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Welcome to Revealed, a TV and Web program that gets under the skin of the world's brilliant thinkers, creative champions and inspirational leaders. Revealed offers a glimpse of the private people behind their public profiles in the run up to important moments in their lives.
This month: Jarno Trulli


Jarno Trulli is one of a group of 22 men who compete in the glamorous world of Formula One. Revealed takes you inside the life of the Italian driver, both on and off the track.
Part one:
 After disappointment in Barcelona, Trulli must fulfil PR duties before he can head home.
Part two:
  Trulli heads to Germany where he shows Revealed his F1 vehicle and how he stays fit.
Part three:
 Revealed is with Trulli as in the build-up to the Monaco Grand Prix.


Critics say he is more of a qualifying specialist than a fast race driver, but fans say he is like a fine wine that will get better. Full story | Q&A | Behind the scenes


The 2006 Grand Prix season has not been Trulli's best, but the 31-year-old has come a long way since his early days on the go-karting circuit. Click here


Labelled "emotional", "over-sensitive" and "publicity-shy" by others, read Trulli's own words. Click here
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