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In Hong Kong you can feel the current property boom.

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A makeover for 'Slumdog Millionaire' slum?updated Fri Apr 08 2011 06:29:44

Cramped, self-made huts line stretches of narrow and dirty lanes, accompanied by the smell of open sewers and towers of garbage. Welcome to Dharavi, one of the largest slums in the world.

How Singapore is making sure it doesn't run out of waterupdated Thu Apr 07 2011 07:05:21

It may be one of the most developed nations in Southeast Asia, but on the densely packed urban island of Singapore, a simple glass of water doesn't come cheap, or easy.

Sewage brings clean water to Singaporeupdated Thu Apr 07 2011 06:21:29

CNN's Liz Neisloss reports on how Singapore is making sure it doesn't run out of clean water.

Once tagged America's fattest city, Miami is shaping upupdated Wed Apr 06 2011 10:48:31

Waves gently lap at the shore. Palm trees rustle in the breeze. A boat drifts by. For those who like to work out, there's no better place. This is one of Miami's new outdoor gyms.

Miami's outdoor gymsupdated Wed Apr 06 2011 08:12:22

Miami's solution to its obesity problem? Install free outdoor gyms. CNN's Colleen McEdwards reports.

In Africa's largest slum, a cooker that turns trash into fuelupdated Wed Apr 06 2011 07:41:03

On the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, mountains of trash are piling up along the dusty streets and footpaths of Africa's largest slum.

Slum village puts trash to good useupdated Wed Apr 06 2011 06:30:53

Nairobi slum residents burn trash for cooking and hot water. CNN's Isha Sesay reports.

In City of God shantytown, elderly regain lust for lifeupdated Mon Apr 04 2011 05:29:45

His face is crinkled and his health is fading, but Jose Pereira has a teenager's lust for life.

Brazilian day care for elderlyupdated Mon Apr 04 2011 02:37:36

Brazilian day care for elderly helps seniors get back a joy for living. CNN's Shasta Darlington reports

Zero-carbon homes come to UKupdated Sun Apr 03 2011 20:59:26

Slough, outside London, is the site of experimental zero-carbon homes. Jim Boulden reports

Hong Kong's property 'warzone'updated Thu Mar 31 2011 11:41:45

Hong Kong is undergoing a property boom. Katty Law walks us through one of the city's most exclusive areas.

Chongqing's queen of spiceupdated Thu Dec 23 2010 06:28:24

CNN's Stan Grant reports on culinary delights of China's fast-sprawling metropolis.

High hopes in Chongqingupdated Thu Dec 23 2010 05:43:32

CNN's Stan Grant tours one of Chongqing's hottest properties for economic growth development.

The rise of Chongqingupdated Thu Dec 23 2010 04:46:53

An upstart golfer shares his testament to the Chinese city's new opportunities.

Stadiums go 'green'updated Thu Dec 02 2010 02:07:08

Top U.S. sports franchises revamp stadiums to be more eco-friendly. CNN's Mark McKay reports.

Urban Planet: Green spaces break up smog of concrete jungleupdated Tue Nov 30 2010 10:19:11

Car-free in Atlanta for a yearupdated Fri Nov 19 2010 18:43:15

CNN employee Chris Hrubesh has gone one year without owning a car.

Giving up my car was best decision everupdated Fri Nov 19 2010 10:34:30

Traffic congestion and headaches, as well as car maintenance, high gas prices and insurance bills bog down many city commuters.

Iraq's war pollutionupdated Fri Nov 19 2010 08:40:41

Iraq looks to rid the country of unexploded ordnance and mines. CNN's Arwa Damon reports.

Mumbai's residents take high road to workupdated Fri Nov 19 2010 07:37:38

After years spent weaving their way through the congested streets and chaotic traffic of India's commercial capital, thousands of Mumbai residents are now taking the high road to work each day.

Giving pedestrians a liftupdated Fri Nov 19 2010 06:52:12

Mumbai finds a solution for pedestrians up in the sky. CNN's Mallika Kapur reports.

Getting rich in China's frontier boomtownupdated Fri Nov 19 2010 04:42:45

Zhou Xunshu and Yan Qi both grew up in the mountains in southwestern China, but today their hometowns are worlds apart.

'Chicago on the Yangtze'updated Thu Nov 18 2010 15:12:30

CNN's Stan Grant visits Chongqing, China, a boomtown where millions have transformed their lives.

Teens in the Bronx get lesson in green studiesupdated Thu Nov 18 2010 14:39:18

In Steve Ritz's high school classroom, students don't have to look far for a snack.

Green teens in the Bronxupdated Thu Nov 18 2010 14:36:09

Steve Ritz is teaching teenagers in the Bronx to farm in an urban landscape. CNN's Richard Roth reports.

Sushi does a body goodupdated Thu Nov 18 2010 14:00:54

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains why a diet similar to the Japanese may help all of us live longer and stronger.

Rhino GPS thwarts poachersupdated Thu Nov 18 2010 13:18:07

Conservationists fight back against poachers using satellites. CNN's Robyn Curnow reports.

Once barren town now filled with treesupdated Thu Nov 18 2010 11:44:34

CNN's Robyn Curnow reports on how the once barren black South African suburb of Soweto is blossoming with trees.

Urban migration drives surge in world's slum dwellersupdated Thu Nov 18 2010 07:35:11

Jockin Arputham has been a slum dweller for 43 years, one of more than a million across India.

Johannesburg expands its urban forestupdated Thu Nov 18 2010 05:55:41

Alice Nyakaza has the best garden on her street. It is a small patch of lawn with some flowers and a fruit tree. She and her son, Themba, are mowing the lawn when we arrive.

Mobile toilets big business in Nigeriaupdated Thu Nov 18 2010 05:30:25

CNN's Christian Purefoy talks with an entrepreneur who provides quality portable toilet units in Nigeria.

Does living in the city age your brain?updated Wed Nov 17 2010 10:40:24

There is a reason more than half the world's population lives in cities, with the number expected to grow. Cities have a lot to offer. Residents can walk to nearby shops and enjoy cultural attractions not available to those in more rural areas. Also, living in a city may make your commute to work much shorter.

How urban living affects your brainupdated Wed Nov 17 2010 10:30:38

Living in the city may raise stress levels and the risk of cognitive decline. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.

A closer look at urbanizationupdated Wed Nov 17 2010 06:54:55

Economist, author and urban theorist Richard Florida discusses the challenges and benefits of urbanization.

Toxic in the cityupdated Wed Nov 17 2010 05:57:40

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how to protect yourself from the polluted air in your city.

Rio slum transformed into canvas bursting with colorupdated Wed Nov 17 2010 05:26:27

Bare brick houses stacked one on top of another cling to the hills of Rio de Janeiro.

'Slums' transformed into works of artupdated Tue Nov 16 2010 21:23:15

With the help of painters, the heart of one Brazilian slum is now a "work of art," as CNN's Shasta Darlington reports.

Air pollution: Silent killer in the cityupdated Tue Nov 16 2010 08:10:09

For the last several days, I have been in beautiful Kobe, Japan, reporting about the World Health Organization forum on urbanization and health.

Sites of Berlin's industrial past get a second lifeupdated Tue Nov 16 2010 05:20:26

Berlin's old industrial landscapes may not be much to look at, but they are providing the perfect playground for enterprising city dwellers wanting to get out and about.

Unbreakable: Building disaster-proof citiesupdated Mon Nov 15 2010 08:11:43

When I look back on the year 2010, I will remember spending so much of the year in disaster zones. Between Haiti and Pakistan alone, I spent months on the ground seeing firsthand the aftermath of an earthquake and floods.

Japan's disaster-proof cityupdated Mon Nov 15 2010 08:02:56

Since the 1995 Kobe earthquake, the city has rebuilt itself as "disaster-proof." CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.

Reclaimed urban spacesupdated Mon Nov 15 2010 05:08:00

CNN's Diana Magnay takes a look at three initiatives to reclaim and transform urban wastelands.

We are not rats and life is not a raceupdated Fri Nov 12 2010 13:18:14

The Industrial Revolution gave us many good things, among them the ability to create large, great cities and feeding enough people to populate them.

Why London needs a cycle revolutionupdated Thu Nov 11 2010 07:46:28

Red double-decker buses and black cabs have long been iconic symbols of London, but Britain's capital may soon become just as famous for its distinctive blue and silver rental bicycles.

'Ruin porn' Detroit becomes pin-up for reinventionupdated Wed Nov 10 2010 05:33:58

Images of Detroit's crumbling industrial landscape have been documented so frequently that jaded locals now refer to them as "ruin porn."

Time-lapse photography reveals pulse of cities around the worldupdated Mon Nov 08 2010 08:34:05

America's suburban sprawl elevated to aerial artupdated Mon Nov 08 2010 07:51:48

Eye-catching and provocative aren't descriptions you'd readily associate with the architecture of America's sprawling suburbs.

By rail, wheel or foot, people getting around in cities worldwideupdated Wed Sep 29 2010 10:19:25

Stackable, portable concept homes offer mobile living -- with a viewupdated Sat Apr 10 2010 10:52:11

Tired of living in the same location but don't want to leave the house you love? That wouldn't be a problem if architect Felipe Campolina had his way.

Revealed: Cities that rule the world -- and those on the riseupdated Sat Apr 10 2010 10:45:44

Which cities rule the world? When it comes to economic activity, political and intellectual influence and great places to live, one recent report holds few surprises.

The world's most dangerous cities?updated Sat Apr 10 2010 10:29:00

Urban cityscapes uniting large and vastly diverse populations have long been sources of great inspiration, commerce and community spirit, but for as long as they have existed, cities have also been beset by their own dangers.

Bedbugs and other pests: The ugly side of city lifeupdated Fri Apr 09 2010 10:59:02

After a night in a San Francisco motel three years ago, Maciej Ceglowski awoke covered in bedbug bites.

Sewage streams into scenic parks? One man's goalupdated Thu Apr 08 2010 22:38:20

Walking is a perilous endeavor in New Delhi's traffic bedlam.

Cleaning Delhi's drainsupdated Thu Apr 08 2010 14:44:14

A local project aims to clean Delhi's 350-kilometer network of sewage drains and turn them into pedestrian and cycling paths.

The world's megacitiesupdated Thu Apr 08 2010 12:54:43

Just over 9 percent of the world's urban population lives in a megacity today.

Urban farms herald green city 'revolution'updated Thu Apr 08 2010 10:54:28

As the world's urban population continues to grow at a rapid rate, communities around the world are increasingly turning to "city agriculture" to produce cheap, locally grown fruit and vegetables.

Farming in the cityupdated Thu Apr 08 2010 10:20:19

City slickers learn to farm their veggies. CNN's Frederik Pleitgen reports.

Beating traffic in Brazilupdated Thu Apr 08 2010 09:43:28

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, known as the world's capital of traffic, people try to find solutions to their problem.

Nairobi's slum farmsupdated Thu Apr 08 2010 07:40:22

CNN's David McKenzie reports how some Nairobi city dwellers are finding simple solutions for staying healthy.

Farm-in-a-bag offers Kenya lifelineupdated Thu Apr 08 2010 06:31:54

For centuries Africa has been a rural continent, but there is a steady stream of people heading into the crowded cities -- where many find their new home is in a slum.

Rich fight Brazil's congestion with helicoptersupdated Thu Apr 08 2010 06:13:22

Commuter battle lines in one of Brazil's biggest cities are drawn on the ground, underground and also, in the air.

India's pollution solutionupdated Thu Apr 08 2010 06:02:26

Away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi's dusty streets, where rickshaws, crammed buses and the occasional elephant usually set the tone for a cacophonous commuting experience, there is an air-conditioned haven that is the pride of local residents: The Delhi Metro.

South Korea and Japan streets ahead in smart transportupdated Thu Apr 08 2010 04:43:36

Juwan Yoo was tired of calling up the old-school telephone hotline to find out when his bus would come -- and excited about the iPhone's arrival in South Korea.

New Delhi's 'Miracle Metro'updated Wed Apr 07 2010 17:17:18

Why is New Delhi's Metro considered an urban miracle? CNN's Mallika Kapur reports.

Biking in the Big Appleupdated Wed Apr 07 2010 12:32:50

A New York bike messenger explains why she loves her job so much.

Mastering New York's urban forestupdated Wed Apr 07 2010 10:15:34

Fabian Vazquez is a teenager who spends hours on end climbing trees in New York City concrete jungle.

Climbing trees in NYC as a jobupdated Wed Apr 07 2010 08:36:34

New York City is training at-risk youths for green jobs.

Around world, sharing secrets for exercise in citiesupdated Wed Apr 07 2010 08:24:24

In Copenhagen, Denmark, which has a reputation for accommodating cyclists, Jessica Eisenbraun gets her exercise riding around the city on her steel bike, which is older than she is but easy to maintain. Biking is the fastest way around the city, she says, when you consider how long it would take to park a car or take a bus.

Londoners love Tokyo-style crossingupdated Wed Apr 07 2010 07:40:18

Oxford Circus is one of the busiest junctions in the heart of London. Until recently, it was also the most congested.

Crossing the roads in Cairoupdated Wed Apr 07 2010 07:30:46

CNN's Ben Wedeman explains why Egypt's capital is a dangerous place for pedestrians.

Are these the world's best cities?updated Wed Apr 07 2010 06:53:35

Living in the city doesn't have to come with a load of trade-offs -- at least not in the urban spots profiled here.

London's housing crisisupdated Wed Apr 07 2010 02:46:36

CNN's Sasha Herriman reports on the overcrowding crisis in London.

Biking in Tokyo amid smoking businessmen, mamas with childupdated Tue Apr 06 2010 22:56:48

My mountain bike hasn't seen a mountain in about two years. But it has seen a lot of Tokyo's jammed roadway, which I would argue on some days provides as much of a perilous track as any rugged, unpaved trail.

Delays to tunnel under Bosphorus Straitupdated Tue Apr 06 2010 13:10:00

CNN's Ivan Watson reports that construction of a tunnel under the Bosphorus Strait was delayed by an ancient discovery.

World Health Day focuses on urbanizationupdated Tue Apr 06 2010 10:53:00

It's World Health Day on Wednesday, which this year has a special focus on urbanization and health.

Hopes and troubles collide in Africa's mega-cityupdated Tue Apr 06 2010 10:20:16

A junkyard orchestra of car horns, bus touts, traders and feedback from loudspeakers clamor for attention from the thousands of commuters making their way to work in Lagos's biggest bus stop, Oshodi.

Japan's bicycle commutersupdated Tue Apr 06 2010 10:16:27

CNN's Kyung Lah reports on the pros and cons of biking to work in Tokyo.

Shantytowns as destinationsupdated Mon Apr 05 2010 13:38:15

A new program aims to redevelop Brazil's favelas. CNN's Rafael Romo reports.

Challenges of life in Lagosupdated Mon Apr 05 2010 09:43:29

CNN's Christian Purefoy examines the challenges of life in the most-populous city in sub-Saharan Africa.

Recycling lives from povertyupdated Mon Apr 05 2010 08:36:47

CNN's Anna Coren visits a trash recycling project that's rejuvenated a poverty-stricken community in the Philippines.

Scratching out a life on Manila's Smokey Mountainupdated Mon Apr 05 2010 07:31:42

When I was told we were traveling to the Philippines to do a story on "Smokey Mountain", I was unaware as to just how famous this landmark actually was.

Cities blazing a green trailupdated Mon Apr 05 2010 03:18:44

Over half the world's population now live in cities according to the United Nations.

World to work: A global look at commutingupdated Mon Apr 05 2010 03:15:24

Each morning, millions of city dwellers across the world embark on a mission to beat traffic jams and congested roads, via a variety of transport ranging from modern high-speed trains to noisy tricycles -- and even horse and cart.