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Welcome to Revealed, a TV and Web program that gets under the skin of the world's brilliant thinkers, creative champions and inspirational leaders. Revealed offers a glimpse of the private people behind their public profiles in the run up to important moments in their lives.
This month: Sepp Blatter


As head of football's world governing body, Sepp Blatter presides over the rules of the game and is often described as the "voice of football."

I was a diver
 Watch Blatter talk about fouls, real and fake.
Part one:
 Blatter shows Revealed around his office at the new FIFA headquarters.
Part two:
  Nestled in the Swiss Alpine region of Valais is Blatter's hometown Visp.
Part three:
 Revealed is in the presidential box at the second World Cup semi-final.


As president of FIFA, football's world governing body, Sepp Blatter holds the most powerful job in the sport, in charge of more member nations than the United Nations.
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With a career that includes more than 30 years at FIFA, Blatter, now 70, has dedicated most of his life to developing the sport. Click here


Whether he is talking about about women's football or referees' decisions, the FIFA boss is never short of words. Click here
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