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S t o r i e s

The versatile scallop

In the United States, the two so-called wild varieties of scallops most often sold include the large, plump Sea Scallop from deep waters in the north Atlantic and the smaller, sweet Bay Scallop caught in shallow bays from New England to the Gulf of Mexico.

Shrimp's high cholesterol may not be so bad

Shrimp lovers take heart. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says despite all that cholesterol shrimp is perfectly good for you.

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Tuna making a splash in popularity

A ton of tuna -- and not the canned kind -- is making waves on menus today. From the tuna filet mignon to mustard-crusted albacore, tuna's a healthy choice, with only 1 gram of fat per 3- ounce serving.

Beware of shark meat, FDA warns

Sharks... just the word strikes fear into most people. But now there's a new threat from this fierce fish. It's not sharks biting people that now has scientists concerned, it's the other way around.

Chile touts 'world's best' -- and weirdest -- seafood

Along the coast of Chile, you can buy seafood that resembles creatures from another planet, with names that are just as strange. The shellfish and mollusks, with untranslatable monikers like piure and picorocco, are among the seafood exotica hawked in Santiago.

Sushi 101

"Sushi does not mean raw fish," Eleanor Arpino, a Japanese food specialist, says, emphatically. "Sushi is rice. It is vinegared or seasoned rice and that's what it is. So the idea of sushi being raw fish is absolutely not correct."

Study: Seafood combats cardiac arrest

Good news for seafood lovers: there's new evidence that seafood is good for your heart, and just a little seafood may go a long way. According to a new study, people who ate just one serving of fish a week dramatically reduced their chances of cardiac arrest.

Made in the USA: Caviar

Considered the finest of fish eggs, beluga caviar has long been imported to America from the Caspian sea. But now, American farmers see a golden opportunity in their tanks.

Important tips on shopping for seafood

Seafood, from shrimp creole to grilled swordfish, is making a splash on more restaurant menus today. But, one of the great mysteries of the deep is how to cook it at home.


L i n k s

  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Seafood
    Includes searchable species database and the regulatory fish encyclopedia.

  • Fishing for quality
    Informative site from the National Fisheries Institute features tips on buying, cooking, and preparing fish.

  • Consumer Tips For Purchasing High Quality Seafood

  • Varieties of Salmon
    Includes descriptions and nutritional information.

  • World Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference
    Enormous listing of sushi restaurants plus a glossary of terms.


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