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Beer Guide

16. American Lager

American Lager a) American Lager

  • Very light in body and color, American lagers are very clean and crisp and aggressively carbonated.
  • Malt sweetness is absent.
  • Corn, rice or other grain or sugar adjuncts are often used.
  • Hop aroma is absent.
  • Hop bitterness is slight, and hop flavor is mild or negligible.
  • Chill haze, fruity esters and diacetyl should be absent.
  • b) American-Style Light Lager

  • According to Food and Drug Administration regulations, when used in reference to caloric content, "light" beers must have at least 25 percent fewer calories than the regular version of that beer.
  • These beers are extremely light-colored, light in body and high in carbonation.
  • Flavor is mild and bitterness is very low.
  • Chill haze, fruity esters and diacetyl should be absent.
  • c) American Lager/Ale or Cream Ale

  • This mild, pale, light-bodied ale is made using a warm fermentation (top or bottom) and cold-lagering or by blending top- and bottom-fermented beers.
  • Hop bitterness and flavor are very low.
  • Hop aroma is often absent.
  • Sometimes referred to as cream ales, these beers are crisp and refreshing.
  • A fruity or estery aroma may be perceived.
  • Diacetyl and chill haze should not be perceived.
  • d) American-Style Premium Lager

  • Similar to the American lager, this style is a more flavorful, medium-bodied beer and may contain few or no adjuncts.
  • Color may be deeper than the American lager, and alcohol content and bitterness may be greater.
  • Hop aroma and flavor are low or negligible.
  • Chill haze, fruity esters and diacetyl should be absent.
  • Dark Lager e) American Dark Lager

  • This beer's maltiness is less pronounced, and its body is light.
  • Non-malt adjuncts often are used, and hop rates are low.
  • Hop bitterness flavor and aroma are low.
  • Carbonation is high and more typical of an American-style light lager than a European dark lager.
  • Fruity esters, diacetyl and chill haze should not be perceived.
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    LAGER: Bock | German Dark Lager | German Light Lager | Classic Pilsener | American Lager | Vienna/Mrzen/Oktoberfest
    HYBRID/ MIXED: German-Style Ale | German-style Wheat Beer | Smoked Beer | Fruit and Vegetable Beer | Herb and Spice Beer | Specialty and Experimental Beer | California Common Beer

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