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Welcome to Revealed, a TV and Web program that gets under the skin of the world's brilliant thinkers, creative champions and inspirational leaders. Revealed offers a glimpse of the private people behind their public profiles in the run up to important moments in their lives.
This month: Claude Nobs


Revealed is with Claude Nobs as he prepares for this year's festival, which includes a fitting send-off for the King of Blues.

Part one:
 With two days to go before the festival begins, there is still plenty that can go wrong.
Part two:
  Nobs explains how a love for his hometown grew into something he could share.
Part three:
 As show time approaches, Nobs prowls backstage dealing with last-minute problems.


Claude Nobs brought music to Montreux 40 years ago by founding the Swiss town's world-famous annual jazz festival.
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Nurturing young talent | Watch: Jazz pianist perform


How a former top chef ended up as an accountant at the local tourist office and then put his hometown firmly on the music festival map. Click here


Inside the mind of the man behind Montreux, who tells us just what it takes to stage such an event for 40 years. Click here
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