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CNN's Soni Methu looks at how conservancies are working with local communities to help them live alongside big game in Namibia.

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Rwandan athletes embrace a new sportupdated Mon Oct 13 2014 09:38:11

CNN's Inside Africa travels to Rwanda where the sport of cricket is growing in popularity and uniting communities.

Rwanda cricket star helps teach childrenupdated Mon Oct 13 2014 09:37:59

Rwanda under 19's cricket captain, Don Mugisha takes CNN's Inside Africa to his hometown.

Learning about AIDS through sportsupdated Mon Oct 13 2014 09:37:39

"Cricket without Boundaries" teaches young people in Rwanda about the risk of AIDS through workshops.

Meet Ghana's power girlsupdated Wed Oct 08 2014 12:50:04

CNN's Soni Methu meets some of country's female trendsetters who are challenging the traditional roles of women in Ghana.

Strength of Ghanaian womenupdated Mon Oct 06 2014 10:53:17

CNN's Soni Methu spends time the country's next generation to hear their dreams and what the future holds for them.

Female filmmaker tackles tough subjectsupdated Mon Oct 06 2014 10:31:30

CNN's Soni Methu meets an award winning movie director who's re-writing the future of women in Ghanaian film.

What is a 'whale crier'?updated Tue Sep 30 2014 05:56:46

CNN's Soni Methu meets Eric Davalala the "whale crier" in South Africa's Western Cape.

Whale crier shares tricks of the tradeupdated Mon Sep 29 2014 11:53:36

CNN's Soni Methu meets Eric Davalala, the world's only whale crier.

Whale watching in the Western Capeupdated Mon Sep 29 2014 11:53:03

CNN's Soni Methu takes an eco-friendly sea kayaking tour in South Africa.

Magnificence of Western Capeupdated Mon Sep 29 2014 11:31:00

CNN's Soni Methu explores South Africa's Western Cape and meets a parkranger with an expertise in flowers.

Wildlife sanctuary saves orphaned animalsupdated Mon Sep 22 2014 12:23:19

CNN's Soni Methu visits Malawi's only wildlife sanctuary for orphaned and injured wild animals.

See animals return to the wildupdated Mon Sep 22 2014 12:22:32

Inside Africa visits the Kasungu National Park where orphaned and injured animals are released.

Students learn to respect wildlifeupdated Mon Sep 22 2014 12:21:00

CNN's Soni Methu looks at how Malawian students are learning about wildlife preservation.

Why Ghana's disable face uphill battleupdated Mon Sep 15 2014 12:37:48

CNN's Soni Methu meets Max Vardon who is working hard to change perceptions about disability in the country.

Double amputee pumps ironupdated Mon Sep 15 2014 12:32:09

Inside Africa meets paralympic powerlifter Charles Narh Teye who has turned tribulation into triumph.

Turning disability into opportunityupdated Mon Sep 15 2014 12:22:52

Inside Africa meets some of Ghana's disabled sporting greats. CNN's Soni Methu reports.

Sufi brotherhood preserves spiritualityupdated Mon Sep 08 2014 08:23:38

Inside Africa meets the master of the Hamadcha brotherhood which is active in the ancient Moroccan city of Fes.

Designer transforms Moroccan fashionupdated Mon Sep 08 2014 08:19:29

Inside Africa meets Ibrahim Zeghari Mouhib who is putting a new twist on traditional methods.

Old meets new in medieval cityupdated Mon Sep 08 2014 07:49:02

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Morocco's oldest city Fes is working to maintain its ancient traditions.

The formation of Africa's biggest canyonupdated Mon Sep 01 2014 08:33:38

CNN's Soni Methu meets Manfred Goldbeck who shares his extensive knowledge of Namibia's Fish River Canyon.

Trailing through ancient canyonupdated Mon Sep 01 2014 08:14:01

CNN's Soni Methu takes a mule trail tour to the bottom of Namibia's incredible Fish River Canyon.

A walk through time in Namibiaupdated Mon Sep 01 2014 07:59:44

CNN's Soni Methu explores the magnificent rock formations and ancient trees dotted all over the Fish River Canyon.

Lupita effect inspires Kenyansupdated Mon Aug 25 2014 10:37:39

CNN's Soni Methu explore how Hollywood star Lupita Nyong'o is inspiring members of Kenya's creative arts industry.

Following in Lupita's footstepsupdated Mon Aug 25 2014 10:32:08

CNN's Soni Methu visits Lupita's old drama school and meets students inspired by her success.

Lupita's African breakthroughupdated Mon Aug 25 2014 10:03:33

Meet the TV producer responsible for casting Lupita Nyong'o in MTV's "Shuga" -- making her a star on the African continent.

Life of a Rwandan fishermanupdated Mon Aug 18 2014 10:12:20

CNN's Soni Methu takes a boat ride and learns how to use traditional methods of catching fish.

Beautiful beaches boost tourismupdated Mon Aug 18 2014 10:07:26

CNN's Soni Methu visits Lake Kivu's beaches and shows how these are boosting tourism in Rwanda.

Rwanda's 'exploding lake'updated Mon Aug 18 2014 09:50:04

Lake Kivu which has more methane gas than any other lake in the world. CNN's Soni Methu reports.

Politicians brawl on cameraupdated Fri Aug 15 2014 13:10:09

A Ukrainian parliament member takes a swing at a fellow member after clashing over support for troops in the East.

Journey down Malawi's largest riverupdated Mon Aug 04 2014 09:09:52

Inside Africa explores abundant populations of elephants and birds along the Shire River.

Lake Malawi's spectacular fishupdated Mon Aug 04 2014 09:04:35

Inside Africa explores Lake Malawi which is home many species of fish found nowhere else in the world.

The warm heart of Africaupdated Mon Aug 04 2014 08:55:33

Inside Africa's new host Soni Methu visits Malawi, a country known for its friendly people.

African mask reveals hidden truthupdated Mon Jul 28 2014 07:28:17

Kinshasa-based artist Dickisongele Zatuma talks about his exciting work focusing on masks, time and nature.

Kinshasa's trash-to-treasure artupdated Mon Jul 28 2014 07:08:58

Victor Mbondo describes his work as a fusion of painting, photography and installation.

Kinshasa's thriving art sceneupdated Mon Jul 28 2014 07:05:57

Inside Africa meets the next generation of talent at one of Africa's premier art academies in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The soundtrack of Mauritiusupdated Mon Jul 14 2014 06:42:42

Inside Africa travels to Mauritius to find out how different visitors have left their mark on the island.

How volcanos shaped Mauritiusupdated Mon Jul 14 2014 06:42:25

Inside Africa visits the island nation of Mauritius to find out how the scars of volcanic activity has shaped the island.

Tasting the fruits of paradiseupdated Mon Jul 14 2014 06:42:03

The best way to experience the food of Mauritius is by touring the island nation's bustling marketplaces.

Congolese returnee strikes goldupdated Mon Jul 07 2014 06:17:14

Alain Yav talks about leaving a corporate job in South Africa to contribute to the future of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kinshasa's Western-style supermarketupdated Mon Jul 07 2014 06:15:09

Olivier Ndombasi explains how his family has helped change how business is done in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

From war to booming metropolisupdated Mon Jul 07 2014 06:11:27

Inside Africa explores what makes the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo one of Africa's fastest growing cities.

Island nation fights povertyupdated Mon Jun 30 2014 08:41:07

Inside Africa looks at how the island nation uses education to empower its youth and preserve Madagascar's precious resources.

Madagascar's natural medicineupdated Mon Jun 30 2014 08:25:55

Inside Africa looks at how natural remedies from the island nation are growing popular around the world.

Madagascar's healing plantsupdated Mon Jun 30 2014 08:18:51

Many of the plant species found in Madagascar exist nowhere else in the world.

Unlocking Senegal's pastupdated Mon Jun 23 2014 11:02:31

Inside Africa meets Dema Mboup, a storyteller dedicated to preserving the rich history of West African society.

A hub for African artupdated Mon Jun 23 2014 09:33:12

Manthia Diawara explains how Dakar has become a center for African art.

Reviving Senegal's textile industryupdated Mon Jun 23 2014 09:19:27

Textile designer Aissa Dione talks about the country's rich textile industry which was brought over by the Portuguese.

Dive into Mauritius' underwater worldupdated Mon Jun 16 2014 20:05:31

Inside Africa explores Mauritius' coral reefs, which form a natural barrier protecting the shoreline against large waves.

Preserving a tropical paradiseupdated Mon Jun 16 2014 20:02:45

Inside Africa visits the island nation of Mauritius, formed by underwater volcanic eruptions millions of years ago.

Mauritius fights climate changeupdated Mon Jun 16 2014 14:14:30

Inside Africa meets Venetia Bellers who says climate change is a reality on the small island nation.

Tasting South Africa's finest winesupdated Mon Jun 09 2014 10:47:24

Luvo Ntezo is one of the country's top sommeliers and always eager to share South African wine with the world.

Cheese maker's secrets revealedupdated Mon Jun 09 2014 10:45:25

South African cheese maker Jacko van Beulen reveals the process of cheese-making using only the finest ingredients.

A culinary tour of Cape Townupdated Mon Jun 09 2014 10:20:04

Inside Africa meets Luke Dale-Roberts, the chef behind some of the city's most flavorsome experimental dishes.

Coastal town boasts cultural fusionupdated Mon Jun 02 2014 14:27:38

Lamu is one of the oldest inhabited Swahili towns in East Africa and characterized by distinct architecture, traditional coral stone buildings.

Lamu's old world charmupdated Mon Jun 02 2014 13:18:32

Inside Africa meets locals who are preserving the history and cultural traditions of the Kenyan coastal town.

Can sand transform lives?updated Mon Jun 02 2014 13:01:27

Inside Africa meets local construction workers collecting sand used as building material in the Swahili village of Lamu, Kenya.

Mozambique's unspoiled islandsupdated Mon May 26 2014 12:56:54

Inside Africa explores Quirimbas Archipelago, a string of islands lying off the northern shore of Mozambique.

Diving in coastal Mozambiqueupdated Mon May 26 2014 12:56:08

The city of Pemba, Mozambique has white beaches, abundant marine life, and is a prime destination for offshore diving and snorkeling.

Fishing port transformed for the futureupdated Mon May 26 2014 12:52:04

Inside Africa visits the Mozambican city of Pemba which boasts rich culture and ancient history.

Paradise partying in the Seychellesupdated Mon May 19 2014 10:00:51

CNN's Ian Lee travels to the Seychelles to experience the unique culture of the African paradise.

Culture fusion in the Seychellesupdated Mon May 19 2014 10:00:37

For generations travelers have flocked to the Seychelles bringing with them a variety of arts and cultures.

Carnival in the Seychelles?updated Mon May 19 2014 10:00:23

Children in the Seychelles learn about different cultures through dance and song at the annual carnival.

Just a Band: The super nerd super groupupdated Thu May 15 2014 05:54:04

Kenyan group "Just a Band" is blurring the boundaries of music, animation and film making.

Kenyan musicians create web buzzupdated Sun May 11 2014 08:11:49

In Nairobi, Kenya many musicians are using the internet to create buzz before releasing their first album.

Bringing soul to the streets of Nairobiupdated Sun May 11 2014 08:11:38

Zain Verjee meets the musicians competing for stardom in Nairobi's budding music scene.

Keeping horse racing alive in Kenyaupdated Tue May 06 2014 07:09:12

Inside Africa visits the country's only horse racing track and meets some of the passionate jockeys.

Does horse racing get a bad rap in Kenya?updated Tue May 06 2014 06:22:59

Inside Africa speaks with Patsy Sercombe who wants the country's middle class to embrace the sport which is associated with wealth.

The changing face of Kenyan horse racingupdated Tue May 06 2014 06:20:21

Inside Africa meets passionate jockeys who feel the sport is no longer a pastime for the country's elite.

Fashion that turns back hands of timeupdated Mon Apr 28 2014 07:15:37

Inside Africa explores how independent designers are making their mark with vintage fashion in South Africa.

Townships fuel S. Africa's urban cultureupdated Mon Apr 28 2014 07:10:49

Inside Africa visits Soweto which was the center of the fight against apartheid and the birthplace of black urban culture.

South Africa's new fashion movementupdated Mon Apr 28 2014 07:07:03

Inside Africa meets the country's biggest fashion bloggers who are making an impact across the region.

Isolated tribe believes in the simple lifeupdated Mon Apr 14 2014 06:50:35

Women from Tanzania's Hadza tribe describe their simple lifestyle which is free from first world problems.

See African tribe hunt for breakfastupdated Mon Apr 14 2014 06:49:46

Inside Africa joins male members of Tanzania's Hadza people as they look for their next meal.

Hunter-gatherer tribe maintains traditionsupdated Mon Apr 14 2014 06:41:00

The Hadza people live in a remote corner of Northern Tanzania and remain largely untouched by the outside world.

South Africa's anti-poaching patrolsupdated Mon Apr 07 2014 17:08:32

Inside Africa visits Shamwari Wildlife Centre which focuses on rhino conservation.

The mohair capital of the worldupdated Mon Apr 07 2014 16:40:39

Inside Africa explores the business of mohair in South Africa's Eastern Cape.

Exploring South Africa's Eastern Capeupdated Mon Apr 07 2014 16:37:04

Knitwear designer Laduma Ngxokolo on the initiation process transforming Xhosa boys into men.

Shoe master's mission to 'Heel the World'updated Wed Apr 02 2014 07:25:45

Former banker Fred Deegbe has created a high-end shoe brand in the Ghanaian capital of Accra.

Ruins of ancient Swahili townupdated Mon Mar 31 2014 11:54:40

CNN's Zain Verjee visits one of the most important historical sites in Watamu, Kenya.

Kitesurfing in Kenyaupdated Mon Mar 31 2014 11:31:56

CNN's Zain Verjee tries out some of the water sports on offer in the Kenyan fishing village of Watamu.

Fishing village turned water sport Meccaupdated Mon Mar 31 2014 11:20:41

Watamu is an old fishing village in Kenya that's become one of the country's most impressive vacation spots. CNN's Zain Verjee reports.

Pygmies struggle to keep traditions aliveupdated Tue Mar 25 2014 13:16:18

Inside Africa explores efforts by displaced Batwa pygmies to educate their children and preserve old traditions.

Secrets of a 'gorilla whisperer'updated Mon Mar 24 2014 13:39:47

Zain Verjee visits Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable National Park -- the home of half of the world's endangered mountain gorilla population.

Up close and personal with gorillasupdated Mon Mar 24 2014 13:29:55

Zain Verjee gets up close to the remarkable mountain gorilla while in Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Tasting the 'fruits of the sea'updated Mon Mar 17 2014 19:56:19

CNN's Errol Barnett explores the traditional fishing village of Essaouira, Morocco.

Secrets of a champion surferupdated Mon Mar 17 2014 14:54:41

CNN's Errol Barnett meets Said Elgardoum who shows him how to catch the perfect wave.

Fishing village turned surfer's paradiseupdated Mon Mar 17 2014 14:52:18

CNN's Errol Barnett explores Morocco's increasingly popular surfing scene.

The secret behind white honeyupdated Mon Mar 10 2014 07:55:50

Inside Africa explores the process of making white honey in the highlands of Ethiopia's Tigray region.

Ethiopia's passionate beekeepersupdated Mon Mar 10 2014 07:41:21

Inside Africa meets those harvesting the sweet delight in the Tigray region's restored landscape.

Honey harvesting Ethiopian styleupdated Mon Mar 10 2014 07:39:14

Inside Africa explores the ancient tradition of honey-making in the country's Tigray region.

Wildlife's last sanctuary in Central Africaupdated Sun Mar 02 2014 13:20:56

The sprawling Zakouma National Park is spread across some 3,000 square kilometers in central Chad.

Marrakesh comes to life after darkupdated Mon Feb 24 2014 13:23:08

CNN's Errol Barnett explores the sights and sounds of Moroccan nightlife.

Explore Marrakech's bustling marketsupdated Mon Feb 24 2014 13:21:40

CNN's Errol Barnett joins top chef Riad Monceau as she prepares a traditional Moroccan meal.

Africa's mysterious 'Red City'updated Mon Feb 24 2014 13:03:38

CNN's Errol Barnett delves into the the rich history and culture of the Moroccan city of Marrakech.

Holy water wash away sinsupdated Mon Feb 17 2014 09:19:41

Inside Africa explores how Ethiopia's Timket festival allows Orthodox Christians to renew their religious vows.

Awaiting daybreak during Timketupdated Mon Feb 17 2014 09:18:12

Inside Africa explores one of the most important holidays for Ethiopia's Orthodox Christians.

Holy water washes away sinsupdated Mon Feb 17 2014 09:04:52

Inside Africa looks at the vibrant celebrations of Timket -- one of Ethiopia's most important religious holidays.

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