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Interview: Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop is quite simply an American rock legend. The lead singer of 'The Stooges', the garage band that gave birth to punk rock and inspired countless wannabes with their outrageous antics.

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My City_My Life brings you leading personalities' exclusive insights into the cities they love. Find out where they hang out, which areas mean most to them and discover what sights they think give you a true flavor of their city.

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Iggy Pop: A Lust for Life
Iggy Pop: A Lust for Life

Iggy Pop is known as the Godfather of punk and one of the wildest men in music.

Slipping into an 'elegant coma'
Slipping into an 'elegant coma'

The wildman of punk shows us around the colorful underbelly of his favorite city.

Miami: No longer a city of vice
Miami: No longer a city of vice

Miami was once famous for the 80s popular TV cop show, "Miami Vice." But that image is dated now -- and it's not just because Don Johnson's white Armani suits and slip-on shoes, which now belong to a mercifully bygone era.

Miami insider tips
Miami insider tips

Multicultural and multilingual, there's more to Miami than meets the eye.

Living la vida local
Living la vida local

Sara has lived in Miami for five years. Her blog keeps tabs on life in the city.

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Last month: Seattle
Last month: Seattle

Music maestro Quincy Jones shows My City, My Life around Seattle, where he spent his childhood.

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Coming up

In January Nina Persson, lead singer of the Cardigans, takes My City, My Life on a tour of Malmo, Sweden.

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