Effect of endometriosis on orgasm

Does having endometriosis, which I can feel many times during sexual intercourse, have any effect on never having an orgasm?

If I understand correctly, you saying that you have endometriosis; and that you feel something during intercourse (which you think could be that); and that you don't have orgasms.

Sure, it could be related. If what you're feeling during sex is uncomfortable, it would be likely to interfere with arousal and orgasm. I don't know for sure if what you're feeling is endometriosis, though that can cause a number of different symptoms. If it were endometriosis, it would tend to change at different times of your menstrual cycle.

Some women will feel discomfort during sex if the man's penis is pushing on an ovary. This can often be fixed by using a different position, or by just putting a small pillow under the woman's hips if she's on the bottom. Another technique is for the man to lie on his back, and let the woman control the penetration. This allows her to do what feels best and avoid tender areas. It might be worth a try in this case. I hope you've discussed this with your gynecologist. There are some treatment options for endometriosis, and if there is a particular area causing discomfort, it is possible that removing it through laparoscopic could fix the problem.

By Dr. Flash Gordon

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