Welcome to Principal Voices
Welcome to Principal Voices

In 2008, Principal Voices brought together some of the world's leading experts, thought leaders and creative minds behind the issues of climate change, energy and environmental design. On this site you'll find stories on all of those issues and ideas for change in the future.

NASA Earth Observatory

In 2008, the NASA Earth Observatory has captured some stunning images of the Earth.

    Coral grief

    One fifth of the world's coral reefs have already been destroyed according a new IUCN report.

      Poznan: what's the forecast? 

      Three prominent voices in the climate debate talk to CNN about what politicians need to agree at the UN climate talks.

        The new Model T?

        The McLaren F1 designer, Gordon Murray is creating a green, affordable city car.

        A clean set of wheels

        Is the petrol engine about to be overtaken by a new fleet of hydrogen fuel cell and electric cars?

        Camping up in the trees

        Dangling from a tree like a surreal oversized pear, the Treetent is a cross between a treehouse and a tent.

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          Here's what you had to say in 2008.

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            The first debate of 2008 was held on May 21 in Doha, Qatar on the "Economics of Energy." Debate highlights.


            Our Principal Voices discussed "Design for Good" in Singapore on July 9, 2008. Debate highlights


            The last debate on "Climate Change" was held in Chicago on September 29, 2008. Debate highlights.

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