What is Future Summit?

CNN Future Summit brings together some of the brightest minds of our time to see how science and technology are shaping our future. With a landmark television event this December and weekly stories on this site, we're inviting you to take part in an on-going discussion of the technologies, and how they'll change our lives.

Saving Planet Earth

CNN Future Summit: Saving Planet Earth debuted on December 18th 2008 on CNN International. Originating from Singapore, the program provided a frank assessment of the long-term threat of climate change and what can be done to prevent or offset the damage.

A light bulb moment

Even the most cheerless environmental activist would find it hard not to register the faintest trace of a smile at the sight of Christmas lights shimmering in the murk of a December evening. Any lingering sense of ‘green guilt’ over the environmental cost of a billion festive bulbs being switched on should quickly dissipate in the bursts of electric color festooning our streets and houses. However, if that isn’t enough to placate an ardent activist there is environmentally-friendly light at the end of the tunnel.

Virtual Worlds

CNN Future Summit: Virtual Worlds aired on June 13th on CNN International. Originating from Singapore and Palo Alto, California, the program features creative visionaries and entrepreneurs leading us into a new age of creativity and imagination.

To watch the show, click on the links below:
Virtual reality | Communications | Movies
Connectivity | Creative talent | Virtual future


CNN Future Summit's panel feature scientists and politicians working to minimize the impact of climate change.
"In a traditional bulb only 5-6 percent is converted into light, the rest is infrared radiation."

Professor Narendran, Director of Research Lighting Research Center, New York.
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