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December 12, 1999

Secret Bombs

It was a high-stakes game of hide-and-seek with the U.S. secretly deploying nuclear weapons around the world and the Soviet Union trying to figure out where they were. The location of those weapons, how they got there and when, were some of the last big secrets of the Cold War. CNN & TIME interviews a team of researchers who used old fashioned detective work and the Internet to reveal two of these locations for the first time.

About fifteen years ago, William Arkin, Robert Norris and William Burr filed a request for a Pentagon document that detailed where the US nuclear weapons were stored from 1945 to 1977. The document they received was heavily blacked out to protect national security. Eighteen of the twenty-seven locations had been blacked out. But, by comparing this document with others acquired over the years, they were able to list for the first time most of the places they said nuclear weapons were deployed by the United States during the Cold War.
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Class Clown
Michael Pritchard has shared a stage with Jerry Seinfeld and Robin Williams. He does impersonations and voice effects and has perfected delivering the one liner. But Pritchard has given up dark comedy clubs for well lit high school assemblies where he gets kids laughing and then thinking- thinking about gangs, violence, drugs, and gives them tools to survive being a teenager in the 90s.

Pritchard's methods are unconventional; his story unusual. But he is a man who knows how to talk to kids. So while in high school auditoriums Pritchard provides tools for teens, his story will provide tools for their parents as well.
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Mission to Heal
Over 40 million Americans have no health insurance. But in Memphis, if you work, doctors at the Church Health Center will treat you for just ten dollars, or whatever you can afford. The fee includes prescription medications and any costly tests you may need. It may sound too good to be true, but patients say they get quality care. The clinic is the life's work of Scott Morris, a doctor and Methodist minister. Twelve years ago, he arrived in Memphis, hat in hand and persuaded the city's churches and synagogues to ante up the money to start a clinic for the working poor. Today, that clinic serves nearly 30-thousand patients. It is staffed by hundreds of volunteer doctors and nurses. And it costs taxpayers nothing.

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December 19, 1999
CNN&TIME profiles TIME magazine's choice for Person of the Year.
Sunday, at 9 pm.

Alien Invasion
Visions 21
Sick and Tired
Prose and Cons
Weapons of War
Webster Groves High

Bernard Shaw
Jeff Greenfield

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