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Cassie Phillips in Battambang

Cassie Phillips is in Battambang, Cambodia, where she will be working with the NGO Homeland. She will be helping local underprivileged children.

About the organization

Cassie will be spending her time in Battambang working with the charitable organization Homeland. The NGO provides various services for local children and families, including caring for children who had been affected by sex trafficking, working with children at risk of coming into conflict with the law, and facilitating home-based care and group counseling sessions for people living with HIV/AIDS.

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Video: Group homes in Cambodia
Video: Group homes in Cambodia

Cassie talks about her research into group homes for orphaned, trafficked and other vulnerable children in Cambodia.

Video: International aid workers
Video: International aid workers

Cassie speaks with several international aid workers about their experiences serving in Cambodia. Many feel that they have gained more in their year volunteering than they expected and are frustrated they are not able to help for longer.

Video: Enter the New Year
Video: Enter the New Year

Cassie shows us how Cambodians celebrate New Year, a 3-day event marked by food, prayer and festivities. The celebration's meaning is to cut bad luck from the year and replace it with good luck from the new year.

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