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Editor's note: This chart features brief summaries of candidates' viewpoints on some issues, based on their statements and records. Most candidates have offered more comprehensive explanations of their positions on these and other issues. More information may be found on their campaign Web sites.
Enemy combatants
Patriot Act
Intelligence agencies
No public position, but critical of loss of civil liberties
Opposes Patriot Act; is critical of loss of civil liberties
Voted to increase benefits for immigrants
No public position, but stresses catching 9/11 conspirators
Allow to have lawyers; prosecute in international criminal courts
Says act goes too far; calls for thorough, open review
Says he's "very pro-immigration," bring in world's elite to spur U.S.
Do not mix intelligence, policy; conduct thorough reviews
Against military tribunals, labeling of "enemy combatants"
Repeal parts of Patriot Act that restrict basic liberties
Protect immigrants' rights; allow more to become citizens
Call for inquiries on agencies' failings, work with others
Against military tribunals and labeling U.S. citizens "enemy combatants"
Supports Patriot Act; says admin. abused power in using law
Additional personnel needed for immigration agencies
Wants creation of new domestic intelligence agency
No public position; backed 2001 anti-terror legislation
Backed 2001 Act; favors checks on AG; against new measures
Let tax-paying immigrants of 5 years become legal residents
Improve intelligence capabilities; fairly assess information
No public position, but cites valuable intel from detainees
Co-author of act; critical of civil liberties restrictions
Curtail illegal immigration without hurting legal immigrants
Would reform, strengthen agencies; publicize more info
Against labeling U.S. citizens "enemy combatants"
Backs letting act expire without congressional approval
Speed immigration process; unite families; patrol borders
Reform domestic intelligence; start targeted alert system
Opposes Guantanamo detainment, secret military tribunals
Opposes Patriot Act and violations of civil liberties
Boost benefits; expedite refugees' entrance to U.S.
Restrict surveillance of individuals; address Iraq questions
Early and consistent advocate of military tribunals
Voted in favor of Patriot Act
Establish guest-worker, legalization programs for immigrants
Spur initiatives to share info between federal, local levels
No public position available
Opposes Patriot Act
Current immigration law is discriminatory
No public position available
Supports labeling of U.S. citizens as "enemy combatants"
Supports Patriot Act
Proposed increasing budget to enforce immigration laws
Homeland Security Dept. primary conduit of threat information
Enemy combatants
Patriot Act
Intelligence agencies
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• AG: Attorney General; ANWR: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; CAFÉ: Standards that provide tax and other incentives for consumers to purchase and alternative fuel vehicles; COPS: Community Oriented Policing Program; DOMA: Defense of Marriage Act; GLBT: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered; NCLB: No Child Left Behind; NMD: National Missile Defense.
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