big breakupdated Mon Apr 14 2014 05:36:47

James Ebo Whyte on the life-changing events that helped shape the successful writer, director, and producer he is today.

'Uncle Ebo' revives Ghanaian theaterupdated Mon Apr 14 2014 05:33:34

African Voices meets James Ebo Whyte a passionate storyteller with a series of successful plays to his credit.

Mo Ibrahim: Now is the time for Afro-realismupdated Fri Apr 11 2014 06:33:50

Over the last 20 years, the narrative on the African continent has shifted from Afro-pessimism to Afro-optimism. The truth lies somewhere in between. Now is the time for Afro-realism: for sound policies based on honest data, aimed at delivering results.

The day that changed Kenya: How medics saved lives in deadly Westgate attackupdated Wed Apr 09 2014 06:46:07

It's a date etched in the minds of every Kenyan -- September 21, 2013. At the upscale Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, a youth cooking competition was underway, friends laughed as they sipped coffee and families strolled idly through supermarket aisles.

Helping Kenya's vulnerableupdated Mon Apr 07 2014 15:59:45

CNN's Zain Verjee meets Abbas Gullet who is the Secretary General of the Kenya Red Cross Society.

How Red Cross innovatesupdated Mon Apr 07 2014 15:56:00

Kenya's Red Cross boss Abbas Gullet on how further investment can help the organization take things to the next level.

Terror attack changed Red Cross bossupdated Mon Apr 07 2014 15:47:18

Abbas Gullet, Secretary General of Kenya Red Cross Society, on the lessons learned from the 2013 attack on Westgate mall.

How access to power can fuel Africa's economic growthupdated Fri Apr 04 2014 05:39:40

Ending energy poverty is central to my vision of a resurgent Africa.

Cosmetics queen battles against skin bleachingupdated Tue Apr 01 2014 06:14:14

She started her business with just £100, lugging her beauty bag from door to door, but some 25 years later Grace Amey-Obeng has built a multi-million dollar cosmetics empire that's helping change the perception of beauty for many.

Beauty school transforms livesupdated Mon Mar 31 2014 10:42:38

Cosmetics boss Grace Amey-Obeng on grooming the next generation and making a difference in her native country of Ghana.

African beauty empire built on just $100updated Mon Mar 31 2014 10:37:05

Grace Amey-Obeng on her Ghana-based beauty conglomerate which includes a school, a factory and retail stores.

Promoting black beautyupdated Mon Mar 31 2014 10:10:52

Grace Amey-Obeng knows business and beauty. As CEO of a cosmetic empire in Ghana, she's bringing positive change to her country.

Adama Paris to fashion industry: 'Stop discrimination, black is beautiful'updated Thu Mar 27 2014 06:55:35

Wearing a stylish red dress and a beaming smile, celebrated fashion designer Adama Paris sits comfortably inside her spacious living room in Dakar, the vibrant seaside capital of Senegal, as we discuss her inspirations.

Putting Africa on the fashion mapupdated Tue Mar 25 2014 13:18:18

Senegalese fashion designer Adama Amanda Ndiaye reflects on her incredible career and exciting new venture.

Rapping for respect: Meet the 18-year-old singer standing up for women in Egyptupdated Tue Mar 25 2014 07:22:03

As she took to the stage, both judges and spectators alike were unsure what the young Egyptian woman would do. Standing before the mic, dressed head to toe in a soft pink ensemble complete with a matching veil, Mayam Mahmoud was about to perform in front of an audience for the first time. Then, a hard-hitting beat began to blare out of the speakers and the 18-year-old started to rap.

Surfing inspires Senegalese designerupdated Mon Mar 24 2014 12:16:18

Adama Amanda Ndiaye on how the ocean inspires her work as a designer.

Designer's exciting new ventureupdated Mon Mar 24 2014 12:12:49

Senegalese fashion designer Adama Amanda Ndiaye talks about her plans to launch a fashion television channel.

'Death Then, Life Now': Intimate images capture the new Rwandaupdated Fri Mar 21 2014 06:52:41

Go to Google and type in Rwanda and the word genocide creeps in instantly. Do a similar search in Google Images and your screen is quickly inundated with piles of scattered hacked bodies, grisly mountains of skulls and long columns of fleeing refugees.

How do you mend a child's broken heart? Tales of triumph from a top surgeonupdated Wed Mar 19 2014 06:43:22

Betty Gikonyo's life changed forever at 30,000 feet.

Making surgery affordable for Kenyansupdated Mon Mar 17 2014 19:26:51

Pediatric heart surgeon Dr. Betty Gikonyo talks about raising funds for those in need of life-saving procedures.

Top surgeon puts motherhood firstupdated Mon Mar 17 2014 15:02:35

Kenyan doctor Betty Gikonyo on how having children has helped her better "understand the complexity of life."

Surgeon treats kids with ailing heartsupdated Mon Mar 17 2014 14:45:06

Dr. Betty Gikonyo is one of Kenya's leading pediatrics heart surgeons and founder of the Karen Hospital outside of Nairobi.

Inside Morocco's argan oil co-opupdated Mon Mar 10 2014 07:54:45

Zoubida Charrouf opens the doors to her argan oil processing facility which empowers local women. CNN's Errol Barnett reports.

The business of argan oilupdated Mon Mar 10 2014 07:52:19

Research scientist Zoubida Charrouf explains why Moroccans don't always reap the financial benefits of the country's argan oil.

Passion drives Moroccan professorupdated Mon Mar 10 2014 07:49:04

CNN's Errol Barnett meets Zoubida Charrouf who has uncovered some of the many riches of Morocco's argan oil.

Biyi Bandele: Making movies to tell Africa's real storiesupdated Tue Mar 04 2014 08:27:02

A young boy sits in his bedroom staring up at the poster of Bruce Lee hanging on the wall. Like most kids in Kafanchan, a small town in the heart of Nigeria, he is a big fan of the martial arts supremo, frequenting the local cinema which almost exclusively shows Hong Kong karate movies or Bollywood films.

It's who you know! Hollywood filmmaker Sanaa Hamri on her mentorsupdated Tue Feb 25 2014 07:53:48

Music video and film director Sanaa Hamri moved to New York with dreams of making it big as an actress. But like so many others, she found herself struggling through endless auditions and unemployment. Born worlds away in the town of Tangier, Morocco, Hamri wasn't afraid to fight back. She'd grown up in a traditionally male-dominated society and her rebellion against gender stereotypes had helped put her on this creative career path.

Hamri: Mariah believed in meupdated Tue Feb 25 2014 07:26:58

Moroccan-born Sanaa Hamri on how the Grammy-winner helped her transition from editor to sought-after music video director.

Minority director tackles tough issuesupdated Tue Feb 25 2014 07:15:32

Moroccan-born director Sanaa Hamri talks about her 2005 film "Something New" which explores interracial dating in America.

From Morocco to Hollywoodupdated Tue Feb 25 2014 07:09:48

Music video and film director Sanaa Hamri shares her journey from Tangier to the big studios in Hollywood.

'The winds of change are massive!' Tech innovator calls African diaspora to come back and make a differenceupdated Tue Feb 18 2014 07:32:58

What do the Apollo space missions, laser eye surgery and sustainable cocoa have in common? These are just some of the historic breakthroughs that IBM research labs across the world have helped become a reality over the years.

Stewart: 'IBM believes in Africa'updated Fri Feb 14 2014 10:47:44

The chief scientist at Africa's first IBM research lab talks about the company's commitment to the continent.

Does Africa need 'Africanized solutions'?updated Fri Feb 14 2014 10:29:04

IBM research boss Uyi Stewart on the need to create innovative solutions for African challenges.

IBM boss' quest to reverse brain drainupdated Fri Feb 14 2014 10:26:25

CNN's Nima Elbagir meets Nigerian-born Uyi Stewart -- the chief scientist at Africa's first IBM research lab.

'Mysterious and magical': Lupita Nyong'o on the power of performanceupdated Fri Feb 14 2014 05:26:40

Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong'o has become a new critics' darling after her breakout role in last year's hit movie "12 Years A Slave."

Desmond Tutu: Imagine world without nuclear weaponsupdated Thu Feb 13 2014 10:38:25

In February 1990, the same month that Nelson Mandela, also known as Madiba, walked free after 27 years behind bars, South Africa's then-President, Frederik Willem de Klerk, issued written instructions to dismantle the nation's atomic arsenal.

Oprah inspires '12 Years a Slave' starupdated Mon Feb 10 2014 08:29:15

Lupita Nyong'o on preparing for her breakout performance in Steve McQueen's critically acclaimed film.

Ex-gardener takes over run-down school and turns it into one of nation's bestupdated Fri Feb 07 2014 06:15:39

It's early in the morning on a sunny mid-January day and Khensani primary school is buzzing once again. Cheers and laughter fill the schoolyard as groups of arriving pupils line up in rows under a big red kiosk. After a long summer break, it's back to school time -- and rules need repeating.

'Africa is not a country': Students' photo campaign breaks down stereotypesupdated Fri Feb 07 2014 05:39:50

They say there are no stupid questions -- or are there?

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde: 10 things to know about 'Omosexy'updated Fri Jan 17 2014 04:32:24

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde is known as the Queen of Nollywood, Nigeria's booming movie industry. Since her 1995 film debut, the actress has appeared in some 300 movies, selling millions of videos and establishing herself as a Nollywood icon.

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