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Welcome to Revealed, a TV and Web program that gets under the skin of the world's brilliant thinkers, creative champions and inspirational leaders. Revealed offers a glimpse of the private people behind their public profiles in the run up to important moments in their lives.
This month: Tetsuya Kumakawa


Follow ballet legend Tetsuya Kumakawa as he prepares the dancers from his K-Ballet company for a performance of Swan Lake.

Part one:
 After surgery on his knee, Kumakawa regains his fitness.
Part two:
  Preparations for the performance of Swan Lake.
Part three:
 Will the K-Ballet shine without their star attraction on stage?


Discover how Japan's greatest dancer rose to become a ballet legend and revive the art in his homeland.
Tetsuya Kumakawa
Tetsuya Kumakawa Q&A
Sir Anthony Dowell - Former Director of the Royal Ballet Q&A
Monica Mason - Director of the Royal Ballet Q&A
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