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Chat Page Chat

A chat with R&B singer Toni Braxton

January 31, 2000
Web posted at: 5:00 p.m. EDT

CNN Showbiz
(CNN) -- Toni Braxton, R&B singer and performer at the SuperBowl XXXIV half-time show in Atlanta, joined the chat room on January 28, 2000. Braxton participated in the chat from CNN Head Quarters in Atlanta and provided a typist for her. The following is an edited transcript of the chat.

Chat Moderator: Thank you for joining us today Toni Braxton and welcome to chat.

Toni Braxton: Hi everyone.

Chat Moderator: How does it feel to be performing at the Super Bowl half-time show?

Toni Braxton: It feels good because I've been away for so long and it feels good to be back at work again.

Question from Ryan: Hi Toni. How are you? Are you a little nervous?

Toni Braxton: I'm extremely nervous. I'm like a 24-hour cup of coffee right now.

Question from oldotis: Starting out as a singing artist did you ever think you would be doing this?

Toni Braxton: I'd always hoped that I'd do the Superbowl. I'd watch at home and get all excited about who the guest talent would be during halftime. So it feels great to finally be able to do it.

Comment from deebo: Well, Just to remind you Toni! You did a concert at the Orlando Arena a while ago and you invited a young man on stage and massaged him etc. That was me. The one you gave a cigar and everything

Toni Braxton: Do you still have that cigar?

Question from Ryan: Toni who's your choice in the Superbowl Sunday??

Toni Braxton: My choice are the Rams.

Chat Moderator: Why do you think the Rams will win?

Toni Braxton: Because Warner represents the American dream. I mean just a few years ago he was what, loading groceries and now he's their starting quarterback. Not to mention they are owned by a female.

Question from Peterpan: Toni, we are very eager to hear your new album. When will it be released?

Toni Braxton: The album will be released in March and the single will be out in 2-3 weeks.

Chat Moderator: How does it feel working with Disney again?

Toni Braxton: It feels great to be working with Disney again. They were the first people to take a risk on me during all the controversy and so I'll forever be a Disney girl.

Question from Miez: What is your best song, personally?

Toni Braxton: Probably Breath Again and Unbreak my Heart.

Question from Ryan: Toni are you teaming up with any other artist on this new album of yours?

Toni Braxton: Yes I'm teaming up with a few artists, Lisa Lefteye from TLC and Dr. Dre.

Question from Dane: How is your relationship with Laface records?

Toni Braxton: Actually it's good. I mean of course there's scar tissue but it's very good. Babyface produced 2 songs on the album.

Question from JackNubia: Toni, who are some of the producers on your upcoming album ?

Toni Braxton: Some of the producers on the album are, of course Babyface, R. Kelly, David Foster, Keith Crouch and Keri Lewis of Mint Condition, just to name a few.

Question from Peterpan: Toni, have you ever considered recording a Jazz album?

Toni Braxton: I would never want to insult jazz by putting my vocals to its music.

Question from oldotis: Is it true that you are from Landover, MD area?

Toni Braxton: No, I'm not from Landover. I'm from Severn, Maryland.

Question from Miez: Has any artist been an example to you?

Toni Braxton: Lots of artists are good examples, like Whitney Houston, Venessa Williams, even younger ones like Brandy, Christina Aguilera. And how could I forget Michael him, love him, love him.

Question from Peterpan: Toni, what can you tell us about your experience on Broadway?

Toni Braxton: My experience on Broadway was the hardest thing I've done in my life, however the most rewarding. I'm glad I did it.

Question from adam: Do you plan a big show for the Superbowl?

Toni Braxton: Well, I wish I could take credit for it. Disney and ABC are doing the halftime show. The show is so wonderful and so creative that I don't think it would matter who they would have performing because the show is so grand. I think everyone will be surprised.

Question from neki: Do you have kids Toni?

Toni Braxton: No, no kids. No husband.

Question from Peterpan: When do you envision coming to Atlanta on tour?

Toni Braxton: No, not touring right now, but I will be touring this summer, for sure.

Question from SuzyQ: Toni, any chance on returning to Broadway?

Toni Braxton: Yes, I would, if offered the right play.

Question from earl: Who's designing your dress for the show?

Toni Braxton: Originally Disney was making the dress. It's a beautiful, sexy, magical dress. Unfortunately, we are having problems with it because the shaping is not correct. So they have to remake it. It could be difficult at the last minute. But I still have my fingers crossed.

Question from KimH: With your background in the church, do you ever anticipate releasing a gospel album?

Toni Braxton: Yes, I do. I plan on releasing a gospel album in the next 2-3 years. Or maybe even guest appearing on someone else's album, which would be something I could do sooner.

Question from Peterpan: Are you proud of your sister's singing career?

Toni Braxton: Yes. She is so much more talented that I could ever be.

Question from Haley: Toni if you could choose anyone to sing a duet with that you haven't sung with before who might that be?

Toni Braxton: Maybe Shania Twain.

Question from JackNubia: Toni, how has your time spent performing on Broadway helped you ?

Toni Braxton: It helped me expand my talent. I've never acted before and Disney kind of threw me out there and it definitely sparked something. I'm in acting classes now.

Question from SusieSouth: What's your rehearsal schedule like for the Super Bowl?

Toni Braxton: It's long. I have rehearsals today as well as yesterday. But after today it's all live, Sunday.

Question from Peterpan: Have you ever considered joining your also talented sisters to form a musical group - En Vogue style?

Toni Braxton: We used to have a group together, a couple of years ago, maybe 10 years ago, when we were all young. Maybe we'll all team again in the future. That's a great idea.

Question from adam: Toni, are you nervous about the Superbowl show? If so, how do you deal with it, or do you enjoy having the excitement?

Toni Braxton: I don't really have a formula, I just say a prayer, take a deep breath and just pray I don't trip. But I do enjoy the adrenaline.

Question from Miez: How do you protect your voice with this weather?

Toni Braxton: I just wrap up, wear turtlenecks or scarves. But that's only when I really think about it.

Question from earl: Who else will be on the show Sunday? In addition, who's singing the National Ant.?

Toni Braxton: Have you been watching CNN? you should know this answer :) Myself, Christina Aguelara, Phil Collins, Enrique Eglesis.

Question from oldotis: do you feel that the music industry has given you your props as an female artist?

Toni Braxton: Yes. Definitely. I've won 5 Grammy's, 5 American Music Awards, Billboard awards. So many people have been supportive.

Question from Dane: Based on past interviews were you were quoted as saying you would remain celibate until marriage, what are you views on sexuality today?

Toni Braxton: I'm in therapy for that now. :)

Question from KimH: What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you even have any spare time?

Toni Braxton: I'm really corny. I like to read, go to the movies and eat, eat, eat. :)

Question from Miez: Do you like all the publicity and attention the media is giving you? How do you like to chat with us all?

Toni Braxton: I do love the publicity, getting my hair done, makeup, getting the newest fashions. It makes me feel like a princess. And I'm loving chatting with all of you.

Comment from sudhi: You are a princess!

Toni Braxton: Hehe. Unfortunately I'm not a princess. But, thank you.

Question from earl: Do you carry your laptop with you when you travel?

Toni Braxton: Sometimes.

Question from KimH: Toni, are you internet savvy? :) Have you reserved your domain name yet?

Toni Braxton: I am learning the internet. My contribution is WebTV. I tried to get my name but someone beat me to the punch.

Question from Marcg: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Toni Braxton: Hopefully, married with 2 kids.

Question from i: Are you ever coming to Africa?

Toni Braxton: Yes, absolutely.

Question from aine: I would like to know about your charity?

Toni Braxton: I don't personally have a charity. However, the one that interests me the most is the breast cancer charities, all of them. I just lost my grandmother to breast cancer.

Question from oldotis: What are some of your upcoming guest appearances?

Toni Braxton: Just basic press for now.

Question from Devonte: When will you be performing next?

Toni Braxton: Probably MTV or VH1.

Chat Moderator: Do you have any final thoughts for us?

Toni Braxton: I just want to thank everyone for sticking by me with all the adversity. I'm Back!!

Chat Moderator: Thank you for chatting with us!

Toni Braxton: Bye. :)

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