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Beer Guide

9. Porter

Porter a) Brown Porter

  • Brown porters are mid to dark brown (may have red tint) in color.
  • No roast barley or strong burnt malt character should be perceived.
  • Low to medium malt sweetness is acceptable along with medium hop bitterness.
  • Light- to medium-bodied beer.
  • Fruity esters are acceptable.
  • Hop flavor and aroma may vary from being negligible to medium in character.
  • b) Robust Porter

  • Robust porters are black in color and have a roast malt flavor but no roast barley flavor.
  • These porters have a sharp bitterness of black malt without a highly burnt/charcoal flavor.
  • Robust porters range from medium to full in body and have a malty sweetness.
  • Hop bitterness is medium to high, with hop aroma and flavor ranging from negligible to medium.
  • Fruity esters should be evident and balanced with roast malt and hop bitterness.
  • ALE: Barley Wine | Belgian and French Ale | Belgian-Style Lambic | Mild and Brown Ale | English-Style Pale Ale | American-Style Ale | English Bitter | Scottish Ale | Porter | English/Scottish Strong Ale | Stout
    LAGER: Bock | German Dark Lager | German Light Lager | Classic Pilsener | American Lager | Vienna/Mrzen/Oktoberfest
    HYBRID/ MIXED: German-Style Ale | German-style Wheat Beer | Smoked Beer | Fruit and Vegetable Beer | Herb and Spice Beer | Specialty and Experimental Beer | California Common Beer

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