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CNN's Karl Penhaul reports on the charges facing the driver of a high-speed train that crashed in Spain, killing dozens.

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Deadly attack in Pakistanupdated Sun Jun 23 2013 09:44:47

Foreign nationals have been killed in an attack in northern Pakistan. CNN's Saima Mohsin reports from Islamabad.

What will Obama, Xi discuss?updated Thu Jun 06 2013 06:11:08

CNN's Rosemary Church interviews the former translator to Deng Xiaoping, about Xi Jinping's first trip to the U.S.

The building of the futureupdated Tue May 28 2013 06:19:26

CNN's John Vause talks to Lloyd Alter about what will be the tallest building in the world.

Report: North Korea launches missilesupdated Mon May 20 2013 09:24:12

North Korea fired three short-range missiles, South Korean Defense Ministry is quoted as saying.

US diplomat accused of spy recruitmentupdated Sat May 18 2013 09:23:24

Russian authorities detained a US diplomat accused of attempting to recruit a Russian intelligence officer into the CIA .

2012: Eurovision sings the bluesupdated Wed May 15 2013 10:17:41

Several countries may not be able to enter the Eurovision song contest because of the economic crisis.

Spotify's top rock momsupdated Sun May 12 2013 14:28:18

Spotify lists the five rock star moms who get streamed the most by its listeners. Shanon Cook shares the list.

Bombing survivor throws first pitchupdated Sun May 12 2013 10:28:38

Despite lingering questions, Boston residents are returning to daily life. CNN's Paula Newton reports.

Refugee camp braces for cycloneupdated Sun May 12 2013 10:25:09

Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri tracks tropical cyclone Mahasen as it crosses the Indian Ocean.

Deposed PM leads Pakistani voteupdated Sun May 12 2013 09:25:52

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif claims election victory after being deposed during a military coup in 1999.

Prince Harry visits 'Warrior Games'updated Sun May 12 2013 08:30:30

Prince Harry continues his U.S. tour by attending the Warrior Games, a paralympic event for wounded veterans.

Fists fly in Venezuela's parliamentupdated Wed May 01 2013 09:56:11

A fight broke out on the floor of Venezuela's parliament. The opposition wants a presidential election recount.

Funeral held for Canadian teenupdated Sun Apr 14 2013 09:27:07

Family and friends gather for the funeral of the teen who committed suicide after allegedly being raped and bullied.

South calm as North Korea threatensupdated Sun Apr 14 2013 09:24:58

As North Koreans celebrate Day of the Sun, some South Koreans put their anxiety aside to enjoy the spring weather.

Music from munitionsupdated Sat Mar 23 2013 08:43:50

A musician in Syria has found an innovative way to make instruments from weapons.

The new pope and Argentina's 'dirty war'updated Mon Mar 18 2013 09:27:54

CNN's Shasta Darlington reports from Buenos Aires on the dark period in Argentine history, when thousands disappeared.

Xi Jinping set to take Chinese presidencyupdated Thu Mar 14 2013 06:56:29

CNN's David McKenzie reports on Xi Jinping becoming the next Chinese president.

Secy. of State Kerry takes on Syrian warupdated Sat Mar 02 2013 10:21:41

U.S Secretary of State John Kerry will discuss the Syrian conflict with the Arab League. CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom reports.

Topless protesters denounce Berlusconiupdated Sun Feb 24 2013 17:15:58

As ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi arrived at a polling station in Italy on Sunday, topless protesters pushed through the crowd.

Pistorius bail hearing postponedupdated Sat Feb 16 2013 09:23:23

Accused of murdering his model girlfriend, Oscar Pistorius breaks down in court. CNN's Errol Barnettt has the latest.

Meteor explodes over Russiaupdated Sat Feb 16 2013 09:06:18

CNN's Phil Black reports on the meteor shower that injured hundreds in Russia.

Iranian dissidents attacked in Iraqupdated Sat Feb 09 2013 08:56:04

Several people are reported killed in an attack on a camp for Iranian exiles in Iraq. CNN's Arwa Damon reports.

Syrian refugee crisis growsupdated Sat Feb 09 2013 08:32:33

The UNHCR believes there will be more than one million Syrian refugees before June. CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom reports.

Night escape from Syriaupdated Mon Jan 28 2013 08:21:46

CNN s Mohammed Jamjoom gets exclusive access, as the Jordanian Border Guard assists those fleeing Syrian violence.

Malian forces retake city of Gaoupdated Sun Jan 27 2013 08:38:37

Jonathan Mann talks with ITN Correspondent Lindsey Hilsum as she drives into Gao with Malian troops.

Kickstarting Japan's economyupdated Tue Jan 22 2013 04:37:50

Japan's government unveils a $117 billion dollar stimulus package. Alex Zolbert reports from Tokyo.

CNN producer visits Syrian refugee campsupdated Sun Jan 13 2013 08:52:40

The UN says that 620,000 are registered as Syrian refugees. CNN's Joe Duran visited some of the camps where they live.

France intervenes in Mali conflictupdated Sat Jan 12 2013 08:27:07

CNN's Tim Lister has more on France and how it will be involved in the Mali conflict.

Police clash with protesters in Belfastupdated Sat Jan 12 2013 03:30:03

Protesters in Northern Ireland oppose a decision by the Belfast City Council to stop flying the Union flag year-round.

'Lincoln' leads Oscar raceupdated Fri Jan 11 2013 01:23:46

Nominations are in and Kim Serafin takes a look at the leading contenders to take home an Oscar this year.

Pakistan: India crossed Kashmiri borderupdated Sun Jan 06 2013 08:46:01

Pakistan says Indian troops attacked a Pakistani military post in Kashmir. CNN Producer Shaan Khan has latest.

Thousands flee fires in Tasmaniaupdated Sun Jan 06 2013 02:44:42

Thousands of people have been stranded and at least 100 homes destroyed as wildfires raced across Tasmania.

Chavez illness fuels speculationupdated Sun Jan 06 2013 01:45:35

Rumors persist that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is sicker than the government says. The latest from World Report.

Public outrage over India gang rapeupdated Sat Jan 05 2013 01:59:47

After public outrage over gang rape, a shift in attitudes. CNN's Sumnima Udas reports.

Friend: I begged them to leave herupdated Sat Jan 05 2013 01:36:09

A man describes the brutal rape of his friend and their struggle to find help after being dumped from a New Delhi bus.

Murder charges likely in India gang-rapeupdated Sat Dec 29 2012 02:47:46

Suspects in the India gang-rape case face possible murder charges, according to New Delhi police.

Forbes lists most profitable actorsupdated Fri Dec 28 2012 11:36:33

Which actors and actresses topped Forbes' list of those making the most for each dollar they earn? Kim Serafin reports.

Spain's austerity characters sufferupdated Fri Dec 28 2012 02:19:46

Spaniards and immigrants seek relief in austerity-driven Spain. Al Goodman catches up with three people in the crisis.

Fireworks spark blaze in Nigerian cityupdated Wed Dec 26 2012 18:12:19

Authorities say at least one person died and 40 people were injured after a fire broke out in a warehouse in Lagos.

Mandela discharged from hospitalupdated Wed Dec 26 2012 16:42:25

CNN's Robyn Curnow reports on the release of Nelson Mandela from a hospital in South Africa.

Syrian rebels: Defection will spark moreupdated Wed Dec 26 2012 16:41:08

CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom reports on a video that seems to show Syria's military police chief defecting to join the rebels.

Celebrating Christmas around the worldupdated Mon Dec 24 2012 19:49:36

Watch Christians gather around the world as the pope celebrates Christmas Eve Mass.

Grammy snubs and overpaid actorsupdated Fri Dec 07 2012 05:11:06

Who was snubbed by the Grammys? Which actors are overpaid? Stephen Baldwin arrested. Kim Serafin reports.

Crew ready for 1-year mission to spaceupdated Wed Dec 05 2012 21:14:24

Two men prepare to spend a year in space and gather data on the long-term effects of space travel. Jim Clancy reports.

Asia braces for 'catastrophic' typhoonupdated Mon Dec 03 2012 22:13:43

Typhoon Bopha makes landfall on Mindanao, leaving residents stranded and cut off from help. Tom Sater explains.

Taliban claim attack in Afghanistanupdated Sun Dec 02 2012 01:37:26

Multiple explosions have been reported "in the vicinity of Jalalabad Airfield" in eastern Afghanistan.

Cars trapped in tunnel collapse in Japanupdated Sun Dec 02 2012 01:30:11

An unknown number of cars were trapped early Sunday after a tunnel collapsed west of Tokyo. CNN's Alex Zolbert reports.

This week in Hollywoodupdated Fri Nov 30 2012 05:10:36

Charlie Sheen's show of support, Lindsay Lohan's new charges and Halle Berry's deal with the father of her child.

No Internet, phone service in Syriaupdated Thu Nov 29 2012 18:47:19

CNN's Arwa Damon reports via satellite phone about the loss of Internet and cell phone service in Syria.

Ramallah celebrates U.N. voteupdated Thu Nov 29 2012 17:43:58

CNN's Fred Pleitgen reports from Ramallah, where people have taken to the streets in celebration of the U.N. vote.

Former mayor bound, struck in headupdated Tue Nov 27 2012 20:12:31

A former Mexican mayor who survived two previous attacks is brutally murdered. CNN's Rafael Romo reports.

Hamas stronger after the conflictupdated Sat Nov 24 2012 08:36:05

CNN's Brian Todd reports on Hamas's position after the conflict with Israel: indications are it has emerged stronger.

Rocket hits Israel during CNN live shotupdated Sun Nov 18 2012 12:25:52

Air raid sirens sounded and a rocket hit as CNN's Frederik Pleitgen spoke to Colleen McEdwards from Ashkelon, Israel.

CNN crew takes cover from rockets on airupdated Sun Nov 18 2012 12:09:56

CNN's Fred Pleitgen reports from Israel as air raid sirens go off and a rocket makes impact.

Obama begins Asia tripupdated Sun Nov 18 2012 01:41:15

President Obama begins his Asia visit, which will include a stop in Myanmar. CNN's Dan Rivers reports.

Empowering women around the worldupdated Fri Nov 16 2012 13:34:13

Zain Verjee talks with Cherie Blair, wife of former UK PM Tony Blair.

Entertainment this weekupdated Fri Nov 16 2012 06:09:01

Concert for Sandy recovery, Jennifer Lawrence's weight, plus Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez reunited?

Japan's PM to dissolve parliamentupdated Thu Nov 15 2012 21:27:45

A weak economy pushes Japan's prime minister to call for special elections. CNN's Alex Zolbert reports.

Hollywood 411updated Fri Nov 09 2012 06:16:33

Kim Serafin of InTouch Weekly has the skinny on some of the week's biggest stories from Hollywood

Video reportedly shows bakery attackupdated Tue Oct 23 2012 20:37:50

This video purports to show government forces shelling a bakery in Aleppo that reportedly killed dozens of people.

Armstrong's fall from graceupdated Sat Oct 20 2012 11:38:14

Retired cyclist Lance Armstrong speaks out at a gala marking the 15th anniversary of his Livestrong cancer foundation.

Syria under suspicion for Lebanon attackupdated Sat Oct 20 2012 08:23:28

Syria is under suspicion for Friday's deadly attack in Lebanon. CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom has the latest update.

Jolie: We are all Malalaupdated Fri Oct 19 2012 02:56:59

Angelina Jolie, Justin & Jessica and Uma's unusual baby name ... Kim Serafin has the weekly update from Hollywood.

Syrian govt. tries to retake key cityupdated Sat Oct 13 2012 08:29:20

CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom talks about how the Syrian government is trying to regain control of a key location.

Syria, Turkey clash againupdated Sat Oct 06 2012 08:29:36

CNN's Nick Paton Walsh says the latest exchange is hugely significant in raising tension between Turkey and Syria.

Pope's butler fate decided by courtupdated Sat Oct 06 2012 06:59:46

Pope Benedict's former butler, Paolo Gabriele has been found guilty of leaking secret papers. Barbie Nadeau reports.

Rihanna, Chris Brown rekindled?updated Fri Oct 05 2012 06:26:20

Singer Rihanna and Chris Brown may be back together. Kim Serafin of "In Touch Weekly" has the latest.

Deadly ferry crash investigation beginsupdated Tue Oct 02 2012 19:39:44

Officials are beginning their investigation into a Hong Kong ferry collision that left 38 people dead.

Celebration turns tragic in Hong Kongupdated Mon Oct 01 2012 20:00:41

Two passenger boats collided off the coast of Hong Kong on Monday, killing 25 people. CNN's Ramy Inocencio reports.

Lady Gaga's weight and Adele sings Bondupdated Sat Sep 29 2012 10:14:39

Get the latest on Lady Gaga's bold body revelation, Reese Witherspoon's baby, Adele and James Bond.

Al-Shabaab withdraws from Somali cityupdated Sat Sep 29 2012 09:32:40

An al-Qaeda linked group loses key port city of Kismayo. CNN's Natalie Allen gets details from Emmanuel Kisiangani.

Japanese PM takes hard line on Chinaupdated Wed Sep 26 2012 23:38:23

CNN's Richard Roth reports on the latest in the China-Japan land dispute and what Japan's PM said in front of the UN.

Libyans target Islamist militia baseupdated Fri Sep 21 2012 20:56:32

Hundreds of Libyan protestors have stormed the headquarters of an extremist militia. CNN's Arwa Damon has the details.

Cancer center: We know how to save livesupdated Fri Sep 21 2012 20:07:10

MD Anderson Cancer Center has a plan for dramatically reducing cancer deaths in the next few years.

What's new in Tinseltown?updated Fri Sep 21 2012 02:55:23

A look at the contenders for the 2012 Emmy awards. Kim Serafin takes a look at the best.

Libyan PM: Prepared to handle situationupdated Thu Sep 20 2012 20:33:44

New Libyan Prime Minister Mustafa Abushagur talks to CNN's Arwa Damon about Libya's ability to handle safety concerns.

Big turnaround for Japan Airlinesupdated Wed Sep 19 2012 08:37:37

Japan Airlines has gone from bankruptcy to the biggest IPO of the year next to Facebook. Alex Zolbert reports.

Understanding Islam and Mideast protestsupdated Wed Sep 19 2012 00:50:56

Former Pakistani Ambassador to UK Akbar Ahmed explains why the anti-Muslim film is considered offensive.

Japanese firms hit by China violenceupdated Tue Sep 18 2012 21:47:21

Several Japanese plants in China have shut down after a wave of violence. CNN's Nina dos Santos reports.

Aung San Suu Kyi visits the U.S.updated Tue Sep 18 2012 21:37:18

Ernie Bower discusses Aung San Suu Kyi's visit to the U.S. and what's ahead for her country.

Panetta visits amid China-Japan disputeupdated Tue Sep 18 2012 20:25:38

CNN's Stan Grant reports on the latest in the China-Japan land dispute and the U.S. Secy. of Defense's visit to China.

China-Japan dispute threatens economyupdated Mon Sep 17 2012 19:56:07

CNN's Stan Grant reports on the fallout from the island dispute between China and Japan.

Check out new guy playing Obama on 'SNL'updated Mon Sep 17 2012 06:35:13

In its 38th season premiere, "Saturday Night Live" poked fun of the upcoming 2012 presidential election.

Tensions rise over uninhabited islandsupdated Fri Sep 14 2012 04:26:38

China talks tough in Japan island dispute. CNN Producer Alex Zolbert reports on the disputed set of islands.

Power goes out in parts of Cubaupdated Mon Sep 10 2012 05:25:46

Millions of people in Cuba lose power, and is believed to be the result of a transmission line outage.

Kids killed in Afghan suicide attackupdated Sat Sep 08 2012 07:21:22

A suicide bomber kills 6 near NATO headquarters in Kabul. CNN's Anna Coren reports.

Sinkhole swallows car on highwayupdated Wed Sep 05 2012 21:50:27

Check out this huge sinkhole that opened up on a highway in Canada. It's so big it swallowed a car.

Curious koala swims and climbs in canoeupdated Wed Aug 29 2012 10:04:52

A koala surprises a group of people in Australia by swimming across a river towards their canoe and climbing in it.

Isaac makes Haiti landfallupdated Sat Aug 25 2012 05:09:12

As Isaac makes landfall, authorities in Haiti worry about mudslides and flooding. CNN's Martin Savidge reports.

Killing in the name of 'honor'updated Mon Aug 20 2012 21:52:41

Pakistani human rights officials report 943 "honor" murders of women in 2011. A look at what drives these alleged crimes.

U.N. names new special envoy to Syriaupdated Sat Aug 18 2012 08:13:13

The United Nations named Algeria's Lakhdar Brahimi as the new joint envoy to Syria. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.

The case against assisted suicideupdated Thu Aug 16 2012 20:26:40

Disability rights activist John Kelly explains the case against assisted suicide.

Judge to deliver 'Pussy Riot' verdictupdated Thu Aug 16 2012 20:25:57

A Russian punk band will soon learn if they'll be sent to prison for holding an impromptu anti-government performance.

Australia asylum crisis unfoldsupdated Tue Aug 14 2012 19:49:12

Mark Goudkamp, spokesman for Refugee Action Coalition Sydney, tells CNN it's a "sad day" for human rights in Australia.

Romney, Ryan asked about Medicareupdated Mon Aug 13 2012 05:04:02

2012 Republican ticket Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan answer questions regarding Ryan's Medicare proposal.

What's new in Tinseltown?updated Fri Aug 10 2012 05:14:35

Jennifer Lopez has filed a $20 million lawsuit against her former driver. Kim Serafin has the latest.

Aleppo under fire: Doctors needed badlyupdated Tue Aug 07 2012 19:27:41

CNN's Ben Wedeman reports from Syria on the desperate need for doctors amid bombardment by government forces.