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After the razor-thin decision in the 2000 presidential race, Florida residents know their votes count -- and the candidates are courting them (PARTY KEY).
George W. Bush (Incumbent)
Write - In
Write - In
Write - In
Florida has 25 congressional districts. View full list

7 p.m. ET

October 4, 2004, is the deadline for voter registration in Florida for the November 2, 2004, election.
More on how to register external link

Term limits prohibit Republican Gov. Jeb Bush from running again after his second term in 2006. Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson faces re-election that same year.

All numbers are percentages.
1 All numbers are percentages. Party registration figures are from secretary of state offices in each state. Some states do not register by party or collect statewide numbers. Race/ethnicity figures are based on 2002 statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau. Age and income figures come from the 2000 census.

2 Some states have not yet held all of their primaries. Please check often for the most current candidate information.
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