Carlos Acosta: Where the heart is

Perhaps the most famous ballet dancer of his generation, Carlos Acosta takes CNN on a tour of his hometown of Havana and talks about his enduring love for the city.

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From backstreets to ballet
From backstreets to ballet

From the backstreets of Havana, Carlos Acosta is the ballet star who broke the mould.

Poetry in motion
Poetry in motion

Carlos Acosta has been principal dancer with the world's biggest ballet companies.

Havana: Living in a time-capsule world
Havana: Living in a time-capsule world

The seductive port of Havana is an unlikely accident of geography and history, a rum-tinged cocktail of Caribbean exotica, colonial Spanish elegance and Cold War-era politics.

Fiesta time in Havana
Fiesta time in Havana

Havana knows how to throw a damn fine party. Here are the city's best annual events.

Life in a "sensuous" city
Life in a

Circles Robinson lives in Havana. He gives CNN the lowdown on life in the Cuban capital.

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