Candidates battle not just for votes, but also for donors' dollars. Check out the tallies as of January 31, 2008, the latest figures available from the Federal Election Commission. (Note: "Total receipts" includes money raised in contributions as well as any loans from the candidates or any funds transferred from previous campaigns.)  Interactive fundraising map >>
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Out of the Race
Even though they're out of the race, some amassed a substantial warchest, while others raised more modest sums.

As of 12/31/2007
Huckabee Romney Giluiani Thompson Tancredo Hunter
Total Raised $12,992,908 $90,076,402 $61,645,421 $21,812,644 $3,538,244 $1,890,873
Total Spent $12,063,507 $87,644,955 $48,868,609 $19,672,377 $3,458,130 $1,758,132
Cash on Hand $929,401 $2,431,447 $12,776,812 $2,140,266 $110,079 $132,741
Party Money
Democratic National Committee
Republican National Committee
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