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Jennifer Staple in Ghana

Jennifer Staple runs the Unite For Sight program which started in the U.S., but has branched out into working overseas. She will be travelling to Ghana and then India to provide eye care to areas in need.

About the organization

Jennifer is the head of the NGO Unite For Sight, which started in the U.S., but has branched out into charitable work overseas. The organization provides eye care to people who can't afford, or simply don't have the opportunity to receive necessary treatment. The basic premise behind Unite For Sight is that everyone should have access to eye care, regardless of their ability to pay for it.

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Video: Opening their eyes
Video: Opening their eyes

Jennifer talks to Emily Abrash about her experience at a school for blind girls in rural areas, run by the Sinhas, ophthalmologists from Patna in Bihar, India. The girls learn to read and write in brail and also get the chance to go to university

Video: Volunteers of the Year
Video: Volunteers of the Year

Jennifer discusses and hosts Unite For Sight's "Volunteer of the Year" Awards. 4,100 volunteers have trained to provide eye health services in local communities and abroad.

Video: A volunteer's story
Video: A volunteer's story

Jennifer talks to Sue Gue about her experience with Unite For Sight in India, what she saw and how it impacted her future.

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