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Marketplace Africa meets Sascha Breuss, the Managing Director of South African online retailer Zando.

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Growing more than fruit: Turning Ghana's farms into healthy businessesupdated Fri Jan 02 2015 06:03:50

Harvesting papayas is Lemeul Mantey's livelihood. He's determined to get the best out of his trees, which grow in the farming community of Nsawam, west of the Ghanaian capital of Accra.

Getting Africans to buy localupdated Mon Dec 29 2014 11:22:05

Building brands rooted in African pride has been the inspiration for companies across Ghana, including Trashy Bags.

'Pearl of Africa' boasts mineralsupdated Sun Dec 21 2014 10:10:38

Elly Karuhanga talks about the country's mineral deposits like gold, diamonds, cobalt, and copper.

Top 10: Africa's most prosperous countriesupdated Thu Dec 18 2014 06:06:37

What is Africa's most prosperous country?

Ghana's agricultural economyupdated Mon Dec 15 2014 10:54:00

Ghanaian agronomist Abu Sakara on improving the efficiency of small-scale farms.

Tricky business of farmingupdated Mon Dec 15 2014 10:44:20

Ghanaian farmers are finding ways to get the most of their crops and livestock to increase the scale of their operations.

Biltong, steak & braai: South Africans cook up a recipe for tasty profits in UAEupdated Wed Dec 10 2014 05:35:58

Demand for South African food is booming in an unlikely place: the United Arab Emirates.

S. African business takes off in UAEupdated Mon Dec 08 2014 12:49:49

The demand for South African food and beverage is growing in an unlikely place. CNN's Jon Jensen reports.

Coca-Cola boasts long history in Africaupdated Mon Dec 08 2014 12:33:45

The company's East African GM talks about growth opportunities for multinationals looking to gain a foothold on the continent.

Cheers! Whisky lovers discover new blends in South Africaupdated Wed Dec 03 2014 06:04:08

South African wines have long been appreciated by even the snobbiest of sommeliers, and now harder drinks from the country are also making a name for themselves.

Toasting South Africa's spirit businessupdated Mon Dec 01 2014 12:15:17

The herb- and grain-rich Western Cape is in a prime location for the production of spirits, like whiskey and gin.

The taste of South Africa whiskeyupdated Mon Dec 01 2014 12:13:18

Find out more about the production of South Africa's first 100% single grain whiskey.

Creating uniquely African architectureupdated Mon Nov 24 2014 09:20:24

Issa Diabaté is the managing director of the Koffi & Diabaté Architectes agency which embraces local cultural identity.

Nairobi's bustling property marketupdated Mon Nov 24 2014 09:11:15

East Africa's largest economy was upgraded to middle-income status this year. CNN's Isa Soares reports.

African sushi: Mountainous fish farm links Lesotho with Japanese chefsupdated Fri Nov 21 2014 05:58:25

The flashing neon advertising signs and crowded crosswalks of Tokyo may not resemble the slow suburban settlement of Maseru -- the capital of the tiny mountain kingdom of Lesotho in southern Africa. But the two countries are now being linked by an unlikely dish: trout.

Majestic Victoria Falls: 'Zimbabwe's goldmine' draws back thrill-seekersupdated Tue Nov 18 2014 07:05:16

Spray from Victoria Falls hits the faces of tourists and locals as they look down at Africa's most famous waterfall. The water acts as a wake-up call, but this spectacular sight is no dream.

Tourism rep: Why Zimbabwe stands outupdated Mon Nov 17 2014 07:28:35

Barbara Murasiranwa of the Zimbabwe Council for Tourism says the tides are rapidly turning for travel to the nation.

Zimbabwe steps up tourism effortsupdated Mon Nov 17 2014 07:11:44

Victoria Falls offers one of Africa's most spectacular sights and has benefited from recent investments.

Battling Ebola: The African responses that 'will win this war'updated Thu Nov 13 2014 06:55:56

"When the Ebola outbreak started, it was very terrifying for everybody," recalls Michael Chu'no Ike from Nsukka in Nigeria's Enugu State. "People were afraid it could be transmitted by air and started believing all sorts of rumors about how to boost their immunity."

Fighting climate change? Don't ignore poor nations' creativity updated Wed Nov 12 2014 06:31:52

Analysts are right to assess the level of national preparedness to climate change -- but well-intentioned efforts to rank countries can inadvertently sow hopelessness among those considered to be ill-prepared.

Crocodile farming in Zambiaupdated Mon Nov 10 2014 14:46:27

Zambezi Grace co-owner Stuart Brand on changing the perception of African luxury.

Africa: The new frontier of luxury?updated Mon Nov 10 2014 14:41:00

From champagne to designer handbags, global luxury brands are cashing in on the African continent.

Seychelles tourism: Island paradise targets more beach-goersupdated Mon Nov 10 2014 06:18:32

With its pristine beaches, warm water and coral reefs, Seychelles has long been a must-visit destination for jet-setters from all over the world. They come from Europe, the Middle East and Asia to unwind in the sun. But not all the hosts can afford to be so relaxed.

CEO: Africa needs electricity revolutionupdated Mon Nov 03 2014 07:43:21

Symbion CEO Paul Hinks talks about the future of African power.

Air Seychelles soars to new heightsupdated Mon Nov 03 2014 07:34:44

CNN's Ian Lee explores how investment from the Middle East has helped the airline get back on track.

Zambeef boss on expansionupdated Mon Oct 27 2014 11:29:40

Francis Grogan is the joint CEO of Zambeef and talks about harnessing the full potential of this rapidly growing sector.

Zambian agriculture on the riseupdated Mon Oct 27 2014 11:28:57

One of Zambia's largest integrated agri-businesses, Zambeef, is primed for expansion as demand rises across the region.

Beyond 2014: Creating a new Cape Town through designupdated Wed Oct 22 2014 06:21:58

Abandoned workshops and empty warehouses are getting a new lease of life in Cape Town. Spaces that once housed production lines are now becoming creative hotspots for artists, designers and musicians living in a city that holds the title of World Design Capital for 2014.

Cape Town invests in designupdated Mon Oct 20 2014 13:05:48

Cape Town is the first African city to be named World Design Capital. CNN's Diana Magnay reports.

Bringing crowd-funding to S. Africaupdated Mon Oct 20 2014 12:55:31

Thundafund is a company which brings together investors to fund business ideas.

Ebola fears crippling Africa's safari industryupdated Fri Oct 17 2014 03:37:41

With travel to Africa poised to hit all-time highs in 2014, a drop-off in travel bookings was the last thing the continent's lucrative safari industry thought it would be facing going into 2015.

Quiet! Lagos bans car horns for a dayupdated Thu Oct 16 2014 06:44:24

Road users in Lagos were asked to keep their hands off the car horn on Wednesday. Lagos state governor Babatunde Fashola declared the date "No Horn Day" in a move to reduce noise pollution in Nigeria's biggest city and economic capital.

Made in Ethiopia: The leather gloves keeping the world warm and stylishupdated Wed Oct 15 2014 06:26:10

The steady hum of sewing machines fills the air inside a large glovemaking factory on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, the bustling Ethiopian capital. Patches of leather move through an array of working stations as busy laborers work feverishly to meet the company's export quota: 5,000 gloves a day.

Ethiopian fashion on the U.S. highstreetupdated Tue Oct 14 2014 12:13:58

CNN's Marketplace Africa visits a leather glove manufacturer in Ethiopia where high-quality leather is exported.

Ethiopia: Agriculture to industryupdated Tue Oct 14 2014 05:47:57

Chief Economic Advisor to Ethiopia's Prime Minister, Neway Gebreab talks to CNN about creating economic opportunities.

Money in Mogadishu: Somali capital gets first cash machineupdated Thu Oct 09 2014 06:41:07

Somalia's capital Mogadishu now has its first-ever ATM bank machine -- and it dispenses U.S. dollars.

'World's fastest growing port' is sparking a local business boomupdated Tue Oct 07 2014 06:49:31

Small waves lap at the hulls of the ocean-going container ships as they approach the South African Port of Ngqura. Some of these large boats have come from as far away as South America, and the shelter of Nelson Mandela Bay is a relief after the Atlantic Ocean swells.

Financial literacy in South Africaupdated Mon Oct 06 2014 10:01:40

Lynn Erasmus is the founder of Your Money, a publication in South Africa that gives readers knowledge about their finances.

New port transforms economyupdated Mon Oct 06 2014 09:49:59

CNN's Robyn Curnow explores how the port of Coega is transforming the economy in South Africa's Eastern Cape region.

Bananas? Not just for eating...Plant gives new lease of life to landmine victims updated Tue Sep 30 2014 06:17:56

On the fertile farmlands of Uganda's Kasese district, miles and miles of lush banana plantations dot the green landscape. This is one of the biggest banana growing areas in the east-central African country, where most people make a living through subsistence farming.

Banana fiber transforms lives in Ugandaupdated Mon Sep 29 2014 09:54:14

CNN's Robyn Curnow explores how this natural product is changing the lives of landmine victims.

Ex Olympian shares top business adviceupdated Mon Sep 29 2014 09:53:32

Kenny Andam has turned his ambition to technology after representing Ghana at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Branding Nigeria: MasterCard-backed I.D. is also a debit card and a passportupdated Thu Sep 25 2014 07:37:55

What does it mean to be Nigerian? That's the question on the lips of many in Africa's most populous country as new national identity cards are being rolled out. But this is an I.D. with a difference.

World Bank: Cost of Ebola could top $32 billionupdated Wed Sep 24 2014 09:00:27

The price of cassava, a root vegetable that is a staple ingredient in Liberian diets, shot up in August.

Superpowers have failed us, so small nations must unite for climate revolutionupdated Tue Sep 23 2014 05:23:21

No nation is immune to the impact of climate change but it is the world's poorest that will be hit the hardest. A fair and inclusive global agreement to combat climate change is a moral imperative. Time is of the essence for Africa.

GE wants to do good in Africaupdated Mon Sep 22 2014 09:52:20

GE Africa's President and CEO Jay Ireland on how the company continues to maintain a strong presence on the continent.

Car makers in the driving seat of South Africa's economyupdated Mon Sep 22 2014 07:53:42

The smells of oil, tires and hard work surround Monwabisi Bokwe as he stands on the Volkswagen production line. He's one of the thousands of employees at the auto plant in the South African town of Uitenhage, a cog in Eastern Cape's crucial sector: car manufacturing.

Detroit of South Africa faces challengesupdated Mon Sep 22 2014 07:39:13

CNN's Robyn Curnow explores the important role Port Elizabeth plays in the country's automobile industry.

Africa's oil and gas potential: Boom or hype?updated Thu Sep 18 2014 06:31:48

Africa's oil and gas potential will grow significantly over the next two decades, driven by population growth, urbanization and the emergence of a wealthier middle class on the continent. Six of the top 10 global discoveries in the oil and gas sector in 2013 were made in Africa, with more than 500 companies currently exploring deposits there. There were nearly nine million barrels of crude oil produced daily in Africa last year, with more than 80% of it coming from established players such as Algeria, Angola and Nigeria.

Moroccan port doubles in sizeupdated Mon Apr 07 2014 17:45:33

CNN's Errol Barnett visits Tanger Med Port which isn't far from some of the world's busiest shipping lanes.

Connecting Africa to the worldupdated Mon Apr 07 2014 17:39:22

Safmarine's Managing Director Dirk Hoffmann talks about the future of shipping on the continent.

Sugar cane waste powers Ugandaupdated Tue Mar 25 2014 10:20:29

CNN's Zain Verjee explores how the Kakira Sugar factory is providing sweet returns in more ways than one.

Can renewable energy transform Africa?updated Mon Mar 24 2014 15:22:59

Utilities Director at Ernst and Young, Norman Ndaba, on the challenges and potential of renewable energy.

Selling African food abroadupdated Mon Mar 17 2014 20:42:04

Nigerian-born entrepreneur Kunmi Tuyo-Oluleye talks about the dos and don'ts for marketing African food products abroad.

Ethiopia's white honey goes globalupdated Mon Mar 17 2014 20:38:11

Marketplace Africa explores one company's quest to introduce white honey to consumers around the world.

Can South Africa become the new blockbuster hotspot?updated Thu Feb 27 2014 05:22:38

Miles of sun-kissed beaches, breathtaking mountains and lush rainforests bathed in ethereal lights -- South Africa's varied and dramatic landscape has provided a photogenic backdrop for an increasing number of Hollywood productions in recent years.

Oil money fuels Chad's transformationupdated Mon Feb 24 2014 13:15:30

CNN's Arwa Damon speaks with Gilbert Maoundonodji, the Director of oil watchdog group Gramp-TC.

Can Chad beat high cost of living?updated Mon Feb 24 2014 10:50:55

Arwa Damon explores the country's ambition to become the business capital of Francophone Africa -- despite high living costs.

No cash, no cards: Mobile app lets you pay with just your smartphoneupdated Thu Feb 20 2014 05:25:04

The aroma of rich coffee wafts through the air as Xolile Malindi leans behind the counter of House of Machines, a hip café in the heart of Cape Town. Opposite him, a young customer approaches the bar, taking his wallet out to pay for his double espresso made of organic Arabica beans.

Who needs textbooks? 'Zambian iPad' goes to schoolupdated Wed Feb 19 2014 06:14:07

Whether it's learning how to read and write or setting up your own farm, a Zambian computer tablet -- known as the ZEduPad -- is trying to open up the country's information highway.

Cashless society within reach in Africa?updated Mon Feb 17 2014 10:41:21

Marketplace Africa looks at how mobile payments are becoming more readily available for both consumers and businesses.

South African wine, made for Chinaupdated Mon Feb 10 2014 13:46:31

Zain Verjee explores the partnership between a leading South Africa's wine producer and one of the world's most enticing markets.

The next frontier for South African wine?updated Mon Feb 10 2014 13:42:57

Wines of South Africa CEO Siobhan Thompson on taking its wine industry to the next level and increasing exports to the U.S.

Strange, but true. How chili can help save Zambia's elephantsupdated Thu Feb 06 2014 08:40:55

Resolving domestic disputes between elephants and humans is an age old problem, but one not-for-profit organization based in Zambia thinks it may have a solution.

Pepper changes elephants' 'bad behavior'updated Mon Feb 03 2014 16:50:11

Dr. Loki Osborn on how Elephant Pepper makes it easier to live in harmony with elephants.

S. African retail giant eyes expansionupdated Mon Feb 03 2014 12:18:13

Marketplace Africa meets Woolworths' CEO who talks about its potential with the South African consumer base.

Embroidery empowers Egypt's womenupdated Mon Jan 27 2014 12:32:42

CNN's Ian Lee heads to the Siwa Oasis to see how local women are handling the economic crisis.

Can Nigeria reduce oil theft?updated Mon Jan 27 2014 10:16:32

Nina Dos Santos sits down with the country's Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Alison-Madueke.

Can South Sudan rebuild embattled economy?updated Mon Jan 27 2014 08:04:13

The South Sudanese government and rebels signed a ceasefire deal last Thursday after more than a month of fighting that forced more than 600,000 people from their homes. But both sides have reported violations of the ceasefire, and it remains unclear if the truce will hold.

Is South Sudan bad for business?updated Mon Jan 20 2014 14:30:46

CNN's Arwa Damon explores the challenges of doing business in the country.

Lebanese businessman believes in Africaupdated Mon Jan 20 2014 14:25:34

CNN's Arwa Damon meets Bilal Wazni who has multiple investments in the city of Juba, South Sudan.

Maasai master chefs swap raw meat for coq au vinupdated Mon Jan 20 2014 06:21:06

While the Maasai delicacy of raw beef washed down with a bloody milk cocktail may not be to everyone's taste, a new class of Maasai master chefs is cooking up something special.

Congolese restaurateur defies tragedyupdated Mon Jan 13 2014 14:53:31

The head of the Congolese Association of Young Chefs on the challenges of running a restaurant business.

Is Congolese food back in fashion?updated Mon Jan 13 2014 09:46:07

Arwa Damon visits a restaurant in the Republic of Congo that challenges negative perceptions about local cuisine.

Fancy a cheeky Tanzanian red? Five African wines making a splashupdated Thu Jan 09 2014 05:57:12

South Africa may be the dominant force in Africa's wine economy, but as the continent's middle class emerges and disposable incomes increase, entrepreneurs in some unlikely destinations are making inroads in the fine wine industry.

Nigerian Stock Exchange looks aheadupdated Mon Jan 06 2014 12:43:50

Vladimir Duthiers talks to the boss of Nigeria's stock exchange about the future of the industry.

Is Dubai a gateway to Africa?updated Mon Jan 06 2014 10:06:32

One of Africa's youngest billionaires Ashish Thakkar on the business potential he sees between the continent and the UAE.

End of the line for 'Lunatic Express?' Kenya begins multi-billion dollar railwayupdated Mon Jan 06 2014 06:23:41

A Chinese-funded railway project in Kenya could transform transport in east Africa, and strengthen cross-border political and economic ties.

'African iPad' offers hope for the futureupdated Mon Dec 30 2013 09:55:30

Marketplace Africa meets Verone Mankou, inventor of Africa's very first tablet. Arwa Damon reports.

Can sustainable logging save Africa's wildlife?updated Mon Dec 30 2013 09:53:09

Can government policy makers play a role in protecting Africa's wildlife? Arwa Damon meets DRC-based conservation specialist Paul Telfer.

Incentives for a healthier lifeupdated Mon Dec 23 2013 05:30:00

Craig Nossel, heads Discovery's Vitality company, to see if incentives can help guide people to healthier lifestyle choices

Lagos' growing fitness industryupdated Mon Dec 23 2013 05:27:53

Amidst the fast paced city life in Lagos lies a growing fitness industry. Join Vladimir Duthiers as he heads to a gym.

Africa's super telescopes 'will inspire science boom'updated Thu Dec 12 2013 05:20:25

Under a clear night sky on a rocky arid outcrop, South African astronomers are waiting for the stars to come out and play.

New visa to free up travel in world's largest conservation zone updated Thu Dec 05 2013 06:41:35

There are few places in the world that conjure the same kind of imagery as the Chobe National Park in Botswana.

'Slum jeweler' twists the knife ... and fork and spoonupdated Tue Dec 03 2013 05:54:00

In a world where so much goes to waste without a moment's thought, Kenyan artist Njee Muturi has made a livelihood out of upcycling rejected cutlery and transforming it into striking and inimitable jewelry.

'Slum designer' turns forks into jewelryupdated Tue Dec 03 2013 04:24:41

Kenyan designer Njee Muturi transforms used silverware into jewelry in Nairobi's largest slum.

The future of mobile technology in Africaupdated Mon Dec 02 2013 12:48:00

Fredrik Jejdling, the Head of Region sub-Saharan Africa for Ericsson talks about mobile phone handsets on the continent.

Africa's largest conservation areaupdated Mon Dec 02 2013 12:47:27

CNN's Marketplace Africa travels to the largest conservation area in the World that spans across five African nations.

South Africa since apartheid: Boom or bust?updated Wed Nov 27 2013 05:29:24

Just 20 years ago, when the world was entering a new era of high technology and test-driving the information super highway that is now the World Wide Web, South Africans still battled the racist apartheid of the National Party and suffered in the poverty of an almost bankrupt state.

South Africa's unemployment problemupdated Mon Nov 25 2013 08:49:34

Colin Coleman, the managing director of Goldman Sachs South Africa, on the country's economic journey over the last two decades.

S. Africa's impact on continent's economyupdated Mon Nov 25 2013 08:36:19

Colin Coleman, the managing director of Goldman Sachs South Africa, on the country's crucial role in Africa.

Zombie killers vs cheeky snails: African gaming appsupdated Fri Nov 22 2013 07:22:23

When Daniel Okalany bought his first computer at the age of 21, he was hooked.

How Africa's natural resources can drive industrial revolutionupdated Wed Nov 20 2013 06:56:55

The economic performance of Africa in the last few years has been remarkable. The continent has consistently defied the global trend.

Burundi's coffee culture 'the difference between food and hunger'updated Tue Nov 19 2013 06:56:01

In the hills of Burundi, farmers tend their coffee crop. Their livelihoods depend on a good harvest.

Female-owned specialty coffeeupdated Mon Nov 18 2013 12:53:26

Robyn Curnow explores how female farmers create healthier and more productive coffee trees in Burundi.

Making a profit from fair trade coffeeupdated Mon Nov 18 2013 12:51:16

Bean There Coffee founder Jonathan Robinson shares the story behind behind his successful company.

Not just for laughs: 3D cartoons give Kenyan businesses winning edgeupdated Wed Nov 13 2013 05:40:07

The bleary-eyed caveman is furious. He's been waiting for ages for a file to download only to be failed by slow internet speeds. Frustrated, he slaps his computer screen and then slumps down defeated on his seat.

Kenya's booming 3D industryupdated Sat Nov 09 2013 08:46:26

Nima Elbagir explores how some companies are spending more on advertising to become visible to international investors.

'Banker of the Poor' transforms livesupdated Sat Nov 09 2013 08:44:54

Robyn Curnow speaks with Nobel Laureate and microfinance pioneer Muhammad Yunus about the roots and future of microcredit.

Earth, wind and water: Ethiopia bids to be Africa's powerhouseupdated Fri Nov 08 2013 06:46:19

Ethiopia is turning to renewable energy technology as the East African country looks to become a powerhouse for its regional partners.

The real mobile revolution: Africa's smartphone futureupdated Thu Nov 07 2013 05:29:52

As the world's fastest growing market for mobile phones, Africa is ripe for the upcoming disruption that will be ushered in by ubiquitous Internet access through smartphones.

Kenya's economy after Westgate attackupdated Mon Nov 04 2013 15:54:33

Adil Popat, the Group CEO of Simba Corporation, talks about the state of tourism and investment in the country.

Egypt: We want our tourists backupdated Mon Nov 04 2013 15:29:16

Ian Lee explores how Nile Valley and Red Sea resorts are fighting for tourist dollars. Business has suffered as of late.

Johannesburg's crime hotspot transformed to hipster hangoutupdated Mon Nov 04 2013 05:43:05

In downtown Johannesburg -- once a no-go zone riddled with crime -- a young entrepreneur is sparking an urban restoration.

Transforming downtown Johannesburgupdated Mon Oct 28 2013 11:23:31

Robyn Curnow meets Jonathan Liebmann, a developer who sees big potential in the city's Maboneng Precinct area.

Iconic building shakes off dark pastupdated Mon Oct 28 2013 11:15:44

CNN's Robyn Curnow looks at a building in Johannesburg, South Africa, which is being restored to its former glory.

S. Africa living up to trade potential?updated Mon Oct 21 2013 12:32:57

Nima Elbagir asks Ben Kruger, Joint CEO at Standard Bank, if the country is capitalizing on trade with the continent.

Is the African consumer underestimated?updated Mon Oct 21 2013 12:29:28

CEOs of African brands discuss why it can be difficult for foreign companies to thrive on the continent.

Smart cabs and social games: Africa's mobile tech startupsupdated Mon Oct 21 2013 06:36:30

Mobile is a big deal in Africa. People probably get tired of hearing that, but there are around 820 million mobile subscriptions on the continent. Mobile payments are becoming the norm and tech startups are building to it.

Helicopters versus drones: The cost of the war on rhinosupdated Wed Oct 16 2013 05:49:27

Using military-grade helicopters, night-vision equipment and guns fitted with stealth silencers, organized crime syndicates are taking rhino poaching to a whole new level and conservation parks are struggling to keep up.

South Africa's conservation economyupdated Mon Oct 14 2013 08:40:56

Conservationist Andrew Parker and author Julian Rademeyer on the challenges facing the private game reserve industry.

Protecting South Africa's wildlifeupdated Mon Oct 14 2013 08:40:16

Private game reserves are a profitable business in Africa. But protecting rhinos is becoming increasingly difficult.

Tech cities and mega dams: Africa's giant infrastructure projectsupdated Thu Oct 10 2013 05:27:52

Resource rich and home to some of the world's fastest-growing economies, the stage is set for Africa to become the world's next industrial juggernaut.

Liberia's first commercial gold mineupdated Mon Oct 07 2013 09:44:07

Liberia is one of the latest African countries to strike gold. CNN's Errol Barnett reports.

Siemens: Why Africa is the futureupdated Mon Oct 07 2013 09:42:51

Kevin Pillay of Siemens Africa explains how the company is preparing for the future.

Fast-food giants want pizza the action in Africaupdated Fri Oct 04 2013 06:10:49

Sub-Saharan Africa's economic renaissance is fueling an investment drive by fast food joints looking to tap the continent's growing middle class.

Tunisia's oldest clinic gets new patientsupdated Mon Sep 30 2013 10:05:49

Errol Barnett tours one of the oldest clinics in Tunisia and talk to a doctor who sees patients from all over the world.

Tunisia's booming medical tradeupdated Mon Sep 30 2013 10:05:15

Hedi Ben Abbes, the former Tunisian Secretary of State talks to CNN about the booming medical trade in Tunisia .

NBA shoots for African basketball stars, courts new fan base updated Tue Sep 24 2013 06:02:18

Soccer may be the number one sport in most of Africa but basketball is growing fast and the NBA has set its sights on the continent to provide future stars, and tomorrow's fans.

NBA looks for African expansionupdated Mon Sep 23 2013 08:01:44

NBA Africa Managing Director, Amadou Gallo Fall talks to CNN about the emergence of African stars.

NBA stars meet Africa's best playersupdated Mon Sep 23 2013 07:58:05

African basketball players get a training masterclass from NBA stars in Johannesburg.

Microsoft beams Internet into Africa -- using TV 'white spaces'updated Mon Sep 23 2013 05:34:06

Step into any major urban center across Africa and you'll have no problem accessing your favorite websites, catching the latest news online or sending your friends an e-mail.

Imports threaten Africa's chicken farming?updated Mon Sep 16 2013 10:40:21

CNN's Robyn Curnow explores how as the appetite for chicken increases in Africa, so does the competition.

Liberia: From warzone to holiday paradise?updated Fri Sep 13 2013 06:09:14

It's not often that you see the words Liberia and holidays in the same sentence, but with 10 years of peace behind it, the West African country is now hoping to attract investment to create a booming hospitality industry.

One man's trash ... the jewelry made from boiled bonesupdated Wed Sep 11 2013 05:20:30

In many African cultures, every part of a slaughtered cow is used. Nothing goes to waste, not even the bones.

Turning bones into jewelryupdated Wed Sep 11 2013 04:38:17

In Nairobi, Kenya, Victorious Bones is selling jewelry made from animal bones.

Liberia's changing hospitality industryupdated Mon Sep 09 2013 09:19:02

CNN's Errol Barnett meets JJ Vodak, General Manager of the Kendeja Resort in Monrovia, Liberia.

Can Liberia's tourism industry recover?updated Mon Sep 09 2013 09:12:41

CNN's Errol Barnett explores the challenges facing the country's hospitality industry.

How to encourage free trade in Africaupdated Mon Sep 02 2013 07:33:26

Geoffrey Qhena, the CEO of Industrial Development Corporation talks about facilitating free trade on the continent.

Uganda's cow horn jewelryupdated Mon Sep 02 2013 07:32:33

Marketplace Africa meets a Ugandan designer who makes sustainable jewelry from ankole cow horns.

Fishing craft to foosball tables, furniture to float your boat updated Fri Aug 30 2013 05:42:51

In the white sand beaches of Yoff, the small fishing town just north of the Senegalese capital Dakar, a seemingly endless line of brightly colored boats dots the Atlantic seaside.

Bright sun, bright future: Can Africa unlock its solar potential?updated Thu Aug 29 2013 05:42:19

Which country boasts the world's fastest growing clean energy investment? Germany? No. United States? Think again.

Ethiopian food goes mainstream?updated Mon Aug 26 2013 12:43:47

Marketplace Africa meets Hiyaw Gebreyohannes, an Ethiopian entrepreneur cooking up a successful business in America.

Helping 'unbanked' Africansupdated Mon Aug 26 2013 12:37:50

Robyn Curnow meets Ann Cairns, President of International Markets for MasterCard.

Forget the wine, South Africans thirsty for craft beersupdated Fri Aug 23 2013 05:43:43

The Western Cape might be South Africa's wine capital -- renowned around the world as the home of some of the country's most famous labels -- but not far from Stellenbosch's fertile vineyards there's another drink brewing up a storm.

South African firm invests billions in U.S. energy futureupdated Wed Aug 21 2013 05:56:40

It may be far from home but a South African company is powering its way into the U.S. energy landscape, hoping that its grand plan to introduce a once-shunned technology in the United States will pay off.

Improving the lives of African womenupdated Fri Aug 16 2013 09:24:14

CNN speaks with Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka, Exec. Dir. of the UN's Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women.

Passion fuels craft beer crazeupdated Fri Aug 16 2013 09:21:59

Some of Africa's best wines are produced in South Africa, but another profitable beverage is also brewing in the country.

Economist: Africa needs infrastructureupdated Mon Aug 12 2013 10:17:55

CNN's Robyn Curnow talks to Charles Okeahalam about the role infrastructure plays in economic growth and social mobility.

S. African giant's big U.S. investmentupdated Mon Aug 12 2013 10:13:19

South African energy and chemicals giant Sasol is making one of the largest investments in U.S. history.

African musicians embrace digital worldupdated Mon Aug 05 2013 12:22:47

Robyn Curnow looks at how Africa's upcoming artists are turning to the digital world to overcome traditional barriers.

Expert on Africa's Internet revolutionupdated Mon Aug 05 2013 12:17:47

Fadi Chehade, CEO of ICANN, on how Internet access can help revolutionize African business.

Selling Mandela: From t-shirts to TV shows, how Madiba became a brandupdated Thu Aug 01 2013 05:57:10

He has not formally appeared in public for years, and recently he's been battling illness inside a Pretoria hospital. But former South African president Nelson Mandela is still a beloved icon across the world, an international symbol of courage, strength and hope.

Luxury living in Maputoupdated Mon Jul 29 2013 08:03:58

Marketplace Africa travels to Maputo, Mozambique, where luxury properties are in high demand.

Getting clean water to small communitiesupdated Mon Jul 29 2013 07:42:03

Face Africa founder Saran Kaba Jones talks about her efforts to provide clean drinking water for rural Liberia.

How Africa's natural resources can lift millions out of povertyupdated Thu Jul 25 2013 07:00:12

A decade after Angola emerged from devastating civil war, the sea front road that winds around the bay of its capital, Luanda, is now dotted with multi-million dollar condominiums, exclusive clubs, and boutique stores catering for the country's elite.

Out of Africa: The minerals that make the world go roundupdated Thu Jul 25 2013 06:51:28

Turning Mandela's life into a blockbusterupdated Mon Jul 22 2013 08:51:27

South African movie producer, Anant Singh, talks about Nelson Mandela's autobiography "Long Walk to Freedom."

Mandela reality show sparks controversyupdated Mon Jul 22 2013 08:29:09

Robyn Curnow looks at the backlash surrounding "Being Mandela," a TV series with Nelson Mandela's granddaughters.

Could South Africa's horn sale end rhino slaughter?updated Mon Jul 22 2013 06:45:11

D-Day for rhinos is 2026, according to South African officials -- the year the majestic mammals will near extinction if current poaching rates continue.