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The Royal Wedding
LIVE Coverage: The Royal Wedding of His Royal Highness Prince William and Kate Middleton
Friday 29th April 0800 BST to 1500 BST
As we approach the most talked about event of year, CNN will be at the heart of all the action providing extensive coverage of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Piers Morgan and Richard Quest will be centre stage reporting on the biggest royal wedding event since Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981. CNN's live seven-hour broadcast will be anchored by Quest, Morgan and other key CNN correspondents. From the ceremonial to the personal and what is happening at Westminster Abbey to the reactions of those around the world, CNN guarantees viewers a front row seat to all the excitement with up -to-the-minute news updates and stories surrounding the big day.
Special Royal Wedding Documentary:
"The Woman Who Would Be Queen"
Saturday 30th April at 1400 BST and 2100 BST; Sunday 1st May at 1000 BST
To round off the biggest Royal event of the past two decades, anchor and special correspondent Soledad O'Brien will host a special CNN documentary profiling the future queen of the United Kingdom, Catherine Middleton as she becomes the first commoner to marry into the Royal family since the 1600s. The programme delves into her background, charts the development of her relationship with Prince William, and explores the transition of being crowned princess and her new role as spouse to the second heir to the British throne


Piers Morgan Tonight
Daily at 2000 BST
Full air times: 0200 (LIVE SIMULCAST WITH CNN US), 1200 and 2000 GMT
The Royal Wedding: Airing 25th to 27th April LIVE from London

Duration: 1 hour
During the lead up to the Royal Wedding, Piers Morgan will broadcast his daily inteview programme from CNN's London studio. He will be interviewing a mix of topical guests, and reporting on the latest developments live on the big day.


Going Green
Saturday 16th April at 0830 and 1830 BST; Sunday 17th April at 0630 and 1600 BST; Monday 18th April at 0430 BST
Duration: 30 minutes
Going Green, CNN's environmental series continues to take viewers beyond borders delivering insightful environmental stories that are changing our planet. Host Philippe Cousteau (pictured) will be the host of CNN's four Going Green series throughout the year, which will feature reports ranging from developing technologies to profiling people who are making a difference in the green movement. In April, Going Green investigates the environmental impact businesses have on the world and what is being done to make them more environmentally friendly. The series concludes with a half-hour special hosted by Cousteau titled "Green Light for Business" with highlights of news reports and stories from the week's coverage.


Thursday 21st April at 1130 and 1830 BST; Saturday 21st April at 0730, 1600 and 2330 BST; Sunday 23rd April at 0430, 0830 and 1930 BST
Duration: 30 minutes
April's MainSail features British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson filmed at his 76-acre paradise in the British Virgin Islands. Branson purchased Necker Island at just 28 years old. Thirty-two years later, having developed and diversified his global Virgin Empire beyond all recognition, this slice of Caribbean paradise is still his place to share with family and friends and for others to charter as a unique holiday experience. Presenter Shirley Robertson spends the day with Branson racing on the 32-metre catamaran Necker Bell, competing in the region's annual regatta where crews combine competition in perfect sailing conditions with great aprés sail. But popularity can come at a price. MainSail finds out how Branson is working hard to ensure visitors see an area that has been carefully maintained and protected to ensure sport, leisure and nature can co-exist.


Earth's Frontiers
Wednesday 27th April at 0830 and 1830 BST; Saturday 30th April at 0830, 1330 and 1930 BST; Sunday 1st May at 0630 and 1830 BST; Monday 2nd May at 0430 BST
Duration: 30 minutes
Earth's Frontiers will feature a debate from University College London in April. The impact of the earthquake and tsunami to Japan's nuclear facilities repoens the debate surrounding the safety of nuclear energy. As Japanese authorities battle to contain the crisis, thoughts are turning to the future. The politics of nuclear power is under the kind of scrutiny last seen in the aftermath of Chernobyl. Since that time, the world's industrial powers have gradually learned to embrace nuclear energy as the cleanest and best alternative source to fossil fuels. Earth's Frontiers gathers a panel of experts, academics and well-known figures to discuss how safe nuclear energy really is and whether it offers the best hope for saving our planet, as its proponents claim. In spite of events in Japan, will people learn to put their fears aside and embrace a nuclear-powered future?


ANZAC Day is commemorated on 25th April.

The new Nigerian President will be sworn in on 29th April.
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