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Howard Kurtz

When Edward Snowden decided to expose the administration's massive surveillance program, the CIA contractor turned to journalists he knew would be sympathetic.

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Jodi Arias case bumps a bigger storyupdated Wed May 08 2013 19:36:10

The Cleveland kidnapping drama was unfolding on the airwaves, hour after hour, a riveting spectacle that was overshadowing every other conceivable story.

Soul-searching Weiner seeks forgivenessupdated Thu Apr 11 2013 05:42:56

In his anguished, rambling and excruciatingly candid therapy session with The New York Times Magazine this week, Anthony Weiner was nominally engaged in damage control to clear the way for a political comeback.

Media, stop trying to crown Hillary Clintonupdated Wed Apr 03 2013 06:55:07

Hillary Clinton is front-page news again. What did she do to warrant this treatment?

Why do TV critics hate Jay Leno?updated Mon Mar 25 2013 07:08:27

The news that NBC plans to dump Jay Leno -- again -- lifts the curtain on a dark corner of the media business.

Why consumers are fleeing the mediaupdated Mon Mar 18 2013 00:20:47

The slow-motion shrinkage of the news business is driving away part of the public.

Media's failure on Iraq still stingsupdated Mon Mar 11 2013 06:51:20

The 10th anniversary this month of the invasion of Iraq will remind most people of a divisive and dubious war that toppled Saddam Hussein but claimed the lives of nearly 4,500 Americans and more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians.

Bring Keith Olbermann back to ESPNupdated Tue Mar 05 2013 07:02:00

Keith Olbermann -- formerly of MSNBC, formerly of Current TV, formerly of Fox, formerly of ESPN -- wants back in the game.

Hannity-Ellison dust-up shows our broken politicsupdated Fri Mar 01 2013 11:43:01

When I saw the headlines about Sean Hannity getting into a shouting match with a Democratic congressman this week, I assumed the combative and conservative Fox News host had just gone off on him.

Media walk tricky line on same-sex marriageupdated Mon Feb 25 2013 07:15:48

As same-sex marriage has become accepted in a way that would have been unthinkable a decade ago, the media have -- perhaps unwittingly -- played a crucial role.

MSNBC, a bastion of Obama advocates? updated Thu Feb 21 2013 07:54:52

David Axelrod is a smart guy who knows a heck of a lot about politics and the press.

When a sip of water gets more attention than a presidentupdated Tue Feb 19 2013 07:09:05

Remember the State of the Union?

Blaming media in California gun rampage is nutsupdated Mon Feb 11 2013 07:13:13

It was strange -- and strangely creepy -- to discover that the former California cop accused of murder has so many opinions about cable pundits and anchors.

Enough with stories about who's fatupdated Thu Feb 07 2013 08:13:44

Can the media get over their collective obsession with weight?

Obama, Gore, stop whining about right-wing mediaupdated Mon Feb 04 2013 07:42:45

I never realized that the conservative media were so eye-poppingly powerful.

Be a little skeptical on immigration reform updated Thu Jan 31 2013 07:10:59

The mainstream media -- you know who you are -- are rooting for immigration reform.

Sarah Palin's fall from media stardomupdated Mon Jan 28 2013 06:16:25

There was a time, as she emerged from the rubble of the 2008 campaign, when Sarah Palin was the hottest cultural figure in America.

Let Manti Te'o be the end of sports hero worshipupdated Fri Jan 25 2013 07:31:00

We in the media seem to be dealing with a whole lotta liars:

Jill Kelley, caught in crossfire of Petraeus scandalupdated Tue Jan 22 2013 16:14:56

Jill Kelley was clearly conflicted as she sat down with me in a downtown Washington office to tell her story for the first time.

A loss for Lance, a win for Oprahupdated Fri Jan 18 2013 07:35:37

Oprah Winfrey didn't pussyfoot around.

Can even Oprah save Lance Armstrong?updated Mon Jan 14 2013 06:54:57

The advance buildup has all been about Lance Armstrong as he prepares to enter the church of Oprah and seek absolution for his sins. But this much-anticipated television moment is as much a test for Oprah Winfrey as for the disgraced former cycling champion.

Journalists, take a hint from Andrew Sullivanupdated Thu Jan 10 2013 06:01:04

When blogger Andrew Sullivan began urging readers to support his online venture, I could hear journalists everywhere slapping their foreheads and saying:

Why Al Gore's Al Jazeera deal doesn't seem rightupdated Mon Jan 07 2013 07:39:06

So Al Gore starts a liberal cable network, which turns into a complete and utter flop, then sells it to a Middle East potentate in a deal that will bring him an estimated $70 million.

Hijacking the media -- Trump shows how easy it isupdated Thu Jan 03 2013 05:44:54

After a year of national gridlock that ended on the precipice of a cliff, Donald Trump went nuclear.

Don't lock up David Gregory or deport Piers Morganupdated Mon Dec 31 2012 06:29:13

I went out on a limb the other day and said David Gregory should not be behind bars.

Will media stay focused on gun story?updated Thu Dec 20 2012 06:01:12

The conventional wisdom is that Newtown has just a few more days to run as a major media story.

Tragedy brings out best, worst of mediaupdated Mon Dec 17 2012 03:22:23

A sudden tragedy brings out the best in the media: journalists racing to the scene, ferreting out the details, leading the nation through its grief.

CIA's most famous operative is a secret starupdated Thu Dec 13 2012 05:09:45

Maya is about to become the most famous CIA operative since Valerie Plame.

Free online news era on its way outupdated Mon Dec 10 2012 08:14:51

It's time to pay up, America.

Why the outrage over photo in subway deathupdated Wed Dec 05 2012 09:31:49

It was a horrifying front-page photo in every sense of the word.

Media, stop stalking Alec Baldwinupdated Tue Dec 04 2012 05:27:31

Okay, so Alec Baldwin isn't the world's most sympathetic character. He throws tantrums, smacks the occasional photographer and was once caught on tape calling his preteen daughter a "thoughtless little pig."

Media meanness: When the nastiness goes too farupdated Mon Nov 26 2012 06:16:00

About halfway through The New York Times review of TV chef Guy Fieri's Manhattan restaurant, I realized that the author was wielding a meat cleaver.

Murdoch's shameful slam of 'Jewish-owned' pressupdated Mon Nov 19 2012 02:11:50

There are things that I admire about Rupert Murdoch. He has maintained a lifelong commitment to newspapers, long after it became clear that they were no longer profitable. He has a feistiness at 81, when he could be happily sitting on a yacht somewhere. He now spews his opinions on that newfangled social network called Twitter, and since he's the undisputed kingpin of News Corp., who's going to stop him?

Media, stop stoking Petraeus sex sagaupdated Thu Nov 15 2012 08:01:59

Are the media reveling in the David Petraeus scandal just a bit too much?

How Petraeus courted the pressupdated Mon Nov 12 2012 06:59:21

David Petraeus had another love affair long before the one that cost him his job running the CIA.

Karl Rove rejects realityupdated Fri Nov 09 2012 08:22:44

As televised theater, it was hard to beat. As political prognostication, it was a head-scratching moment. As partisan warfare, it was nothing short of audacious.

Media's pointless speculation over election outcomeupdated Mon Nov 05 2012 07:58:50

It's all become a blur of polls, predictions and prognostication.

Sandy, the rare storm that lived up to media hypeupdated Wed Oct 31 2012 01:37:34

A confession: I usually have a knee-jerk reaction when television goes into its extreme-weather mode.

Twitter isn't a tool for groupthinkupdated Mon Oct 29 2012 07:26:32

Is Twitter forcing journalists to march in mindless lockstep?

How the media trivialize the electionupdated Wed Oct 24 2012 07:54:40

The media have been giving us binders full of blather.