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January 24, 2008
Shimon Peres On Gaza: It's Mubarak's Problem
Israeli President Shimon Peres spoke to CNN in Davos. I asked him if the Israeli governement had spoken with Hosni Mubarak, asking the Egyptians to seal the border back up.

He said communication lines between Israel and Egypt are always open.

But what if they do nothing? I ask.

"Then it will be Mubarak's problem." he answered.

Stay tuned for the full interview later today.

Update: CNN's Aneesh Raman just gave me an update on the situation close to the Gaza-Egypt border. He tells me that the scene in the nearby village of El-Arish is what can be best described as a "chaos of buying" and that some Gazans are on their third trip into Egypt to stock up on supplies.

Watch Ben Wedeman's story on the Gaza border crisis here.

-- Posted by Hala Gorani in Davos

why should it be Mubarak problem? does shimon peres want the Palestinians to surrender to his wishes? if he thinks that it is Mubarak problem then he should let Egypt handle it by opening the border between Gaza and Egypt for good. if shimon want to close his side of the border let him do that.Mr Peres you can not have one and a half Million people in an open Jail and it is your choice to feed them or not,these are as humans as your Israeli people.
Perez won't think it's Mubarak's problem for long: soon people are going to realize what they're looking at when they see gaping hole in the wall. Walls come down easier than they go up, and there is plenty of Wall to go around in Palestine.

The more people trickle out, the sooner the trickle becomes an avalanche. Then it most definitely will be Perez's problem.

Oh, and Perez' comments about not being willing to punish the entire population of Gaza stand in sharp contrast with Olmert's, who admits blatantly that he is and will continue to do so.

At least it's good to see some wall on the ground.
I wonder when Peres will realize that it is not just Mubarak's problem. When the frustrated, oppressed Palestinians smuggle arms into Gaza? And surely there will be some who will do just that.....

I think it is the world's foremost problem. If only we had a leader with guts, vision and the tenacity to see things through and follow up on it.... Unfortunately, we live in a Middle East world full of sleeping eunuch leaders! The world wonders what President Bush achieved by visiting Israel...

This is bigger than Darfur! Will somebody wake up please????
This "BLAME GAME" is getting old ! Whose fault is it really? The American people have a right to know that Israel created this mess/ and the US Government has been supporting them all the way. Americans need to sit back and take a hard look at whats been happening since the 50's when the US agreed to help build an Israeli state in the middle of Palestine. Israel build over 200 settlements on Palestian land and ask yourselves what you would do if someone build a home on your land and told you to go away, this is not your home anymore? Would you fight??? Sure you would!

For over a week now while Israel was closing all it's borders, stopping all shipments of food, water, supplies, medicine, fuel and the list goes on to shutting down power plants so that the Palestians would have no power. Why didn't you CNN, report this and show the American people the WHOLE STORY on how Israel and the US hand in hand treat these people. This is the TRUTH behind the REAL STORY between the US and Israel and the DREAM TEAM of the Bush Admistration dare to keep asking the Palestians to come to the PEACE TALKS TO MAKE A DEAL.... Each time these people have shown up, agreed to Peace and this is the THANKS THEY GET!! PRISIONERS left to die in what is left of their own lands!

Israel holds the key to rather they live, die, starve to death, die from like of medical care and medicines for those who are sick. The near thought of having someone shut off my power, stop my running water and prevent me from buying food or having medicine is enough to drive anyone to MADNESS ! I can't believe as an American that we are continuing to allow our own Government to support this type of behavior out of Israel. Its time for AMERICA to STAND UP and tell ISRAEL ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
In all honesty, I can't blame Hamas for Blowing a hole in the wall to let the straving and sick people cross into Egypt. Egyptians are not always happy with their Government as well, but GOD BLESS ALL THE EGYPTIAN CITIZENS for helping their Palentian Brothers during this great crisis. Yes CNN, this is a HUGE Humanitarian Crisis.

President Peres it's all your fault and Shame on President Bush for his supporting the Israeli Disregard for Palestinian Life and their Right to Exsit. If someone doesn't soon put Israel in their place, we will all share the blame in what turly seems to be a distinction of the Palestinian people and whats left of their country.
Are you guys forgetting that Israel gave Gaza to them, and now Israel's getting rocket attacks left and right?!?!?!?!?
Just a reply back to cubana : I have forgotten nothing but you need a quick crash course on Middle East History. THE LAND YOU SAY THAT WAS GIVEN BY ISRAELIS to the PALESTIANS called "GAZA" never belonged to ISRAEL. You can't give something to someone that was already once known as the GREAT HOLY LANDS.... PALESTINE/
American/Global citizen, stop whining about CNN coverage. Last night there were two terrorist attacks near Jerusalem one in a high school. Israelis were killed and injured. Did you here about it?
the hypocrisy displayed on this blog is sickening.

Until 1967 Gaza was under brutal Egyptian occupation. Nothing went in, they did not have Egyptian citizenship, thus could not get out.

Where were all of you bleeding heart liberals then? When Jordan, during Black September used tanks and canons point blank on Palestinians, where were you?

But when the Israelis can be bashed, you creep out of your holes. Go creep back, that's where you belong, you double-standard fake liberals.
I refer to AN AMERICAN/GLOBAL CITIZEN's comments. I think you yourself need a crash course on Middle Eastern history. The land Israel occupies is right-fully ISRAEL and never belonged to the Palestinians. Maybe you should be more open-minded, read more facts and judge from there what is happening, not simply blaming Israel one-sidedly. Don't be stone-hearted. Put yourself as an Israeli and think. (But of course I think you won't because from the way I read your write-up, your heart remains as hard as stone.)
Who caused the problem? Israel by putting a siege around Gaza. The only way out for the Palestinian civilians under siege was to knock down the wall on the Egyptian-Palestinian border so that they could get water, food and other supplies from Egypt. If it is anybody's problem it is the Israelis' for putting a siege in the first place. Without water, power, medications or food could soon become a human disaster. Whose problem would Gaza then become?

Let's stick to facts and stop reciting propaganda mantras!!
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