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Madonna may team up with Hawn in 'Chicago'

January 21, 1997
Web posted at: 8:10 p.m. EST

From Correspondent Dennis Michael

Madonna Madonna, who has a shiny, new Golden Globe for Best Actress to hold when her baby naps, is already being courted for a new role. Miramax Pictures is reportedly wooing Madonna to co-star with Goldie Hawn in "Chicago." Entertainment Weekly reports the film would be a big-screen staging of the veteran Broadway musical. Madonna earned the Golden Globe for her performance in "Evita."

The second time around was the charm for "The Naked Truth." The situation comedy had its second debut last Thursday on its new network, NBC. The initial airing of the show brought a third more viewers than the show's premier on ABC in September 1995.

Larry Hagman Larry Hagman is taking a walk down memory lane by revisiting his old TV roles. Entertainment Weekly reports that Hagman initially had to pass on the movie update of "I Dream of Jeannie" because of a scheduling conflict. He'd already agreed to do the "Dallas" reunion. Now, "Dallas" is gone but "I Dream of Jeannie" has been rescheduled. Hagman says he'll do it, if he likes the script and if the money is right.

"Die Hard" is a hit again, but this time as a game. Fox Interactive has shipped a half million units of its new "Die Hard Trilogy" game for the Sony Playstation Game System. Future releases for Sega Saturn and Windows '95 are expected.

Barbra Streisand paid a visit to the set of "Roseanne" recently. Columnist Army Archerd says Streisand was there to watch actor James Brolin, her offstage love interest, do a guest shot on the show. Barbra Streidand

Leann Rimes has discovered she has fans in high places. The young singer told Country Weekly magazine that President Clinton has a copy of her album "Blue." How does she know? She says he told her during a visit to the White House.

The Golden Globes scored some gold for NBC Sunday night. The 54th Annual Awards from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association enjoyed its highest Nielsen ratings in 15 years.

Some stars were treated to an icy welcome last weekend in San Jose, California. Richard Dean Anderson, Matthew Perry, Alex Trebek and Dave Thomas played in the celebrity preview for the 47th Annual National Hockey League All-Star Game.


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