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Friday, October 26, 2007
Top 10 British Movie Villains
Hello everyone,

From the bad to the truly evil, this month we're celebrating the London Film Festival by picking our favorite British villains. We're not sure why "British accent = evil" in so many of Hollywood's productions, but this stereotype has also brought audiences cut-glass accents and classical training, often creating a thrilling portrayal of warped yet brilliant genius.

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Some of our choices: Laurence Olivier's lurching Richard III; Peter Cushing's chilling turn in Star Wars; and two Sheriffs of Nottingham. But what are your favorite British villains? Which have we missed? Tell us, and we'll publish the best comments here.
Hello! Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort, don't you think?

L. Romanowski, Columbus GA
when we first saw shrek we both thought robbie coltrane was doing shrek's can't get more glaswegian than robbie,so good on mike myres on nailing perfectly a proper scottish accent
How dare you belittle the X-Men franchise!
Jason Isaccs is my fav. British villain.

He's a natural. In The Patriot, Hook, Scars, Hp as Lucius ....
And gorgeous as well..
I think you must have forgotten Alan Rickman in his role as Prof. Severus Snape (since "cut-glass British accent and a lip-curling sneer" = Prof. Snape!!)
Great list, from 1 to 7; would definitely add Paul Bettany´s icy killer in "Gangster Nr 1", and Ralph Fiennes´ Nazi camp commander in "Schindler´s List".
Villans should terrify...unforgettably. You've got the names right but the characters off. Remember Ralph Fiennes who horrified as Amon Goth (Schindler's List) and Sir Ian's Richard III & Kurt Kussander (Apt Pupil). I could go on...are the people who come up with these lists just out of kindergarten? This explains why they would forget the demonic Caligula as played by Jay Robinson. Sir Anthony Hopkins's Hannibal Lecter has scarred many memories as much as the horrid shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (Sir Alfred's a Brit. too! )
Yes, you have forgotten the children's movies. What about Scar in The Lion King. Isn't he British?
Um Shrek was scottish wasn't he? I didn't think he as trying to be British. By the way all the idiots who think Ralph Fiennes in Schindlers List should be on the list , hello he was using a German accent.
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