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Editor's note: This chart features brief summaries of candidates' viewpoints on some issues, based on their statements and records. Most candidates have offered more comprehensive explanations of their positions on these and other issues. More information may be found on their campaign Web sites.
National Missile Defense
Increase size of Army
Program budgets
Co-sponsored amendment to minimize NMD spending
No public position, but favors multilateral war on terror
No public position, but calls herself a fiscal conservative
Questions NMD; would invest in research and development
Consider increasing size of armed forces
Boost benefits, pay for members of "over-committed" military
Divert some NMD money for nonproliferation effort
More troops to Iraq and Afghanistan; promises world's "strongest military"
Raise pay, benefits of troops, veterans to previous levels
Says NMD should not be first priority in WMD proliferation
Maintain military with advanced training, technology and adequate resources
Exempt Defense Department spending from proposed cuts
Opposes NMD; wants funds diverted to anti-terrorism fight
Promises world's "best-equipped, best-trained" fighting force
Gives priority to giving U.S. service members a pay raise
Mixed voting record, but says it's a low priority
Supports allowing more foreign troops to serve in hotspots
Give troops more resources; maintain pay levels
Opposes NMD, supports nonproliferation and arms control
Recruit more service members; start Community Defense Svc.
Invest in new equipment, technology; offer better pay, benefits
Opposed to missile shields, putting weapons in outer space
Create Department of Peace, avoid wars
Cut spending 15 percent, including NMD, F22s and V22s
Supported initial missile defense deployment
No public position available
For Bush's $19 billion increase in defense spending
No public position
Would not engage in deployments like Iraq
Would look for ways to trim waste at the Pentagon
Has ordered limited NMD system deployed by 2004
Has not proposed increasing the Army's size
Would increase military spending 4.2 percent to $380 billion
National Missile Defense
Increase size of Army
Program budgets
<img src="" width="622" height="55" border="0" usemap="#theIss">
• AG: Attorney General; ANWR: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; CAFÉ: Standards that provide tax and other incentives for consumers to purchase and alternative fuel vehicles; COPS: Community Oriented Policing Program; DOMA: Defense of Marriage Act; GLBT: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered; NCLB: No Child Left Behind; NMD: National Missile Defense.
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