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Exit Polls
Due to problems at Voter News Service, exit polls were not available for the 2002 election. Full Story

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All results on this page are from an exit poll conducted for CNN by Voter News Service (VNS). Interviews in the exit poll are conducted with voters as they leave the polling place immediately after voting. In some states, additional interviews are conducted by the telephone with people who have cast an absentee vote or similar ballot.

To illustrate how these results should be read, let's use the following hypothetical results as an illustration.

Vote by Gender Smith [D] Jones [R]
Men (39%) 52% 48%
Women (61%) 47% 53%
The first column of numbers shows how many people who voted today fell into each category. In our example, that means 39 percent of all voters were men and 61 percent were women.

All other figures show how each category voted. The numbers should be read across (which is why you may occasionally hear them referred to as "horizontal results"). In the example, that means that 52 percent of all men voted for Smith and 48 percent of all men voted for Jones. Looking at the next line, Jones won 53 percent of the women's vote to 47 percent for Smith.
• Exit polls are a survey of selected voters taken (typically by the media) soon after they leave their voting place. Pollsters use this sample information, collected from a small percentage of voters, to track and project how all voters or a specific segments of the voters sided on a particular race or ballot measure.

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