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September 5, 2008
Behind The Scenes With CNN In Libya
CNN State Department Correspondent Zain Verjee and cameraman Darren Bull in Tripoli, Libya yesterday.

They filed a story on the new American diplomatic mission in Libya ahead of a historic visit by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

More to come later today!

good day for libyan american relation ,both contries must invest in the newly devolpments for the best of our nations ,libya need the us tech and know how and the us needs the libyan oil and gas so lets make good future for all of us.
regards eng taha boueshi
typical CNN - non news, photo shoot support for dying us government. Could we have REAL NEWS PLEASE
@1:07; It is not a "good day for Libyan and American relations". On the contrary, it is an embarrassing day! It's seems that the moral values of the world have once again been flushed down the toilet. Meeting with dictators like Ghadaffi, Assad, and Ahmadinejad only rewards them for their crimes against humanity and their own people.
@2:03. Well don't forget that the bush administration, condoleeza rice included is no better. It's just that you read about Ghaddafi in your media, but you don't see Condoleeza through ours.
When I saw the news this morning on CNN I was shocked. What's really behind the visit of this authoritarian woman? I'm amazed on how the US can trick goverments, to cover up USA hunger for oil.
Rice's visit is seen to be historic in terms of rebuilding the american-libyan diplomatic relationships,it aims at restoring both nations' international position.
Life can only be learned backward and can only be lived forward .
Looking forward to a more prosperous future for both the Libyan and American people.
It's the interests of both nations that brought them closer together. The US must have interest in doing business in this oil rich country and Gadafi feels Libya need to do business with the US and the world after almost of his whole life spent for using violence to build his dreamed empire and failed. Now at the age of 66, he must feel his best years has passed and want to go a more peaceful way, like other normal leaders in the world.
Nice show. What about the people of Libya? Both education and healthcare are a disaster. The US is just supporting a clown and allowing the people to suffer.
well ,, I do not really care about Condaleeza's visit. What is interesting and is good thing.. I s to see the western media Like CNN in Libya.. so the Americans and the rest of the world would have a closer look of what Libya look like and they do not judge from what they just see or listen on their side.. so Ireally thank you Zain and Hala for the initiation.
Nice show!what about the Libyan people?it's all about the system sir,the poor system that lead to the severe living conditions libyans are suffering from.
Hi Hala,
it is really usuful when approching this issue from different corners,but what about Libyans?the severe living conditions they are suffering from?it's all about the poor system that lead this people to the nowhere.
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