What were the biggest stories of the year?

It's a question journalists like to ask themselves at the end of every year. Now you can join in the process. Here are our selections for the top ten news stories of 1996.

Disagree with our choices? Then tell us what stories you think were most compelling in the poll below.

Israel elects Netanyahu
Crash of TWA Flight 800
Russia elects Yeltsin
U.S. elects Clinton
Hutu-Tutsi conflict in central Africa
Peace, elections in Bosnia
U.S. base bombed in Saudi Arabia
Centennial Olympic Games
Advances against AIDS
Unabomb suspect Ted Kaczynski arrested

The top 10 stories according to our users

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What makes a big story BIG?

It depends on your criteria, of course, and your perspective. That's why we offered a poll to find out what you think.

For our list, we polled producers throughout the CNN/Pathfinder family of networks and publications, and weighed such criteria as a story's long-term implications, geopolitical significance, user interest, amount of coverage, and old-fashioned newsworthiness. All these things help make a "big" story big.

By no means do we think our lists are the final word. Even our polls among CNN producers turned up a wide variety of responses. The process is meant to encourage you to reconsider the stories that dominated the media during the past year and determine for yourself which were mere sensations and which were truly significant.

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