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Interview: Paul van Dyk

One of the biggest-name dance DJs in the world, Paul van Dyk is in demand at clubs and festivals from Las Vegas to Ibiza -- but Berlin is still the city he calls home.

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Electronic Teutonic
Electronic Teutonic

Paul van Dyk grew up in East Berlin and is now a world-famous DJ who refuses to be typecast.

Berlin: Party city
Berlin: Party city

From grimy basement techno to Weimar cabaret, Berliners know how to party.

Berlin: City overview
Berlin: City overview

Berlin is a city that thrives on contrasts: east and west, old and new, efficient and eccentric. The city is filled with monuments to its golden age as the capital of Prussia; but Berlin is still defined by the Cold War years, when the much-hated Berlin Wall tore the city in two.

Berlin: Insider tips
Berlin: Insider tips

Don't miss out on the 'real' Berlin. Here's the lowdown on life in the German capital.

Berlin: A local's view
Berlin: A local's view

Sam moved to Berlin 10 months ago. He tells us about Berliners and life in a changing city.

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