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Danny Cevallos: Commentaries

Danny Cevallos says Bill Cosby is losing in the court of public opinion but at least one of the complaints against him may lose in court.

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Black Friday's liability risk for stores updated 22 days ago

Danny Cevallos asks: Why would retailers invite the chaos and personal injury lawsuits that follow?

Drop the ballot selfie ban updated 44 days ago

Is the ballot selfie really a threat to the democratic process? Danny Cevallos says no.

Were cops out of line in trooper-killing arrest? updated 47 days ago

In arresting Erik Frein, police used the slain officer's gear but this should not prejudice the evidence, says Danny Cevallos

Why Ebola quarantine is legal updated 51 days ago

Danny Cevallos says public health concerns can warrant the state's intrusion on personal freedoms.

Protecting against Ebola trumps personal liberty updated 73 days ago

Danny Cevallos says quarantining people, depriving them of liberty, is justified to protect the interests of society.

Hypocrisy of sports gambling foes updated 86 days ago

As a society, we'll always struggle with our vices, but our governments are less morally conflicted, says Danny Cevallos

Charges in hot car death are strong updated 100 days ago

CNN Legal Analyst Danny Cevallos: In Georgia, Justin Harris could be convicted of murder even for unintentional acts.

Why keep prosecutor on Brown case? updated 101 days ago

As the investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown continues, critics, including the Missouri governor, have questioned the prosecutor's impartiality.

When a monkey takes a selfie ... updated 121 days ago

Danny Cevallos says a photographer who wants Wikipedia to take down a selfie a monkey took using his camera has no legal claim to copyright

Confederate flag doesn't belong on license plates updated 135 days ago

Danny Cevallos says the law allows the plates, but states should never have gotten into the business of selling specialty plates

Pull up those saggy pants updated 143 days ago

Danny Cevallos says saggy pants aren't the kind of fashion statement protected by the First Amendment.

What makes sex harassment cases tough to win updated 152 days ago

Danny Cevallos says most people have little idea of what it takes to prove sexual harassment

Lawyers' smart move in hot car death updated 161 days ago

Danny Cevallos says charging the dad in the hot car death case with felony murder, predicated on child neglect, was a brilliant strategic move

Cell phone ruling keeps cops out of your business updated 175 days ago

Danny Cevallos: Supreme Court's cell phone ruling upholds the kind of Fourth Amendment protections the Founding Fathers had in mind.

What's wrong with outlawing bullying? updated 183 days ago

Danny Cevallos says laws are not always the cure for every social ill, no matter how appealing they seem.

Was Tracy Morgan crash a crime or accident? updated 191 days ago

Danny Cevallos says death-by-auto and assault-by-auto charges for truck driver in New Jersey crash put the burden on prosecutors to prove recklessness

Should Marine be in Mexican prison? updated 197 days ago

A U.S. Marine drove into Mexico illegally, carrying guns, which breaks Mexican law. He's in prison and Danny Cevallos says the case against him is strong.

Sterling vs. the NBA: Who has the edge? updated 203 days ago

Danny Cevallos says NBA moves ahead with new CEO for LA Clippers, but can league oust Sterling family ownership?

Restrain your duck -- or wind up in court updated 203 days ago

If your pet duck is abnormally dangerous, writes Danny Cevallos, you'll be held strictly liable for its behavior.

Bring in the lawyers for Flight 370 families updated 203 days ago

Danny Cevallos says families of the passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 need legal counsel

Boy suspended for bringing own hand to school updated 203 days ago

Danny Cevallos says suspending a little kid for pointing his finger at another kid and pretending to shoot is another in a growing list of incidents in "zero tolerance" policies at school run amok

Bieber, don't argue with the lawyers updated 203 days ago

Justin Bieber was videotaped acting like a brat at his deposition. Danny Cevallos warns him that he only hurt himself by bickering with the questioning attorney.

Upskirting ruling: Gross but legal updated 203 days ago

Danny Cevallos says don't blame the court for upholding the law; blame the legislators who enacted it.

Snakes and church vs. state updated 203 days ago

Danny Cevallos says snake handling can be banned even if it's a religiously inspired act.

Did you OK a visit from Capital One? updated 203 days ago

Danny Cevallos says Capitol One probably won't visit your home, but it shows we should pay attention to long contracts we sign online with a quick click.

Dunn verdict a win for prosecution, despite critics updated 203 days ago

Danny Cevallos says Dunn faces a very long prison sentence and the possibility of a retrial on murder charges

Who gets the blame for NFL player's suicide and murder? updated 203 days ago

Danny Cevallos says the law on blaming others for a suicide and murder is evolving

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