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Work Life

How to overcome being overqualified

Scouting through job listings, you spot a position in your field. The prospective employer is looking for somebody with a bachelor's degree and four years of relevant experience.

updated Wed Jun 16 2010 08:58:22

How to overcome being overqualified

Scouting through job listings, you spot a position in your field. The prospective employer is looking for somebody with a bachelor's degree and four years of relevant experience.

updated Mon Jun 14 2010 08:41:16

11 things that annoy the boss

Whether you think so or not, you're annoying. Maybe not all the time -- maybe not even some of the time -- but at least once in your life, you've annoyed someone.

updated Fri Jun 11 2010 09:29:18

10 taboos for summer office attire

When you discuss fashion, you have to acknowledge that no strict rules apply to everyone.

updated Wed Jun 09 2010 18:15:21

When having an MBA is Important

Some people view an MBA degree the same way that Charlie thought about his Golden Ticket in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory": They believe a piece of paper can magically transport you to a place you only imagined.

updated Tue Jun 08 2010 13:58:32

College students change priorities in tough job market

Desmond Brooks had hoped to major in hospitality and considered attending an out-of-state college. Instead, he's living at home, enrolled at Georgia State University and working full-time for campus security.

updated Tue Jun 08 2010 09:37:06

For job seekers, top five cities for the next decade

Looking for a job?

updated Mon Jun 07 2010 12:39:04

How much do top soccer players earn?

To most Americans, David Beckham is a soccer superstar. But to the rest of the world, he's pretty much an average professional footballer -- at least in terms of salary.

updated Sun Jun 06 2010 12:02:07

Tweets, cartoon and avatar got them jobs

Here are a handful of people who used the web in creative ways to land a new job.

updated Fri Jun 04 2010 14:23:38

Are we joyless working machines?

It was like Mary Pipher was on a runaway train of success. She had multiple best-selling books and was much in demand as a therapist and an inspirational speaker. And at one point in 2002, she felt like she had given all she could give, and she suffered a meltdown.

updated Wed Jun 02 2010 09:44:48

Why 3 jobs are better than one

Just as the riskiest financial investment strategy is to have all of your money in one place, the riskiest career management strategy is to have all of your income from one organization unless you are in a critical role and have skills that are difficult to find in the labor market.

updated Mon May 31 2010 10:06:55

How to become a risk taking boss

Few things can rattle your world more than the loss of a job. But faced with the resultant soul-searching, some recent pink-slip recipients are refusing to be casualties of the latest recession. Instead of quietly joining the ranks of the unemployed, they're resolving to seize control over their career and become their own boss. They're pursuing an entrepreneurial dream.

updated Fri May 28 2010 16:12:56

Three-time war veteran shares his photos

In his West Virginia home, Peter Ruplenas, a three-time war veteran spends his days thumbing through his personal photography collection.

updated Wed May 26 2010 17:02:24

Secret behind 'Mexican' state dinner at the White House

Mexican food was the great star of the second state dinner held in the Obama administration.

updated Wed May 26 2010 11:48:10

Class of 2010 -- hiring, pay survey

Between May and June, on college campuses throughout the country, you can sense a level of excitement that is usually reserved for $1 beer night or when parents finally drive away after a weekend visit.

updated Mon May 24 2010 09:14:01

Staying sane in a negative work environment

Things are tough enough with so many unemployed people and others trying to hold on to what they've got, but what happens when your workplace is driving you crazy?

updated Mon May 24 2010 08:52:31

Make them stop eating on the phone

Question: Nothing bugs me more than when I am on a business call and the person I'm speaking with is chewing and talking at the same time.

updated Wed May 19 2010 11:48:54

8 tips for starting your biz while working full time

If you're thinking about entrepreneurship, you've probably heard that you should start your business before you quit your day job. It's good advice, but not always practical.

updated Wed May 19 2010 11:40:37

8 tips for starting your biz while working full time

If you're thinking about entrepreneurship, you've probably heard that you should start your business before you quit your day job. It's good advice, but not always practical.

updated Mon May 17 2010 09:23:49

Twitter can give edge to job seekers

New technological tools are often hailed as breakthroughs that will revolutionize our daily lives. Think of the iPhone's arrival a few years ago. Many of these much-heralded items fizzle away with little notice. And then others sneak up on us.

updated Sun May 16 2010 08:58:58

Famous folks launched careers after 50

Sadly, the down economy has put a lot of workers over age 50 in the unenviable position of needing to find a new profession. Don't believe that old cliché about middle-aged dogs and new tricks, though; lots of wildly successful people found big success in careers they began after their fiftieth birthdays.

updated Wed May 12 2010 09:40:05

Top 10 cities for new grads

College senior Kaitlin Ripple had always known the business world was competitive. Yet when she started Baldwin-Wallace College, located in a suburb outside of Cleveland, Ohio, she had no way of knowing how cutthroat it would be when she entered the "real world."

updated Mon May 10 2010 09:12:13

25 best-paying jobs for women

When you look at Forbes magazine's most recent list of highest-paid CEO's (chief executives of the 500 biggest companies in the United States), you won't see a woman until No. 48: Irene B Rosenfeld, CEO of Kraft Foods.

updated Thu May 06 2010 11:59:33

Roger Ebert finds his voice and appetite online

Although Roger Ebert has lost his ability to eat and speak aloud, his appetite for communication with his rabid fan base is being fed in a fresh new way.

updated Wed May 05 2010 10:58:01

11 signs your interview is in trouble

During driver's education courses, you learn what each road sign signifies. The two arrows converging means you need to merge. A squiggly arrow means the road winds. "Left Lane Ends" means, well, the left lane ends.

updated Mon May 03 2010 09:12:17

Do you get e-mail rage?

When was the last time you were driving down the digital highway and felt like you were shot by words?

updated Wed Apr 28 2010 08:07:26

Gender perceptions at work

Author BJ Gallagher, who has been a boss and worked for male and female bosses, has a list of tips she's titled, "How to Tell a Male Boss From a Female Boss."

updated Mon Apr 26 2010 08:51:03

30 jobs that pay $30 an hour

Imagine someone walking up to you at the top of every hour and handing you a $20 bill. You'd be earning approximately the same amount of money that the average American does. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national mean for hourly wages is $20.44.

updated Sat Apr 24 2010 10:32:07

Weird baseball contract clauses

With baseball season in full swing, here's a list of some of the more creative, generous or ludicrous perks players have received.

updated Wed Apr 21 2010 09:24:25

Look younger for your job search?

Age discrimination. Ask any baby boomer who's been job hunting for several months and he'll likely tell you a personal horror story.

updated Tue Apr 20 2010 14:11:35

Personal texting on a work phone? Beware your boss

We've all probably done it -- whether it was texting about dinner plans on a company cell phone or updating friends about a vacation via company e-mail.

updated Mon Apr 19 2010 11:00:26

When getting job means a pay cut

All the stars are aligning. You've been offered a great opportunity, maybe even your dream job: the company you've admired, top-notch staff, terrific benefits, ideal location. You've aced the interview, and you know you'd be a perfect fit. What more could you ask for?

updated Thu Apr 15 2010 04:59:39

Why are internships so important?

You're a recent college graduate with a killer cover letter, a stellar grade point average and glowing recommendations.

updated Mon Apr 12 2010 09:02:28

Get the kudos you deserve at work

Congratulations! Despite daily news stories of layoffs and companies folding, you have managed to hang on to your job.

updated Wed Apr 07 2010 08:17:15

Asking for -- and maximizing -- the informational interview

Do all the employees at your dream company have an MBA? What is a typical day like in a big-city newsroom? What types of questions might someone be asked when interviewing for a position in the health-care industry?

updated Mon Apr 05 2010 08:14:41

How to get through second and third-round interviews

So, you've made it through your first round of interviews -- congratulations -- and now you're on to the second and third round ... the good stuff.

updated Sat Apr 03 2010 08:53:55

Blogger joins forces with Michelle Obama on work balance

Heather Armstrong, the woman behind the popular blog Dooce, understands how important flexible working policies can be for employees and their families.

updated Thu Apr 01 2010 21:37:17

Employers on online education

Going back to school is an appealing option for many people, but they can't afford to quit their jobs to be a full-time student. If this sounds familiar, there might be a solution that allows you to go to school and continue working: an online or distance-learning program.

updated Thu Apr 01 2010 21:16:21

More workers are choosing fear over flex time, experts say

Out of sight. Out of mind.

updated Thu Apr 01 2010 09:25:22

6 job market trends to watch

Since the start of the recession in December 2007, the United States has lost 8.4 million jobs. Yet, employers are finally feeling a renewed sense of hiring optimism, according to a new survey from CareerBuilder and USA TODAY.

updated Wed Mar 31 2010 11:01:10

7 common job search myths

Myths that people believe about looking for a job are many and persistent. The most common ones are these:

updated Thu Mar 25 2010 12:12:20

NHL player 'incredible for his age'

The only checks Chris Chelios should be concerned about are the ones he's writing for his children's college tuition, but instead he still has the next body check into the hockey boards on his mind.

updated Wed Mar 24 2010 09:53:00

5 ways to thrive in jobless recovery

It's no secret that finding a job in this economy is difficult at best. Since the recession hit in 2007, the U.S. Department of Labor reports there are now more than 15 million unemployed Americans facing the loss of their homes, savings and sanity.

updated Mon Mar 22 2010 08:58:08

10 secrets of unflappable working mother

As I walked into the house after a business meeting followed by a 30-mile round-trip car pool last Thursday, I smelled something delicious wafting from the Crock-Pot.

updated Mon Mar 22 2010 08:43:54

6 job search mistakes in a recession

In any economic climate, job hunting is nobody's idea of fun. And with the growing number of folks hitting the bricks these days, it seems the task is getting even harder.

updated Wed Mar 17 2010 09:19:13

30 jobs needing most workers in next decade

While some people take their time choosing a job or career based on their passions or goals, others just want to know where they can get a job and when.

updated Mon Mar 15 2010 16:32:03

How to master 'The 48 Laws of Power'

When Andrew Bynum walks into a room, people step aside.

updated Mon Mar 15 2010 09:18:01

7 tips to get out of a career rut

You have a job, and it's a good one at that. But something is missing. You aren't really challenged anymore. You've been doing the same thing too long. Your company isn't likely to be promoting anyone soon because it has just gone through a major downsizing, merger or takeover.

updated Wed Mar 10 2010 09:09:25

What we do when the boss isn't looking

"When the cat's away, the mice will play," is a term most people can relate to. When the manager is gone -- be it on vacation or just away from her desk -- some employees act like a teenager whose parents are out of town.

updated Tue Mar 09 2010 10:47:39

Reality TV is entrepreneurs' friend

A giddy fan of the TV reality show "Top Chef" greets Kevin Gillespie as they pose for a picture, "You should have definitely come in first!"

updated Mon Mar 08 2010 20:30:12

Social media at work -- bane or boon?

Social media are, by definition, supposed to be a social experience. Make a profile and start connecting. Reach out to friends, old and new. Post a profile picture, and while you're at it upload a photo album of your trip to Greece so others can see and comment.